Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

New technologies and mobile devices have changed the way we travel . Also how we orient ourselves on the road. For some years, navigation equipment that was incorporated as an external element to our vehicle was very popular. 

However, nowadays the functionalities of the telephones have replaced the traditional GPS. In the following article we will review the best mobile applications on the market for road travel.

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A list of apps that will be very useful on your next vacation or on your daily trips with the car. With these programs you can save time, kilometers and gasoline; but also drive in a safer way. 


8 best Offline Navigation Apps for Android:

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most famous GPS applications in the world. Provides a way to download and save regional maps for offline use; You just need to do a little preparation before leaving home.

The quintessential mobile navigation app. When the Silicon Valley giant launched it, few could predict that it would compete with GPS navigators from specialty brands. On the other hand, today we can say that, in many cases, it even exceeds them in functionality.

Despite the fact that many users are still unaware of it, Google Maps can be used without an internet connection if we have previously downloaded the maps of a specific area.

In this way, we will avoid one of its most commented drawbacks: the excessive use of mobile data. Another of its most useful (and most recently added) functions is the real-time information it offers on traffic.

Beyond these strengths and its free, its massive use also responds to the fact that it comes standard incorporated in all Android devices. If you have uninstalled it by mistake, you can download it again


Waze is probably the second most popular and used navigation app after Google Maps. Its main peculiarity (and added value) is the huge community of drivers around the world that provides real-time information on the state of the roads.

Hence, it is the best tool to know live how the traffic is where we are going. Another of its strengths is that it is very reliable when calculating the total time it will take to make a trip or the money that we will spend on gasoline. It is also totally free.


Sygic is an application created by one of the companies that dominated the GPS device market at the time. And now he’s doing everything he can to reinvent himself.

Among its differential points is that it allows you to navigate -both online and offline- through three-dimensional maps that are especially useful in cities and other urban environments.

It is free to download and can be tested free of charge for seven days. From there you have to pay to use the premium options, which include offline maps of all countries, regular updates of these maps, or precise assistance during GPS navigation. Last but not the least, Sygic is available for Android. 

Here WeGo

Here WeGo is another of the most popular navigation applications on the world market. Its added value compared to the competition lies in the fact that Here WeGo integrates practically all the functionalities of this type of application in a single software.

From this app you can use maps without the need for connection, order taxis, shared cars, or other types of transport, or know in detail the traffic situation of a specific area, among many other services. It also has a very intuitive interface. And it is completely free. You can download it for your Android device.

Via Michelin

This application bears the signature of the historic tire manufacturer. Despite not being as well known to the general public, ViaMichelin offers some very useful features for certain users.

For example, it is very effective if we want to prepare in advance the trip we have in mind. With a single glance, this app informs you of issues such as fuel consumption, recommended route, and travel time, among other data.

It also makes available to the user an extensive catalog of the best hotels and restaurants available in the area through which we will circulate. Which are updated with the information offered by the famous French company guide. It’s free and readily available for your Android.


CoPilot is one of the road navigation apps that has grown the most in recent years. Among the reasons is undoubtedly the precision of its driving assistant, capable of guiding you along the best route at all times, also on routes with very dense traffic.

It also highlights the level of detail of available offline maps and real-time traffic information. Or the intelligent navigation mode that learns and stores the most common routes of the user.

After downloading it, CoPilot offers a free trial week. Then you have to get a license whose price varies between countries. Here you can get it for Android. 


Maps.Me is an application for wanderlust travelers, with a primary choice of high-quality maps from around the world. As it offers a wide range of options, including a tracking option, turn-by-turn directions, and traffic information.

Additionally, there is full functionality in offline mode, including the option to search, browse, and search for restaurants or ATMs. In online mode, you can share the location with friends. As you can use Maps.Me offline mode, this app uses less battery than others that keep running in the background.

TomTom Hub Remote Display

Another application with the seal of one of the first GPS navigators that were successful on the market. TomTom Go gives you quick access to your favorite routes.

It also offers highly detailed maps of more than one hundred countries, which can also be consulted in offline mode and with the main buildings in 3D format.

It also has one of the most cared and worked designs on this list. Of course, after the first 75 kilometers sailed, it is necessary to pay for its use. You can try it for Android


There are plenty of different offline navigation apps out there, but not all are created equal. We mentioned best of them above, and since they all have somewhat different features and specialties, we hope that you may find yourself using either of them in your next road trip. Safe Journey!


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