Top 10 Best Smoke Effect Apps For Android And iOS

While there exist a lot of photo editing apps for android as well as ios smart phones, sometimes, you might need an app for one specific feature. Such crucially designed apps are not only light sized than the other apps, but also offer advanced levels of that particular feature.

One such feature is the smoke effect. By adding a little smoke effect to your pictures, you can make them stand out. Such nicely edited pictures also make your Instagram look appealing and for some, it might come to use for business purposes.

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Whatever the purpose might be, in the article that follows we have enlisted the best apps that you can use on your android or ios smartphones to add smoke effect to your pictures. Almost each of them is free to install and use and all of them are super light sized.

Without any further haze then, let’s clear up!

Best Smoke Effect Apps For Android and iOS

PicsArt Photo and Video Editor

The very first one in the list is a super versatile photo editor.

It is important to understand that while adding any effect to the pictures, a user wants it to look as natural as possible. And while it might be possible sometimes to simply add the smoke and save the picture just as you wanted, most of the times it seems almost necessary to adjust other image settings and add other complementary effects.

PicsArt lets you do all of it and more. It uses the layer methodology to give a realistic image experience and adjust image qualities accordingly. It is a very popular app and is loved and trusted by millions of people.


The second one in the list of best smoke effect apps for android and ios is also a powerful image editing app. It not only lets you add your smoke or gradient effect to the picture realistically, but also lets you adjust the brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, etc to enhance the harmony of the effect with the image.

With Pixlr, you have one of the most versatile image editing apps in your pocket. You can add thousands of different filters and even create collages of your pictures. Moreover, you can control the intensity of each of the filters separately, to add a more customized and realistic look.

Pixlr lets you add a natural smoke effect to your pictures, while also providing the option to enhance them overall.

Smoke Effect Photo Editor

Smoke Effect

This one in the list is only available for android devices and as mentioned earlier, is a feature specific app. It lets you add a smoke effect to your picture and even add other stickers to make it look even cool.

What is more is that you can choose from 50 different smoke stickers and effects. This means that you will always find the perfect effect or sticker for your picture- one that looks realistic.

The only drawback of the app is its ad pop up. There are constant video ads while you edit and save your pictures that cause a little difficulty in the experience. But other than that, the app is pretty cool and is super useful when it comes to adding smoke effects to your pictures.

Smoke Effect Photo Maker

This free app for ios is an amazing app to add versatile smoke effects to your images.

With the help of this smoke effect app you can choose from a lot of smoke effects gallery to add to your picture. Moreover, you can add text, emojis and even stickers to you pictures to make them look even better.

The one drawback of this app is that it is not light sized like other smoke effect adding apps. However, the size of the app is clearly worthwhile keeping the image and the editing quality in mind.


Keep aside the artificial pop up smoke effects and ask yourself- are you looking for a more subtle image editor that adds natural haze to the images? If yes, this is a gem for you. If no, we suggest you skip this recommendation.

You can choose from a collection of smoke effects that add a blurry smoky effect to the picture and polish it by applying a filter to the image. This app makes your image look naturally foggy and also helps it attain a dim, cold tone.

The app is a great choice for people who use image editing tools professionally and want to add a rich smoke effect to their pictures while maintaining the best quality of the same. The app however, is only available for ios operating systems.

Lens Distortions

This app does not really provide smoke stickers to paste into your image, but rather has fog effects to add to your image. Of course, depending on your needs you might be or might not be looking for a fog effect app, but trust us, this one is really worth it.

Lens Distortions is available for both, android and ios and offers high end editing tools in both of them. While most of the features are free to use and apply, certain premium features including the fog effect are to be paid for.

However, the quality and finishing of the effects and the overall image makes it really worth every penny invested. The end result is pretty realistic and is also trusted by a lot of people from all around the world.

Smoke Effect Art Name

The last one on the list is a completely different app. It does not let you add smoke or foggy effects to pictures. Rather, it lets you create a picture with a specific font and a specific effect in the background.

It lets you choose from its vast collection of fonts and an even better collection of smoke and background effects. Moreover, it lets you adjust the size, the color the placement of all the items on the screen.

While making a logo, personalized wallpaper or a greeting, this app might come super handy. What is more is that the app is very light sized and completely free to use.


Every app has its own essence and every filter has its own touch.

Therefore it is always better to know your needs specifically beforehand. When you know whether you want a smoke sticker to be added to a picture, a foggy ambience to be added to the scene or a masterpiece name art to be created, it is easy to find apps that specialize in the required field.

The above mentioned apps are the best that we could find for you. However, with constant update in technologies, it is always better to stay abreast with the latest entrants.


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