Top 10 Best Word Game Apps For Android And iOS In 2021

With our screen time hours increasing every day, we do but little that is actually productive. Scrolling through social media platforms, watching movies and TV Series or even playing games rarely helps us in any way.

However, while we are talking about games, there also exist numerous educational games that help you learn in a fun way. One such category of games is Word Games. These vocabulary related games are the best way to enhance your grip on the language and specifically the complicated words.

The best word game apps help you gain a vocabulary that you can boast in front of your colleagues and friends. All you do is play games and your brain does the rest for you. Word game apps are surely the best way to develop and polish your word-knowledge.

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Having said that, the word games can be of different types- it could be a classic crossword or a word search, or it could be something out of the box. Considering the various types possible and a lot of games for each type, it becomes rather difficult to choose the best one(s) out of them.

But if you are so willing to play a game that also sharpens your communication skills, you are already halfway there and we would be pleased to help you with the other half of the journey!

Therefore, in the article that follows, we have put together a list of the Best Word Game Apps for android and iOS. Have a great read

Best Word Game Apps


The first one in the list of best word game apps is a modified version of the classic game of Crosswords. Like in crosswords, this one has an empty grid to be filled with letters and form words across and down.

What makes it different, however, is that the clues are given in pictures instead of a statement.

Yes, you read it right. For every word you touch, there appears an image that has the answer. Additionally, it provides a set of letters using which the word can be formed. You can also click on a placed letter to remove it.

These clues and hints make it look easy but when you play through more than 1000 levels available, this one is sure to take a toll on you. With an interesting gameplay and an amazing user interface, Wordalot is a great game app for your device!


The next up in the list is probably the one with the prettiest interface and layout. The game is simple: you must fill the crossword by forming words. The twist is, that the words can only be formed using the letters given. You can obviously repeat the letters as many times you want.

Moreover, if the word you formed is not in the puzzle, you get extra points for that.

Players can choose a theme to be displayed as a background while they play the game. This actually makes it really therapeutic. Apart from this, the game also features weekly contests and competitions for you to participate and win.

By offering a ranking system, Wordscapes makes it motivating for you to master the art of words.


Pictoword is a game that best merges a word game with pictures. This one has a unique game play which is really addicting. Moreover, the animations and interface of the game is also remarkable.

The game involves figuring out a word that is made up of two pictures. Significantly, the clues are in the form of pictures and the letters have to be chosen from a set of given letters for the word. 

So, for example, there would be a picture of Sand and another picture of Witch for the word ‘Sandwich’.

The game also has a great hint system. You can choose to remove a letter, fill up a letter or skip the puzzle. These hints can be used through game coins which are awarded every time you clear a puzzle.

Additionally, you can participate in quests and weekly or daily challenges to earn extra coins. The overall layout and structure of the game is absolutely perfect.

Words Crush: Hidden Themes

This word game app has a super simple game play. The game rules and layout is different than other word games, but Words Crush comes up with a beautiful layout and animation effects to make your experience worth it. 

This one strongly focuses on your vocabulary building.

The structure of the game lays out different themes- a lot of them like music, food, beach, space, etc. And every theme has a number of levels for you to pass. 

Each level is a different puzzle where you are required to form words with the given letters. These words are always related to the theme you are playing in.

One thing you need to remember is, when a puzzle has more than one word and you find one word, the letters you have used will fall out.

Overall, Words Crush: Hidden Themes has a balanced approach to offer vocab building with simple game play.

Word Cookies

The next in the list of best Word Game Apps is Word Cookies where you are a chef who cooks words. At every level, you are given a set of letters using which, words can be formed. 

The dots at the lower part of the screen show the number of words that can be formed and also the number of letters in each of them.

The game has very interesting background music and a happy theme to keep you engaged. 

The players start at the level of a Novice chef and can work their way up to the level of the ultimate chef. With more than 2000 levels, this one is sure to keep you hooked for a while.

It also has an option of mixing letters or using hints when necessary. Checking all the points, Word Cookies is worth a shot!

Alphabetty Saga

From the producers of the viral game, Candy Crush, this one is another beautifully animated and portrayed word game. 

Given that fact, you know what to expect- cute and pretty animations, colorful designs and a quirky story line. This one takes its players to the land of mice with Betty and Professor Alpha.

The game is simple; the players must touch adjoining letters to form words. The longer word formed, the more points are credited to the player’s account. 

The moves available are limited and some levels even feature limited time. You have limited lives that keep restoring continuously.

The fun element in the game is super high while also giving way to vocabulary enhancement. Overall, Alphabetty Saga is an amazing way to kill time while also learning new words.

Bold Moves

This is another spectacular game that mixes the typical word game of crossword with some super interesting game to make it more interesting. This one has a unique game play.

The upper half of the screen features a quote to be written with the number of words and letters in each words disclosed. 

However, players need to start by playing the match 3 in the lower half of the screen. When a player creates a tile match, a letter is revealed and placed in the quote above.

When the player feels that the letters are enough for him to guess the quote, he can tap on the quote and fill in the remaining letters. A puzzle is completed when the quote is guessed.

The game Bold Moves is a balanced hybrid between a crossword and a match 3 game. It is a great game to polish your observational as well as vocabulary skills.


Another game with a fun storyline to follow, Languinis is a great game made out of the merging of two games- word search and match 3. However, it wouldn’t do justice to the game to describe it as just this; it is much more than that.

The game provides a basic storyline of the main protagonist (You) trying to save the little languinis. It has an amazingly cute animation and graphics layout. Moreover, the sound effects and notifications make you feel like you are in there already!

Languinis is simple. The player must match 3 tiles or more to reveal the letters beneath them. Then, he/she should match the letters to form words and earn points that will clear the current level and take you to another. It features more than a thousand levels for you to play!

With its quirky game play and fun interface, Languinis is a great word game app for your device.

Word Whizzle

This one on the list is similar to the game Word Cookies, but lacks any interesting titles. However, it does have a collection of over 1700 levels to be played.

The game features a topic at every level and a set of letters. On the lower part of the screen, there are indicators of how many words can be formed using the letters and how many letters does every word have.

Word Whizzle invites players from all over the world to become the ultimate word scientist. It has a nice set of vocabulary to offer. Comparitively, this one is not some 3 letter fun time game, rather it requires a better understanding of English on your part.

Endless Word Search Puzzles

The last one in the list is a rather simple and classic word search.

The app version of the game lets you play the game in two modes- self paced or against time. You can choose to relax or challenge yourself.

Moreover, there are thousands of levels for you to cross and categories for you to choose from. All the levels are for free and you can even unlock special categories by watching a video ad or paying to remove ads.

Overall, this one also offers a safe space for vocabulary enthusiasts to polish their skills and also work on their observational areas of the brain.


In the category of word game apps, the ones enlisted above are the best ones we could find. While some of them are a hybrid of two or more classic games, others offer a unique game play. Whatever they might be, all of them are equally fun and worthy of being on your device to help you out the next time you feel bored.

All of the apps mentioned above are available for android and ios devices. Also, they are completely free to play.

That being said, we hope you have fun learning!


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