Top 10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android And iOS

You might have often found the restraints of small screen on your phones and tablets incompatible for daily uses such as gaming or screening videos or movies. 

No worries! With screen mirroring Apps, you can get rid of this inconvenience by a simple download which allows you to play media of the smaller screen onto a larger screen such as television or a projector, wirelessly.

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We are here with best screen mirroring apps for you, dear android and iOS users.

Top 10 Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iOS

VNC Viewer

One of the best apps for remote access screen mirroring, VNC viewer can turn your device into a remote desktop using your device’s touch screen as a trackpad giving you an accurate control of the desktop be it Windows, Linux or MacOS. 

Being password protected, VNC Connect sessions are all end to end encrypted but one must have a RealVNC account to access VNC Connect software on desktop and VNC Viewer on your device, and voila! Connection is only one screen tap away.

Features to your appeal:

  1. Ease of connect via cloud service
  2. Backup and sync of all connections between devices
  3. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support
  4. Choice of availability from free, paid and trial VNC Connect subscriptions

Note: latest version removes support for Android 5.x and earlier


Titled as one of the best free screen mirroring application, its compatibility with multiple platforms and devices only adds to its popularity.

Features to your appeal:

  1. One click access of phone to your Mac or PC in real time.
  2. Support of multiple mirroring protocols, like, Airplay and Miracast, allowing live mirror streaming of videos with audio.
  3. For the PUBG lovers out there, you can now broadcast your gameplay videos to your family and friends.
  4. Not limited to just music streaming, LetsView allows its users to screen mirror AR,VR apps and drone.
  5. A simple PIN code or QR code can be used to connect the devices, wherever you are.

Note: supports Android 5.0 and later


With a free variant for personal use and a paid one for commercial use, AnyDesk has been called as the fastest and most affordable remote control software in the WORLD!

Features to your appeal:

  1. Instant availability of all your apps and files
  2. Collaborate with your teams with ease and work seamlessly on texts, pictures, codes, videos, anything.
  3. A constant 60 fps provides with a display enabling you to work smoothly.
  4. An important highlight, AnyDesk’s minimized low latency proves indisputable with its innovative new Codec to achieve fastest remote desktop experience.
  5. With its flexible adaptability to available bandwidth, you can enjoy smooth sessions at just 100kb/s.

Note: you can now manage plugin through AnyDesk app.

Chrome Remote desktop

Brought to you by yours truly, Google LLC, Chrome remote desktop is another screen mirroring app you will find to your delight. 

With secure access to your computers from androids and iOS devices.

Features to your appeal:

  1. You can set remote access on your computers using the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Chrome Web Store
  2. Similarly, for android and iOS users, you are one tap away from connecting computers available online to your device.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

A household name now, Microsoft brings a rather viable solution for your screen mirroring needs by providing remote access to your desktops and devices made available by Microsoft admin.

Features to your appeal:

  1. High quality video and audio transmission while streaming
  2. Experience multi touch, supporting windows gestures
  3. Secure data and application connections
  4. Easy and simple management of your connections from the connection centre
  5. You can access resources published by your IT admin, remotely, along with PCs running Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server.

Note: When Redirect local storage feature is enabled, permission is required to access local drives and documents from the Remote Desktop session.


Want to access your desktop, but its not within your reach? 

TeamViewer to the rescue! Providing remote control to multiple computers and devices.

Features to your appeal:

  1. Find intuitive touch and control gestures
  2. Transfer of files in both directions
  3. Real-time HD video and sound transmissions
  4. 256 bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 bit RSA Key Exchange to ensure highest security standards
  5. Chatting option is also available along with computers and contact management


Another stunning app for screen mirroring, it can be easily used to mirror device to your PC, Mac, TV as well as other mobile devices. 

You can connect using either a USB or WiFi, along with allowing you to record screen, take screenshots, and add notes.

Features to your appeal:

  1. The microphone casting feature allows you to stream audio from your device to the PC along with the screen mirroring
  2. Supporting TVs like Sony, LG, Philips and Xiaomi MI, you can enjoy videos on a much larger screen with this app
  3. The use of auto-detection, PIN code or QR code provides with ease of access to work remotely
  4. Amazingly, if your networks or locations are different, you can use cloud mirroring to share screen between two mobile devices, phone to PC, or PC to phone.
  5. You can send messages on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat and any other form while screen mirroring by utilising the computer keyboard.
  6. Another important highlight, all your notifications, be it an incoming call or an email or a text message, can be displayed on your PC while mirroring, taking care that you don’t miss any work

Note: Game graphics added to fix blurry graphics in gaming.

           SUHD added to the mirroring definition.


Available only to Android users, this app provides you with a easy to use process for screen mirroring by providing you relief from small mobile screens. 

Whether its showcasing your gallery or giving a presentation, this app replicates your phone with precision onto any larger screen.

In order for Castto to work, it is important to make sure that your android device and PC are connected to the same WiFi network. You also need to enable Miracast Display on your television to connect phone to TV.

AirServer Connect

Android screen display over a corporate network, AirServer connect is termed a companion app letting you discover and screen mirror to more than one AirServer instances at the same time. 

If it lacks somewhere, it is the absence of an audio support due to lack of system capture in Android.

Features to your appeal:

  1. With a built in QR code scanner, it enables connectivity with AirServer on a restricted network.
  2. Despite no audio support, the video quality is outstanding
  3. You can sync with multiple AirPlay receivers at the same time.

Note: requires android 5.0 and newer

Google Home

Bringing you another one of Google’s brain child, Google Home. A screen mirroring application which helps you control chromecast and other compatible devices.

Its ease of use and control over music, videos and other mirroring activities places it among one of the best screen mirroring apps. 

Notifications pop up as well preventing you from missing anything. Being free for all android and iOS users, it makes for an attractive choice. 

You can also run speed tests and change names of various devices connected to it, even prioritising them. Note: Compatible devices are required.


From professional use to just for fun, there is always an app for it. These are some user friendly options for you to understand, analyse and choose the best for yourself. 

We hope this article will do the needful for you and help you recognise the most perfect match for your phone. Mirror Mirror on the wall, its time to screen away.


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