Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Softwares: Teamviewer Alternatives Apps

Remote desktop softwares let you access and control your personal computer from any device locally, generally over a stable internet connection. 

These apps are really useful when we talk about working individuals who cannot spend their entire day in front of the computer screen.

Ever since they came into being, people have explored and developed so much to it that it stands as a very necessary tool in workplaces. 

One most preferred algorithm of remote desktop is that of the Teamviewer software- given its extensive list of features. 

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However, just like every other great thing, it has its own share of setbacks that it cannot overcome. For starters, the configuration system in Teamviewer is too complicated for a new man to catch up with. 

This difficult set-up leads to faulty settings, that might make way for various malfunctions and viruses to enter into your system and harm any data. 

This even causes privacy concerns among users. Also, the free version limits the apps features- which are the only reason that make it so attractive. 

Using the full version requires you to pay a huge amount, which again makes Teamviewer a less attractive option to use.

Due to these major reasons or any other that might arise on your end, you might be looking for alternative softwares to Teamviewer. Well, with the list below of Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Softwares, your search ends right here.

Top 10 Teamviewer Alternatives:


Talking about Teamviewer alternatives, AnyDesk would be the perfect start.

With a wide range of features available, this one starts as a perfect alternative to the classic teamviewer. It allows you to access your computer remotely, from anywhere. AnyDesk features one of the fastest and most efficient sharing systems ranging upto 60 FPS.

The software also has very low latency, meaning that the time lag between action performed on controller and user computer is negligible- making it feel more natural. By using banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology along with RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption, it verifies each connection for you.

Besides, it has a huge count of amazing features to make your remote desktop experience smooth and efficient. The software has a free version which can be used for private and evaluation purposes and paid versions start from $79/yearly.

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Establish secure and fast individual and team connections with Spashtop!

The software really cares about your computer’s security and your data privacy, and hence encrypts all of its remote connection sessions with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption. It also verifies all potential connections through a password, two step verification and multiple level securities to make sure no outsider enters your connection.

To access the computer remotely within a local range, you don’t have to pay anything. The only payment one must make is when he wants to use the computer from anywhere in the world.

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The next up in the list of best teamviewer alternatives is the LogMeIn software that not only lets you control the computer from a remote device, but also lets you access the data and files in the computer from the remote device.

This one is a great choice for people who need their data time to time throughout the day and cannot afford carrying all the documents physically with them. This solves major issues of all the working individuals.

The software LogMeIn also features 1 TB of storage space to facilitate data sharing remotely. It even lets you view and play audio and video files on the remote device. It is a worthy shot for all the people who need quick and easy access to their documents 24×7.

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Being one of the simplest remote desktop control systems, Supremo is surely a valid alternative to teamviewer with almost the same features and effieciency of performance.

There is no software application that has to be installed into your device, instead it is just a small executable file that does not take up any of your space and hence is also very fast in performance.

For brands that aim at brand awareness, this one is a gem. The one amazing feature that could be of help is that it can add your logo in live sessions. Moreover, the software ensures the security of all connections through AES 256-bit encryption.

Also, it is free to use for local connections. For remote connections, however, one must buy the license starting from $6 monthly per user.

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Parallels access

This one is a unique app in itself as while other softwares focus on remote control through various devices, Parallels access lets you access and control your computer through your iphone, ipad or android device- and well specializes in it.

The mobile view of the desktop and smooth functioning makes the users feel right at home. It has a very simple user interface and low latency.

The best features of the app include the ability to copy and paste from files and a magnifying glass among many others. Overall, it is a great app for mobile access to your computer.

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Chrome Remote Desktop

While all of the remote desktop softwares come with t heir own set of unique features, many of us might not even need them. These features add no utility to our working and unnecessarily add complexity to our requirements.

For such purposes where a simple remote system would do, the lightweight and super simple to use Google Chrome Remote would suffice.  The mechanism is built to offer a simple user experience with limited features and functions for layman use.

Moreover, coming from Google, this one has a super pervasive compatibility to offer. The remote controlling and controlled can be any device with any operating system that has Chrome Browser installed.

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Beyond Trust

If security issues are the topmost in your list of requirements in a remote desktop system, the Beyond Trust software is the go-to option for you.

While all of the remote controller devices feature secure establishment of connections and encryption of session, Beyond Trust offers enhanced security features and safe remote controlling experience. The software makes sure that your user or controller device do not, in any way, let any malfunction enter into the system.

By using SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language), it provides a security system no other software can. Therefore, it comes up as a great alternative to Teamviewer in places where data cannot be risked at all.

The only setback it faces is that after the end of free trial, the users must pay $1995 yearly to use it.

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Zoho Assist

If you are looking for specifically cloud-based efficient remote desktop service, Zoho Assist is the end.

The software lets the users tap the unattended remote access, both inside and outside the local network. Also, just like Teamviewer, it runs across multiple devices, so that you can easily control your device from anywhere anytime.

The best part of the software is that it establishes very quick connections between devices- even faster than Teamviewer itself. Moreover, the voice and video chat option of the system is remarkable. Zoho lets you reboot the controlled device with a single click and re-establish the session.

Also, thanks to the SSL 256-bit AES encryption, the sessions are super secure. It even lets you share files to the remote device very smoothly. The app is free to use with the basic features and the premium version starts from $10 monthly and $100 yearly.

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No Machine

The NX technology plays a great role in the fast and efficient remote control system of No Machine.

This one has all the major features of a remote desktop app like access to data of the remote computer, live audio and video sessions and secure connections everytime. The software makes sure that you get the most by compromising the least.

It is completely free to use, without any advertisements or restrictions. Moreover it is a highly compatible one, which can run across almost all platforms very easily.

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The last one in the list is not in any way less than all of the above mentioned. It offers all of the main features, with a AES-156 encryption to make it safe for you and your devices.

The app lets you access and control the target device remotely, is really simple to configure and set up and also allows sharing files from any device to the connected ones. RemotePC establishes secure connections through access ID and Key.

The software is free to use for 30 days and must be paid at the rate of $69.50 yearly for further use.

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Whatever might be the need of the hour, good and fast software is the ultimate solution to more than half of the problems professionals face.

The above stated softwares are all basically same, while they differ in features and pricing. By ascertaining the exact use and purpose of the individual or team, one can end up in a perfectly symphonic remote desktop mechanism.


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