Best Private Secret Messaging Apps

Nothing in the world out there is free. Even the apps and websites you visit daily and do not even think of leaving without well to be true you are no customer to them you are the product they are selling to industries. 

Need not take it literally but yes your private data your activities online and such stuff is what they make money of. 

Several industries have algorithms to deliver you add that suits your interest and the basic requirement for these algorithms to function is your private data. 


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Even the applications that have been considered safe and secure till date have changed their privacy policy and the veil of safe haven is set aside in such times with people getting woke about their digital privacy and considering it as essential as physical privacy .  

In todays date safe and secure messaging apps are a necessity and thus this article brings to you a list of top 10 safe and secret private messaging apps. Hope this will be useful for you in ways.

Best Private Secret Messaging Apps


signalSignal is a open source software and after being backed by Elon Musk is surely the brand new thing for the generation. The application is developed by a small team of developers with grant fund. 

The Open Whisper Systems in San Francisco is to be credited for this app. The developers say that signal is no company but a community of Volunteer open source contributors and they are working to develop a state of art for safe and secure communication.

The app has a self destruct message system and encrypted voice calls, group chats and other functionalities. All what you share with signal is your mobile phone number and the application is set to use. 

The app is available for iOS, Android and several other operating system.

Silent Phone

silent phoneSilent Phone is a app developed by silent circle and is leaving no question unanswered when it comes to safe and secure private messaging. 

The app is similar to signal in its features but unlike signal it is developed by a company. 

The Company has main job of assisting large firms with a safe communication space. 

The app is surely legit part of the list of top 10 private messaging apps.


telegramTelegram is nothing less than god among insects and could be easily termed as the best messaging platform in the current  arena. Unlike other platforms of the kind telegram has been famous from even before change in whatsapp privacy policy change. 

Telegram is providing you dark mode from way before the trend came in game. No one other than the person you are messaging gains access of your data. 

There is a self destruct feature in the game and that destructs all the messages in the chat across all involved devices. 

It allows you to share multimedia file in several formats. It is one of the most reliable platform for hosting online content.

Chat Secure

chat secureAn eldritch creation of open source enthusiast and civil liberties activist Chris Ballinger ChatSecure is a top notch player of the game. 

It is a free private messaging and an open source encrypted chat site developed exclusively for both iPhone and Android users. 

It has turned out to be a big hit among people who are using the application.


pidginPidgin is an unusual chat application for it is not a specific chatting platform but a program that grants you access to several chat networks using your window PC this simultaneous multiple usage is the USP of this application. 

Once you install off-the-record messaging plugin you can consider your confabulation safer than ever. Pidgin is an open  source.

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threemaTHREEMA unlike others mentioned above is a paid application and without doubt is the best app to hide text messages. It gifts you anonymity and helps you with encrypted voice calls. 

The app is to be used on PC and phones as well and keeps your data safe from hackers and third party developers. Threema is downloaded 1M+ times and that is a humongous number if you are talking about paid apps. 

The app is available on play store at 270 bucks in Indian currency. The app facilitates several file formats and also there are innovative poll features.


silenceThe name says it all, silence is a completely safe MMS and SMS secret application for texting. 

It allows media sharing in various formats and also no active internet connection is required for silence to operate. 

It keeps the fear of privacy breach too far from away. 

It provides a secure channel for communication and the messages are locally encrypted that saves you from the web of internet. Presently the app is for US users

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elementEnd-to-End encryption is one of the main feature of element and this comes along with an option for team collaboration so as to support encrypted video conferencing for a group.

Group video call with voice over input and screen sharing and option to self host meetings intended to add to security.

The App is available for multiple platforms and thus your chat is always synced so as to be used from variable devices.

All these features are what makes element suitable for the list of 10 best secret messaging app round the corner.

Cover Me

covermeThe application works with creation of a burner phone this is where a temporary phone is created for the user and gets destroyed once the purpose gets done. 

The app could be used to make private and secure phone calls, send private text messages and all this could be done with a private new number every time you use the application. 

The app provides a free profile for first 7 days and then you have to pay for the app. The app also helps you with a safe and secure private vault where you can keep your images privately.


wireLast app to feature in the list is wire but it is not below any of the other featuting app in any manner. The app is present on android and apple app store and gives you an interesting feature to login with multiple accounts. 

It has a secure sharing option and the information is stored and backed up locally. It is a nice app for both individual and businesses.


Here we end the gazette. This is the list of best 10 apps for private messaging and the choice now is with you to choose app of your choice and liking. 

For more knowledge about the mentioned application you can easily visit the apple app store or google play store and get to know of real time advents in the application. 

So choose well and stay safe and secure when it concerns your privacy.


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