10 Best Photo Editor Apps For iPhone In 2021!

Searching for something to tweak your pictures or give it a professional touch? Look no further! We have some of the best photo editor apps for your iPhone right here.

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Few years back simply thinking of editing anything on your own sounded like Achilles heel. Thank goodness for this easily accessible technology we have from the tip of our fingers to the touch on your smartphones, and anything is possible. 

Although iPhone users have access to the best in terms of camera, still that need for perfection or giving your pictures a more customised look never hurts.

Just to prove you how right you are, we have brought together best editing apps all at one place, configured as per your needs and choices.

10 Best Photo Editor Apps


By now Canva has become widely known and wildly used application serving almost every editing need you can have. 

One of the best photo editor app and more, Canva makes editing a fun experience even for beginners. 

With a variety of choices ranging from creating posters, invitations, virtual greeting cards or even posts for your social media- you can do it all here. Customise your pictures from scratch or use it in one of their own templates.  

Be it an academic presentation or a business one, it is all possible. For all those editing fans out there, it is definitely a haven since it’s a free to use app with a choice to up your game with their premium features by purchasing their subscription. Add texts, borders, use GIFs or whatever you want in your picture. A must-try app.


Featuring best filters and high quality editing tools, Afterlife is definitely an amazing app for photo editing for iPhone users. 

The availability of many filters, frames, borders, artworks, textures and overlays, give you a variety of choice and ways to edit your pictures. 

You can choose to use only one of those or all of them in one. You can even end up creating your own customised filters with a fusion of existing textures and filters.

Under artwork you may find varied font styles to add in your pictures or even access its own gallery of designs and create awesome overlays. 

In addition to these existing features you can also opt for a subscription to access its full features and enjoy the complete Afterlight experience after a seven day free trial.  


Ah, how can we leave the infamous Instagram behind when it comes to editing pictures or clicking photos with amazing and fun filters. 

For the ones looking to experiment with some funny filters and slight editing, this is a cool way to edit your pictures in the app for the app. 

Not recommended for the ones looking for a full professional experience though.

With a heap of GIFs and stickers to add on your pictures and share in stories and posts for either the world to see or just your close friends. 

Instagram is definitely the place to be for minor editing with a pocket full of entertainment. Another free app to get your hands on and play around creating videos with cool effects and pictures with crazy filters.


We can guess how much you hate those photobombed pictures in your gallery and that really good pic from some day and you find someone’s head poking in the corner. 

We wouldn’t like it either, so here is TouchRetouch answering your call. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

With a simple touch you can say goodbye to those unwanted objects by marking them and using the Blemish Remover. Going a little geometric, you have another feature called Single-Flick Line remover. 

Remove a complete line or a segment using segment remover. To improve the accuracy you can even set the thickness and thinness of the remover.

Moving on from removing unwanted objects using Brush or Lasso tool, you can clone existing objects and create duplicates as well. You can adjust its appearance later on in terms of hardness or opacity or even size.


Sophistication blends well with creativity in Photoleap, letting you explore a new edge in photo editing on your iPhone. 

Combining photoshop like features including setting tones, adjusting filters, contrasts, brightness, creating special effects and adding fonts as well as allowing layering of multiple images creates a creative environment for its users. 

On top of all this, you can go basic or business by creating simplistic posters or social media posts for your blogs or business. Its image corrector features encompass everything from removing an obstruction completely to blurring name or locations on pictures to protect your privacy.

Although, keep in mind that to enjoy the advanced and complete features, like layering without pro can only be done using two pictures at most, you would have to purchase its subscription. Pro editing will also allow RAW support as well the liberty to adjust the size of the canvas.

Collage maker

This one is a combo pack for your iPhone fulfilling your editing needs as well providing you many different templates for creating collages. 

One of the easiest and best photo editing app available, Collage maker definitely deserves a download. 

Classical art lovers can bring the likes of Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci or Van Gogh in their pictures through the filters available. You can even change the background of your images with a background eraser tool.

Apart from picture editing you can even create short music videos through this app by simply adding music and pictures to any layout of your choice. The varied editing tools ranging from cutout, doodling, freestyle to slideshow, nudges this app to be one of the best you will find out there.

Adobe Lightroom Photo editor

A powerful app to accompany photo editing, Adobe Lightroom is packed with amazing features to make your editing experience easy and professional at the same time. 

Transform lifeless pictures into impactful images using their brilliant filters, playing with the tone, light, contrast and colours of the image. You can compare the original version with the edited one and choose which one to store.

Increasing its level in the editing game, Adobe uses an AI tool called Adobe Sensei which organises and tags your photo collection according to the objects and people in them. 

This feature makes it easy and fun to create albums as per your needs. Want to explore the app to its full potential first? No worries. You can access interactive tutorials from different photographers to get inspired.

Photoshop Express Photo editor

Another amazing app from Adobe to try, Photoshop Express lets you harness your creativity and channel it through the various tools it offers, including selective editing if you want to apply filter to only a part of an image, or use its Dehaze feature to make an image clearer, or even set different tones to the picture ranging from black and white to intense duo shades.

You can create stunning collages as well by using their in-built templates by adding varying gradients, backgrounds and layouts. 

Give the images a more personal touch by adding phrases or your name in different font styles or even inserting some popular meme the image reminds you of and share it across your social media platforms. When you are done editing, you can also save these images in the png format in your iPhone.

Prisma Photo Editor

Bring the renaissance age to the 21st century and transform your images into artworks for others to admire. Featuring a huge artistic collection, Prisma is must try app at least once and then some because you’ll love it. 

You can even tweak the filters as per your requirement by changing the exposure or brightness or the contrast of the image.

Prisma also offers two different premium subscriptions – one month and 12 months. You can opt for either if you wish to enjoy additional features.


Google’s brainchild, Snapseed, is one of the most used and one of the best photo editing apps. Choose from almost 29 different tools and various filters included in this app to transform your pictures. To ease your use of the app you can also find some tutorials and tips to guide your editing journey here.

Be creative and customize your own filters, save it for later to use on any further pictures you edit. Snapseed lets you open both JPEG and RAW format files. Some of the filters in here are a must try for portrait lovers like face pose which based of 3D models can correct the pose of different portraits.  


We have brought the tastiest dishes for you to try and decide which you love the best. These are the 10 best photo editor apps, curated especially for you. Give your pictures a twirl with these and have fun exploring editing if you are just a beginner or go for the more professional editor apps from the list. Whatever your need is, you are sure to fulfil it here.

Lights, camera, edit!  


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