Top 10 Best Multiplayer Racing Games For Android

A category that is sure to take your adrenaline levels soaring high is that of racing games. Who doesn’t like the rush of beating the competitors, being close to the finish line and toppling over, taking over the number 1 in the race or hitting a lamp post when you’re just about to win?

Thanks to the numerous racing simulation games and their realistic graphics you can actually feel all of them and even more without breaking any laws.

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What is more is that you can race against your friends! The connection can be established over internet, or a local wifi depending up on the app one uses. While some of them have realistic, 3D graphics, others might have a cartoonist theme.

The list below mentions the top 10 multiplayer racing game apps for android users. According to your own preferences, you may choose one and begin your speedy journey!

Top 10 Multiplayer Racing Apps:

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 can be considered as the peak in the genre of best racing games, based on users’ and critics’ reviews.

The game, developed and owned by Gameloft, comes packed with high-ended graphics and life like sounds to provide an exact simulation to the gamer. Asphalt 8 gets the closest one can to a deadly race and its rush.

This gem also has to offer real car models to race with.  This enhances the realistic feel of the game.

One can connect to their friends and race against them using a local wifi network.

Overall, it is the best offline racing app available for android users, which you can also enjoy with your friends!

CSR Racing 2

The next up is also a significantly realistic one, with audio effects that complement the game play so well – you would forget the world for a few minutes!

The app features a star collection of cars for you to choose from including cars like McLaren P1, Koenigsegg One and Ashton Martin DB5 among many others. Challenge your competitors from all over the world with your favourite car- that can also be customised.

With 3D graphics, it places an entirely different world in the hands of the players. Race against your competitors in different settings and show them who’s the pro without having to leave your seat!

Angry Birds Go!

Who doesn’t know the angry birds? Well, they are here to be a funky race against your friends.

The game is themed in Angry Birds’ franchise and hence every detail of the game follows. The cars are not any super cars but made of wood and filled with nitro boosts. The game also lacks realistic graphics. It features animated 3D cartoons instead.

Angry Birds Go! Has maps designed in the settings of jungles, forts, space, etc. It lets you connect with your friends locally over a wifi network.

Nitro Nation 6

As we move on with the list, we would dare not to forget this beautifully crafted piece of hormonal rush.

This one is definitely the most addictive racing games of all. With over hundreds of cars for you to choose from and race with and attractive tracks that are awesome for drift racing, the app makes sure that you never get bored of it anytime soon.

The features that make the app unique include Live racing- a race battle against seven random players from all over the world, multiplayer mode- so that you can play with your friends and betting system to maximize your stakes in a race.

The game is completely online.

Hovercarft Takedown

Hovercraft Takedown is not just another racing game. It brings with itself a combat upgrade to make it more fun and addictive.

The game involves gamers to build a fully customized hovercraft of their own in which they can add guns, missiles or any other weapons up to a limit of 6. Every player does the same. Then the race begins.

Shoot your opponents to slow them down, blow them up or find your defense mechanism to win. With hundreds of weapons to choose from and 6 slots available, no one knows the possibilities that could arise! This makes the game way too exciting than the normal racing games.

You can play it with your friends over a local network.

Real Racing 3

The next up is an award winning franchise of racing games that has maps designed on the basis of more than 19 real time locations in the world!

Get a fire rush while your hands on your favorite car among the many models available from
Buggati, Porche and Audi among many others. The game also has the live race system where 8 players from all over the world play against each other in real time.

Apart from that, the game also features 4000+ events and challenges for you to show off your skills in. Real Racing 3 also provides a real like simulation of racing with a front seat and realistic graphics and sound effects.

You can play the game with your friends by connecting locally over a wifi network.

Mario Kart Tour

As the name suggests, the game is based on the popular game franchise of Mario.

The gamers witness an animated adventure in settings inspired by real cities. Take your cart with your racer to new challenges and live races. The game also has the live race game against 7 other players in real time.

Besides that, Mario Kart Tour lets you unlock various racers( your player) from the imaginative world of mushroom kingdom. Overall, it is a fun game that lets you easily pass time while having all the rush of racing games.

It lets you play with your friends from any place any time through a stable internet connection.

Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer

The next in the list is a role playing multiplayer game where in one player is a cop and the other is a racer. As expected, the job of the cop is to catch hold of the racer and the racer, being a professional is required to dodge the police!

However, this is not the inly way the game functions, to spice things up a bit, the game also has many challenge cards and achievements to earn coins and upgrade your game play experience bit by bit.

Over a local wifi, you can even choose your opponent.

Racing Fever

Racing Fever is a very worthy offline racing game. The realistic graphics, customizable game play and wonderful cars to choose from make this one a significant in the list of  best racing games.

The game is an offline one offering amazing 3D graphics and 4 different settings- winter, Village, city and desert to play in. Racing fever also lets you preset the game’s difficulty level or the mode.

This being said, the app also lets you choose and customize your car to a great extent.

Riptide GP Renegade

There nothing that a thrilling car race won’t have to offer, but to talk about racing and not include a hydro jet futuristic individual player racing would be so dissatisfying.

The game modes available are appreciable. There is an option to battle online against live players from all around the world, quick matches and classic story driven approach to choose from. Riptide GP Renegade is a production of the award winning ski racing franchise from GP Renegade.

Unlock new vehicles, new adventures and new feelings as you compete against your friends nor random people from the internet.


It would be appropriate to end with the note that with increasing genres and types of games, the ways in which you can pass your time also significantly doubles.

As we explore the thrill and excitement in the various available genres, none can beat the racing games. Out of the many options available in the stores and internet, here we have gathered the 10 most preferred and liked ones.

It is worth mentioning that the above mentioned games are multiplayer games- that is they can be played with your friends. Now the connection is made via a local network or internet depends upon the one you choose.

Good luck racer!


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