Top 10 Stud Finder (Metal Detector) Apps For Android and iOS


We use metals extensively in our daily lives, whether one acknowledges it or not. Our laptops or cars and even something as little as a ring or a key is a metal product.

The tinier the piece, all the more difficult it gets to locate them.

However, a rational being would not purchase a metal detector machine to find their stuff; rather they would turn the whole place into a mess and yet not find it!

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What should a sane man do then? Well, the technological advancement in the 21st century is enough to save you from such situations. There exist numerous apps that genuinely convert your cell phone into a metal detector mechanism! Here are the best ones that we have gathered for your use.

10 Best Stud Finder Apps For Android And iOS

Metal Detecto‪r

Metal detector

This app the most amazing choice for iOS users. It has a simple user interface for better understanding and readability.

The app is completely free to use and pretty accurate like most of the apps. It also brings with itself numerous customization options like sensitivity, sound/vibration and so.

One unique feature of this app is that it also acts as an EMF meter from your phone!

DeveloperAlexandr Balyberdin. Compatibility iOS.

Metal Detector

Metal Detectors

The Metal Detector by Dexati, is one of the most preferred app by android users.

The app is really simple to use and is one of the free apps that provides the service authentically. It detects meters within up to 30 cm range and hence also enables you to locate the wires in a wall or a stud below the bed easily.

As with most of the apps, it uses the electromagnetic fields of various items to indicate the presence of a metal.

Developer– Dexati. Compatibility– Android.



The toolbox app deserves to be in the list of apps with most usability.

The app includes a metal detector which is as good as any other app’s mechanism. It also uses the concept of electromagnetic aura to detect the metals in proximity.

Apart from being that, it also comes in with a tool box of features that enhance the utility of your mobile phone. Such features include- compass, stopwatch, timer, surface level, protractor, torch and more.

 Developer Skypaw co. ltd. Compatibility– iOS.

All tools

All tools

Another multipurpose app, this one for android!

The app comes with an accurate built-in metal detector for you. That is one of the many features like compass, recorder, speedometer, mirror, converter and many more.

The best part of the app is that despite its high utility, it is completely free to use. Therefore, overall it comes up as a great and helpful choice for android users.

Developer– ATEU Softwares. Compatibility– Android.

Metal Detector Free App – Security Scanne‪r‬

Metal Detector Free

This one is again a very trusted metal detector app among ios users.

It uses the mobile’s in built magnetometer and compass to access and alert the presence of metals nearby. The metal detector is also accurate, which makes your task of finding a petty metal material quickly without creating any mess.

Developer– Tudorel Irmia. Compatibility– iOS.

Wire Metal Detector

Wire Metal Detector

The wire metal detector app is a super easy and free to use app, that helps convert your phone into a portable metal detector machine.

The built up of the app is to indicate the presence of metal and power lines within a distance range of up to 5 inches. It is based on the working and mechanism of electromagnetic fields and therefore, is more accurate in detecting power lines when they are consuming more than 200 watts.

Developer– Sergio Gudkov. Compatibility– Android.

Stud Find – Metal Detecto‪r‬ 

Stud Find

This is a free app that allows you access the benefits of a metal detector at the ease of your fingertips.

Like most of the apps, it uses the concept of magnetic fields to alert the users regarding the presence of metal nearby.

Your experience is supposed to be better if your device has a built in magnetometer. Overall, it is a popular choice among ios users for stud detecting purposes.

Developer– Proteverse LLC. Compatibility– iOS.

Real metal detector with sound

Real Metal


The real metal detector with sound is a pocket stud finder app for android that is very easy to use and understand.

The app is also completely free to use, making your situations of finding a metal in the proximity a little easier.

It has an amazing feature through which you can easily detect studs in wood. The app alerts the user of the presence of a metal by a sound so that you don’t overlook it.

Developer– CreativeLabs 2018. Compatibility– Android.

Smart Metal Detecto‪r

Smart Metal

This application makes a notification sound different than the general notification to indicate the presence of a metal in close proximity.

The magnetic sensor of the app only rarely mistakes. It is also a lightweight and simple application, so you don’t have to waste time by configuring the same.

Developer – Netigen Kluzowicz. Compatibility– iOS.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector App

Yes, it is also another metal detecting app that uses magnetometer feature to find and locate studs near you, and no, it is not difficult.

What is interesting about this app is that it uses different intensities of vibrations to indicate how close one’s device is to the metal.

The Metal Detector has a super simple user interface and is completely free to use.

Developer– Smart tools. Compatibility– Android.


With the abovementioned list of apps, you don’t have to worry about losing your pin or nail anywhere in the house. A nice app choice would be a lightweight, easy to comprehend and completely free to use.

Looking out for metal stuff has never been easier. All thanks to the technological advancements!


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