Top 10 Best Alternatives To Signal In 2021!

With an increasing need of communicating effectively and easily, the applications facilitating the same have witnessed some serious raise.

There are a lot of apps now with almost the same set of features, user interface and security. Signal is by far the fastest growing communication space given its high ended data privacy policies, a simple user interface and good quality chat window and also recommended by Elon Musk. But what are the close competitors and alternatives to it?

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Below we have enlisted 10 of the closest apps to Signal. The standard features of texting and data sharing are common to all. However, the app-specific features vary with each app.

10 Best Alternatives To Signal Apps

Telegram Messenger


This open-source messaging app is free to use, and promises high level privacy of all data.

Telegram is designed to be as simple as possible to make your texting experience easy and fun. It uses your contact number to create an account and connect you with your friends.

It enables data sharing of up to 1.5 GB at once. Various other features like super groups of up to 2,00,000 people, creating channels for broadcast texts and high quality calling – make Telegram the fiercest competition of Signal and other messaging apps.6



A very popular app, Discord, is already the best choice for all the gamers as it offers uninterrupted calling and texting services without sharing any personal details including contact number.

More variably known for its groups, or servers, the personal chat feature is also unusually fine.  Discord promises its users’ data privacy and well stands by it. It is an open source application and also, is free to use.

The group chat is not very great in the app but the channels and servers compensate for the same.



 An open source application offering end to end encryption of chats is next best in the list of competitors of Signal.

Being an open source website, users are free to write their own bots, bridges, servers, etc. It is free to use and offers all the necessary services of a messaging app.

It also provides quality calling services and a simpler user interface as compared to other open source applications.



Element is an open source application that is free to use and explore.

This app supports texting and data sharing like any other app, voice and video calling with no compromise of the quality and end- to – end encryption of all chats. What makes it special, however, is the super simple user interface.

For group purposes, one may create a room – private or public. Calling features do not fail to serve even for group calls.



The next up in the list of competitors to signal is Viber- with its clean and functional user interface.

The app is completely free to use and really easy to understand. Voice and video calling both can be done via Viber in high quality (when in stable connection). The texting window is the standard texting app feature.

It comes packed with certain features like Viber out- that allows you make international calls at concessional rates.

The app however, does not support its web client.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft team

Although Microsoft teams is not the ideal app for casual conversations, it is one of the most powerful tools for communicating with a team formally.

The app forms teams and channels to facilitate conversations.

It facilitates video calling and screen sharing with a large group at once without compromising with the resolution, voice conferencing and also scheduling and executing meetings in-app.

Coming from the Microsoft, this app is not at all disappointing when it comes to cordial communications.

Rocket.Chat is also an open-source and free to use app.

The app for the same is available for use across all platforms; however, it remains the best in desktop uses.

One of the best features of this app is that it has many options to authenticate and create an account- you don’t necessarily need a number, email id, google account, facebook account, etc.  just any one of them.

Besides other basic features, it also supports voice and video calling over stable network connections.



Unlike most of the messaging apps, this has to be paid in order to be used. It costs $1.99 for the app.

The payment is compensated well by the features offered though.

Be it creating a Threema account without a number or mail ID or end-to-end encryption of chats, Threema has it all.

The group chats feature of Threema is remarkable. It also comes with a web client.

The user interface of the app is also simple, which makes it easy to operate.



Being a popular app, it makes connecting with your friends easier than most of the others.

Skype is just like any other app that facilitates simple and easy communication. Its video calling feature- especially group calling, is highly praised due to its high quality and screen sharing features.

The personal chat feature is not very up to date, but this is an excellent app for people with continuous need of video calls with other people or groups of them.

Skype also allows you to transfer media files over chat. Overall, it is an effective alternative to an app like signal.

Google Hangouts


This one in the list is again, completely free to use.

It is a product of google and is therefore, simply designed for effective usage. The app is well suited for messaging and calling purposes but the quality of video calls is low.

It is less preferred as compared to the other apps as it has lesser features, yet, it is one of the most reliable apps for messaging – especially if one wishes to link it with everything in their google account like google calendar.


When talking about apps for texting and calling, there are a number of apps providing these services for free, however, the features offered by the app remain a top priority for the most of us.

Any of the abovementioned apps is enough to satisfy our messaging needs, yet, newer and better functions and features promise to make your experience worth it. And when accompanied with strong privacy policies, it makes the best situation.


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