How To Transfer Whatsapp Data From Android To iphone ?

If you just switched from Android to iOS, you need to copy all the valuable data to your new iPhone, iPad or iPod. For some data like photos and videos, you can move them from your old Android phone to computer and then transfer that data from your computer to your iOS device with iTunes. 

However, in the case of some WhatsApp chats, you may feel unable to transfer the data.

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Fortunately, there are still ways to back up and move WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone. 

Here in this post we will share 3 simple and effective methods to help you transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone .

Top 3 Ways To Move WhatsApp Chats From Android To iPhone

Best way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone


WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app that allows users to send text messages, emoji, audio, GIFs, photos, videos and make calls. There can be many meaningful WhatsApp chats and attachments gathered on your old device. So when you switch from Android to iOS, it is quite necessary to move all these files to the new device.

Given your need, here in the first part, we would recommend a powerful WhatsApp data transfer, Mobiesync to help you directly transfer all WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. 

It is specially designed to transfer all types of data including WhatsApp, messages, contacts, photos, videos and more between Android, iOS and computer. You can download it for free and take the following guide to move various WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone.

  • Double-click the download button above to quickly install and launch this data transfer software on your computer. It gives you both Windows and Mac versions. Make sure you download the correct version based on your system.
  • You can see some information about a device that appears in the interface after you connect. You can also see a device model that was shown in the upper middle section. You can tap the model to switch the two devices. Here you need to make sure that your Android phone is the source device.

  • All frequently used data, such as Pictures, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages and more, are displayed in categories on the left panel. If you want to move Android WhatsApp text messages to iPhone, here you can select the Messages option. Or you can select Pictures if you want to transfer various funny pictures / emoji from WhatsApp.

  • Select all the WhatsApp files you want to transfer, click on the phone icon and then select your iPhone model to start moving WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. In just a few seconds, the selected WhatsApp data will be transferred to your new iPhone. Besides WhatsApp, you can also transfer Android music to iPhone , move data from computer to phone or back up data from iOS / Android device to computer. This recommended data transfer can easily handle all kinds of transferring things. Just download it and give it a try.

How to move WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone via mail

To transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, you can also rely on email. But this method only allows you to transfer one WhatsApp call at a time. The steps below show you how to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone by email.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android phone. Go to settings and then select Conversations .
  •  Tap Chat history and go to the WhatsApp chat history screen. Tap Export chat to export your WhatsApp chat. 

  • You will be asked if you want to select a contact whose chat history you want to export. Select the contact and conversion you want to upload, then select Email / Gmail .
  • Return to your iPhone and open the inbox of the email account you sent the WhatsApp chat to. By doing so, you can watch the WhatsApp chat on iPhone.

How to retrieve WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone with WhatsApp backup

If you do not want to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone one by one, go to WhatsApp chat recovery path. Through recovery, you can transfer photos, videos, voice notes and more from WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android phone. Go to settings and then select the Conversations option.
  • When you enter the main interface of Chats, tap the Chat backup feature. Now you can back up your WhatsApp messages on your Android phone by tapping the BACK UP button. 

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Sign in with the same WhatsApp account on your Android phone.
  • You will receive some information when you log in to a new device. After that, you will be prompted to back up the message. Tap Restore to retrieve these WhatsApp chats from Android to this iPhone.

iPhone is not just a need but it works as a trend , each and everyone of us is shifting from Android to WhatsApp and the number is significantly high.


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