Top 10 Best Water Tracker Apps For Android And iOS

If you have landed on this article, you have successfully realized the importance of maintaining a good level of hydration in your body.

However, you also understand that with the increasing pace of life and every external detail that requires our immediate attention, it sometimes gets overwhelming to fulfil the internal calls for a healthy body. But, no matter how excruciating that process might sound, it is really important to track water intake of oneself.

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That is when hydration reminder and water tracker apps come into picture. These apps don’t just remind you to drink water or intake fluids on a regular basis, but even maintain a log and balance of your fluid levels. These hydration apps come really handy when you are really occupied with your daily responsibilities.

In the article that follows, I have talked about the best apps for maintaining a hydrated body and making it a fun task in the process. Without wasting much time then, let’s hit it fresh!


10 Best Water Tracker Apps:

Water Drink Reminder

The perfect start to the list of best hydration apps has to be this gem from the Leap Fitness group. Selected as one of the best self-improvement apps by google

play, this one well justifies its ratings and popularity among Android users.

This one firstly offers a feature to calculate your suggested water intake. Then, it lets you add your own cups and bottles with their size, to maintain and spread it across the day.

Further, you can set the alarms manually, or let the app do it by itself. You can even maintain your weight logs in this app.

The interface of the app is pretty simple, and their notification system is also effective enough to stimulate action. Moreover, it is completely free to use!

Plant Nanny

The next up in the list of best hydration reminder apps has to be Plant Nanny, with its cutest graphics and animation. The concept of plant babies and their personification as the user is something that made this one a highly rated app for both android and ios users.

The app features various plant babies that grow as they get water. And how do you water them? Well, by watering yourself! This makes drinking water even more interesting and provides a motivation to the user to remain hydrated, so that their plants are all happy and full even in the scorching sun.

The users can choose to have automated or manual alarm system and they can customize their notifications. This one is also free to use on both platforms.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

This one from the Grasshopper LLC, offers a rather extensive and regulatory approach to regular hydration.

It lets you add your own cups with their capacity, and each time you intake a fluid, it makes sure that it is well celebrated. You would witness cheers and claps as you march closer to your daily goal.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder lets you choose between ML and OZ. This feature has made the app really popular all over the world and across countries. Moreover, it lets you customize your reminders to a great extent and also maintains a live record of your hydration levels.

Additionally, it maintains a 7-day and 30-day log of your fluid levels.

Hydro Coach

With hydro coach, you would have but little momentary realizations like- “Snap! I haven’t had water in a while now.”

This app performs all necessary functions to make sure that you are perfectly hydrated at all hours of the day. It sets up a daily requirement chart, maintains water intake logs and also sends gentle reminders in case you skip a dose.

The app does have some ads that might cause a slow down in the performance of the app. However, these can be removed and additional features be added at a very minimal cost. This means that the app has a pro version and hence users might not get the best at the free level.


The next one on the list of best water tracker apps, is Aqualert with its decent interface and simple interaction system.

Just like other water tracker and hydration reminder apps, this one also lets you keep a track of your daily water intake, calculates your suggested water intake and also reminds you to drink water every now and then. This one is compatible with Google Fit, and hence the users might be able to make the most out of it.

It is completely free to use and offers a good experience of a water tracker reminder app. It also provides rewards like “Muscles”, “Great Skin”, “Healthy Body”, etc, depending on the number of days that pass by.

Overall, this one is a great choice for people who wish to maintain adequate hydration levels in their body without much hassle.

Water Minder

Water Minder from Funn Media, offers a rather extensive tracking of hydration levels in your body. It provides all the necessary data that you need to access your hydration habits.

Firstly, it helps you calculate in specific amounts how much water you should consume on a daily basis. Secondly, it keeps track of the water you intake and goes one step ahead to provide a comparison of actual levels vs. planned or required levels.

Lastly, apart from the daily goals, it also has various achievements designed to be completed by continuous intake of healthy levels of water.

That being said, just like every other hydration reminder app, this one also has the options of adding customizable cups and setting up personalized reminders. It is available for free on both- android and ios.

Drink Water Reminder

Another great water tracker app is again from the Leap Fitness Group- Drink Water reminder. This app is also in good level of competence with all of the mentioned apps.

The app calculated your water intake requirement, keeps a track of your water consumption and sends you notifications as reminders to drink water. It keeps the data of your hydration levels, your weight levels and your habit levels to provide you with a clear picture of affectivity of hydration. This also offers a clear motivation to drink more water!

You can add customized cups and can change the reminder settings accordingly. This one is only available for Android users.

Water Time

With more than 5 million downloads, this one has successfully made its spot in the list of best water tracker apps and justifiably so.

The app offers a nicely animated user interface and a great sound effects system to make this app more like a friend to you. It helps you calculate required water intake, maintains your data of water intake and also, sends you nice little reminders to hydrate yourself.

You can choose to add a cup of water, according to your size, or add a cup of coffee or a tumbler of juice. Every fluid you consume, counts here. This feature ensures great practicality of the app as all foods do contain some water in them.

Water Tracker

Another super popular app, with more than a million downloads is Water Tracker by Gradient Health Apps.

This gem lets you log water intake with a single tap, maintains efficient graphs and data of your hydration levels and can send your reminders however and whenever you want. It also has a smart alarm system where in you can tell the app your sleeping time and it won’t disturb you during those hours.

Moreover, the app comes with widgets and shortcuts that add to the ease of accessibility to the app. You don’t even need to visit the app every time you drink, just a tap- and its done!

My Water

The last one on the list of hydration reminder apps is also a great choice. The app has a minimalist user interface and does its job perfectly without having to input much of the details.

Set up a daily goal, drink water and achieve the goal. The best part about the water tracker apps is that they make drinking water a fun task for you, so you don’t have to think of it as a necessity to survive but as something that you must do to complete your task and level up!

No matter how absurd that might sound, it does work. The app also sends your reminders when you haven’t had water in a while. It also maintains a good looking record of your water intake levels throughout the day, week and month. This way, you can easily track your progress.


 Drinking a lot of water, and maintaining an adequate level of hydration in your body throughout the day is extremely important. It not only increases your metabolism rate so that your fat is burnt faster, but also works internally to relish all the organs, enhance joint movements and improve skin health.

Thus, it is very important to drink water throughout the day without fail. Building a habit, however, is difficult. That is when these apps come into picture. They are really helpful in that phase of building a habit. Well, have a hydrated day!


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