Best Legal Apps To Watch Anime Online

The Japanese anime is no longer limited to the Japanese audience. These animes have a huge amount of followers around the world, especially in the United States, European countries and a growing reach and liking among indians. 

More and more people want to stream anime and enjoy the most out of it but most of the series are only available online.

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Therefore, this article is a tried and tested report on a number of anime streaming sites that have been declared the best, and finally a few among the top anime streaming sites are featured here. 

These are worth trying on PC, Android, and iOS mobile devices and are surely a bliss for anime lovers around 

Best Legal Apps To Watch Anime Online


crunchyrollFor many fans, Crunchyroll is one of the first port of call for anime. The US company has been in Europe and asia  for several years and offers by far the largest range of content in the field of anime. 

Crunchyroll has already listed over 1,000 series and films in its database. You can also read mangas and access real-film productions from Japan and South Korea.

Series like The Rising of the Shield Hero, Naruto (including Shippuden) or various series from the Gundam universe delight the die hard anime fans. 

In addition to this, many series are offered in the so-called simulcast, which makes many new animes available to us shortly after the broadcast in Japan. Even manga fans get their money’s worth the only limitation being the content here in English. 

Crunchyroll offers a huge complete package here to feed every parched anime lover.


fuminationFunimation is an animation streaming website that specializes in dubbed anime series for English-speaking viewers from around the world. 

The site provides the latest updates to the anime series airing in a specific season and is known for producing English versions of hit anime films.

In addition, Funimation’s library contains a variety of anime series, including ongoing and completed series. Users can view them for free on Funimation with Ads or subscribe to them to remove ads.

Fumination for a very long time has been the greatest competition for crunchy roll and still is in the fight.


netflixThe US streaming service has long understood the hype surrounding Japanese cartoon culture and has been adding new animes and seasons of existing series from the realm of the rising sun for months now and this experiment is turning out to be extremely successful. 

Netflix also invests a lot of money in its own anime productions.  New seasons and titles are added every month.

The service is currently purchasing various licenses on a large scale. However, this often leads to denominations. 

So this means you can watch Bleach on Netflix , but only up to the 63rd episode, which roughly corresponds to the end of the third season. Haikyu too !! is available on Netflix , but only until the second season. 

Though keeping these aside Netflix also offers exclusive top titles, including the very successful series  The Seven Deadly Sins  and many films from Studio Ghibli.

Amazon Prime

prime videoAmazon Prime Video cannot go unmentioned either. It is a habit of amazon prime to feature any list where you find netflix mentioned. The streaming giant has also been stocking up on anime for some time in order to do justice to the growing fans. 

However, the offer is quite manageable and can even be described as exotic. Many of the animes are more familiar to the absolute hardcore fans, but there are also larger franchise titles to be seen.

With Hunter x Hunter , fans can watch the first 58 episodes of a very popular classic, which corresponds to the first two seasons. Other popular fan favorites are No Game No Life and Vinland Saga, both of which can be viewed in their entirety on Amazon Prime Video. 

With Highschool of the Dead it could be claimed that a list of very popular title on Prime are also available. If you want, you can watch additional stations via channels. This also includes anime channels like Animax Plus . However, you have to pay additional monthly costs.

Unfortunately, many series are only available in fragmented form or only incompletely . It can also happen that Amazon offers all episodes, but you then have to buy the last season and is not included in the subscription.

Anime Crave

anime craveReleased in 2003, Anime Crave is an animated, ad-driven animated app that claims to be equipped with over 2000 anime titles, old and new, in HD. It boasts of a comprehensive list of supported platforms including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV / TV Stick, and PC. 

This is great in case you use multiple devices and like to watch entertainment on the go. What’s great about Anime Crave is that besides anime series, you can also watch anime movies, download anime wallpapers, stream animated music, and watch trailers of anime. 

But that’s not even the best feature! Anime Cravefeatures a ‘earn points as you go’ system that can be redeemed for anime gear, DVD sets, or paid members. 

Paid membership for the application starts at just $ 4.99 per month with quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment plans. Note that the free version gives access to a limited number of titles, some of which cannot be viewed in HD.

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Anime Lib

anime libWith this app you can access tons and tons of anime. You can download your favorite anime to watch it straight away or watch it later without an internet connection. A huge anime database is available in multiple languages, with subtitles. 

The application is simple to use, it offers you a good organization by categories and shows you all the recent updates of the episodes. 

If you are going on a trip this is the perfect app to prepare you in case you are without internet connection, you can download all the episodes and not miss a thing during your trip. 

Consider getting a good memory card to have enough space on your device to download all the anime you love.

Millions of users have trusted this app and use it every day. Just enter your anime name in the search box and start downloading


hidiveThe platform is having limited content but that is growing and the collection is of anime shows that you can simultaneously watch anywhere in the world. This means that the anime show could be watched by you from anywhere round the world once it is released on any platform. 

the content here is broadcasted on other platforms too. This means that it will be telecasted on television and the web almost at the same time.

HIDIVE has a clean, amazing and functional user interface that works very well and will remind you of premium content streaming apps like Amazon Prime or Netflix. There is a lot of exclusive content which you find at this platform that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. 

You can pay $4.99 per month or $47.99 per year for the HIDIVE’s subscriptio


Anime is the latest fad in the world of online entertainment and the market is only going to grow. The options for watching on your phone’s tablet are endless. 

If you want a well-designed (also, legit) app with great customer support and high video quality, go for a paid service. 

If you’re tough on the budget, try a free service. Most of the free services listed here offer the latest series.


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