Top 10 Best Live TV Streaming Apps In 2021

Be it Joey’s special pizza or Jonas’s time loop, the town of Riverdale or Hawkins or Mirzapur- every story is a world in itself.

With the OTT platforms rising above all entertainment sources, an app with a vast collection of movies, TV series and other stuff is the need of many of us. Such applications ease your content watching experience better suited to your own time preferences and absolutely mobile.

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With so much of content to watch, the question that one encounters is- “yes, but where do I watch it?”

As most of the characters have taught us, Worry Not! Below we have enlisted the 10 best live TV streaming apps for an amazing binge watching experience for you.

10 Best Live TV Streaming Apps


This is one of the most preferred apps for watching live content from your very own smart phones.

The collection of the app is quite large and varied ranging from old animation content to latest web series, movies and documentaries. One of the best features of the app is that users can create upto 6 profiles.

With an additional benefit of on-demand videos and a customized favorite’s column, Hulu remains the perfect choice of all bingers.


Tubi TV is a free to stream but ad supported on-demand streaming app.

The app allows you to watch your favorite movies, TV series and others for free, on your mobile phone. Yes, there are ads, but they’re fewer as compared to cable TV.

It does not need any credit card information for you to register here. In fact, you don’t even necessarily need to register here!

The best feature of this app is that by using chromecast or airplay, you can watch everything on a bigger screen.


To talk about OTT platforms and not mention Netflix would be a crime. It is the most popular streaming app.

The collection of this app is huge. It has everything ranging from award winning documentaries to anime to popular series and movies from all over the world.

It lets you create 5 profiles at a time. You may stream online or watch offline by downloading the content.

The best feature of the app is that based on your watched content, it prepares a personalized recommended content list.


Another giant in the industry is the one by Amazon.

The app features a collection of a wide variety of shows and movies including prime originals. It even offers the content in regional languages.

This app also has a specialized system of customized recommendations. A watcher may stream the content online or download the same to watch later.


The next up is an exclusive for the jio network users. It uses your jio contact number or email ID to register to the app.

The collection of jio cinema ranges from music videos, to trailers, documentaries, movies, TV shows, popular daily soaps and old age movies. The app is the perfect soda to your thirst of popular Indian content in high resolution quality.

It also supports the chromecast display. Jio cinema is also a free.


The Pluto TV app lets you stream more than 250 channels live for free. It also has a great collection of TV shows and movies.

The users of this app can also filter the shows by their genres.

Pluto also offers streaming news channels from all over the world at the ease of your personal screen.


Owned by Times Internet, the MX player is definitely one of the best streaming platforms with more than 150.000 hours of content available.

The collection varies from music videos to movies, latest TV shows and web series for you to pick the one that matches the most with your genre preference.

You may also watch live TV with this app. Other features that make the app amazing are downloading the content, save to watchlist and gesture controls among others.


The Youtube TV app is free to use. It allows its users to watch the TV live the same as a cable TV does.

The best part of the app is that it is compatible with the maximum number of devices. It also lets a user create up to 6 different IDs.

Overall, it offers a great competition to the traditional cable TV by providing free services from a lot of channels from all over the world.


The Hotstar app contains more than 100,000 hours of free content, and even more with a premium account purchase. It also offers major sports’ competitions live.

The content is well categorized into genres for easy navigation. The video quality is also at its best.

The Hotstar app also comes with a kids mode to filter the content accordingly.


Crackle is a popular free app for streaming Hollywood movies, web series and TV series at your own comfort.

The app also comes with an on-demand video system to provide you with a better experience with watching content.

One feature that makes the Crackle app a good choice is that of filters and categorization by genres.


Given the remarkable content that is being published, what stands between you and binge watching?

As was the purpose of the abovementioned list, we really hope it still is not “where do I watch”. Most of the apps with a free service, and all of those which are paid, offer much of the content for you to simply stream online in a great resolution quality.

What are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and the coziest spot in the house; we got all the platforms ready!


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