Top 10 Best Money Making Apps For Android & iOS (Passive Earnings)

In the era of the internet, where an entire company is capable of running online, who says it is impossible to earn a few bucks yourself? Earning a passive income means to earn by performing petty tasks instead of a full time job. And gladly, there exist numerous websites and apps that offer such platform.

A person looking out for ways to earn an income online, might come across many available alternatives, some of which are creating content through vlogging or blogging, selling items, freelancing their skills, writing surveys, data entry jobs or even reviewing certain services and products.

Making money through online websites and apps is easy. However, it demands tons of patience.

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Below we have created a list of the 10 best money making apps for both android as well as ios users. We have made sure that these apps are genuine and will pay- as and when you complete their tasks. Every app has a different kind of activity that pays and therefore, choosing an app that suits you the best becomes important. Good luck!

Top 10 Best Money Making Apps:


For someone who is willing to perform varied petty tasks like watching videos, writing surveys, playing games or browsing the web – SwagBucks is a bliss.

The app is a very popular passive income source app among people who love earning in their spare time.

The app offers certain SwagBucks or SBs for every activity performed by a user. These SBs can be redeemed in cash or as gift cards. Swagbucks is connected to more than 1,000 retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, starbucks, walmart among many others. Or simply claim the cash through a one tap PayPal transfer.

The credits received are not the exact number of SwagBucks. For example, for claiming a $5 Amazon gift card, you need 500+ SBs, similarly, for a cash transfer of $100, you need 15,000+ SBs.

Apart from the initial credit that a user receives on first time sign up, the activities that one can perform to earn via Swagbucks include:

– downloading apps,

– Watching videos,

– Write surveys and polls,

– Shopping online,

– Playing games

And many other tasks like that.


Adfly is an app that helps users to shorten URLs for a better sharing and navigation experience. What it also does, however, is that is ads a 5 second advertisement to the webpage, making the URL a great advertising space.

The system of Adfly involves shortening URls using this app, and then getting paid a certain amount per 1000 clicks on the link. The amount that is paid depends upon the country the link is opened in. Money then can be transferred to your PayPal account when it crosses a specified threshold limit.

This one is a great earning option for people who do not like performing insignificant taks like writing surveys or watching videos. You don’t even have to keep watching how it goes. Just shorten a link, attach a catchy tagline,wait for people to click on it and boom! You have start earning.

To make the payment system clearer, an example would help.

Suppose Chris shortens a link, for which he will be paid $2 per 1000 clicks. In a day, there happen to be 3000 clicks. Therefore he will be receiving 3*2, that is $6 per day.

Surveys On The Go

We use a lot of brands every day. Imagine getting paid for just surveying the daily items, directly in cash! Well, Surveys On The Go has granted the wish.

Working for the fortune 500 companies, the app brings surveys from the most famous brands. Review movies, cereals, websites and much more and get paid for it.

The app has a notification system to notify you when a paid survey or poll is available. Users get quite a few polls in a month. Overall, it comes up as a simple app for earning through polls and surveys that also do not demand any intellect- just opinion.

Google Opinion Reward

The app features very simple polls related to major brands. The questions are as simple as “What brand you like more?” or “What logo looks better?”. The price of each question that will be paid to you varies from $0.5 to $5.  

The only setback of this app is that you cannot claim direct cash. You can redeem the reward points by making in app purchases in the google play store, or any google owned app.

The app also comes with a notification system to alert you when paid polls are available. The number of polls received might vary with demographic and geographic factors.


Who would have thought that the largest video making and viewing community could have a few bucks to offer?

The basic framework of Youtube is to create videos and monetize them using google Adsense. This way, certain ads are displayed in-video and the video creator is paid per 1000 views and even clicks. Therefore the main catch of the app remains to create content that is liked by masses.

Given the trends and their dynamic nature, the earning scope and methods of Youtube are vast. One may choose to create videos on a specific genre, or simply vlog through their day!

The crack is to study the youtube earning guide thoroughly before planning to start with it.

Make Money

Make Money is another genuine app that has a varied set of tasks to perform, available on a regular basis. The rewards hence earned can be cashed using PayPal.

The various tasks that are available in Make Money include trying new apps, voting on polls, completing surveys, watching videos and testing services among many others.

The users may perform tasks according to their own likings and preferences and then earn an income at the ease of their fingertips. There do exist many apps like this one, however, Make Money is assured genuine and efficient.

Money App

Another one in the list of apps that directly pay you in cash through PayPal.

The app is very much like the petty tasks apps. It includes many tasks for you to choose from. Some of them include writing surveys, watching videos and voting on polls among many others.

The app presents various tasks to your device, based on various basic details that it takes from you. Such demographic and geographic filters ensure the authenticity of reviews. Hence, you get reviews based on your details.


The functioning of this app makes it quite different from the other money making ones. To Specify, the app focuses on saving money than offering money.

The framework of the app is that users have to sign up, then look for various stores and products that are available with an Ibotta cashback offer. Then, when he/she makes a purchase, they can upload the bill or link their loyalty card to get an instant cashback on their PayPal account.

This way, your usual expenses get reduced and automatically, you are saving more. The app has support from major brands like Walmart and Uber among many others.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a community based app where creators create a 15 second video that does not in any way violate the apps pre-mentioned standards.

The users then like and comment on each other’s posts and help them grow. When a user gets a ‘Flame’, he is entitled to be paid $0.0015. One can redeem the money when the amount crosses $1 through his/her PayPal account.

Just like YouTube, the main catch is to keep up with trends. The more attention grabbing content you create, the more visits you get, this leads to more flames eventually, converting into dollars of cash.


Given the excellent optimization of Quora on Google, it is no joke that it can be used to earn a few bucks.

The platform comprises of people with a question on their minds, who put it up. The other users then answer the questions to their best knowledge. By answering really popular answers with a good quality answer can surely get you some attention.

When you have it, you can choose to employ any of the earning tactics. Some of the ideas are link shortners, selling products and services and Quora’s quizzes among many others.


For my friends who wish to earn something in their free time, by performing some little tasks, any of the abovementioned apps is a great choice.

We have made sure that the apps are genuine and way more efficient than the other apps that offer similar services. While there also exist websites that offer such platforms, such website also expose you to the threat of viruses and malwares. Therefore, using an app is a better way.


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