Best Legal And Free Sites For Music Download

The best part of the internet is that you can find a lot of free creative resources on it. Like all other useful material, there is a ton of music on various websites that you can download and use for free.

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This article is meant to give you a full list of reputable websites through which you can access and download music for free. Let’s check!

Best Free Sites For Music Download:


SoundCloud acts as a kind of social network for musicians and can serve as an application to download music. Artists can create their profiles, share their music through streaming and even get a verification stamp showing their authenticity.

It must be admitted that not all content on the site is available for download, however, countless artists offer a huge collection of quality music of any genre.

Downloading music on SoundCloud is quite simple, however, the artist must have made available the download of its content. 

Site Link:

It’s Free Downloads

Its Free Downloads proposal is a little different from the other items on this list. The site works as follows: daily it searches for promotions offered on iTunes and announces the content made available to be downloaded for free.

Check the site, is a great option for those who want to have their music available at any time without worrying about any type of bureaucracy.

Besides, the site also publishes other forms of content that can be downloaded for free with lists of videos, audiobooks, and more options from the Apple store.

Essentially, it serves to alert you when content officially available on iTunes is free so you can take advantage of the promotion, it is worth checking out weekly

Site Link:

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive has a large collection of royalty-free music that can be downloaded only for entertainment and for commercial use in editing videos, podcasts, and even advertisements.

It is worth remembering that despite the free use in their business, artists can still require their authorship to release full use.

The site has a huge variety of musical genres and does not require registration for users to download content. Therefore, if you are going to edit any video and need a perfect soundtrack, the search on the Free Music Archive is worthwhile.

Site Link:


Hulkshare, like SoundCloud, works as a social network for artists and music lovers, where all content is available for free to be heard through streaming. Artists can also choose to make their tracks available to download for free.

The music sharing platform is growing rapidly, today it has approximately 3 million users and more than 400 thousand artists making their work available on the site.

To download free music on the site, select an artist or a track and check if the “Download” button was made available by the artist, then click on it and start transferring your file.

Site Link: has been known to function as internet radio, gaining a lot of popularity through music streaming. However, the site also has a dedicated section for downloading music for free.

To check this, just access the site, click on the item “Free music downloads” at the bottom of the page and download your favorite songs from the selection created by the site itself.

Site Link:


Like other items on our list, SoundClick offers a quality space and easy navigation for independent artists from around the world. Hence, here they make their compositions available to the public, making it an excellent application for downloading music.

The design of the website is very optimized and intuitive, similar to the layout of the largest streaming platforms in the world.

Finding new artists and downloading music on SoundClick is very easy, just access the site, choose one of your favorite genres, search for your favorite tracks and click on the download icon, an arrow that points down.

Site Link:


Several talented independent artists make their work available for download on Bandcamp. The site offers a space for the musicians to download their albums and tracks.

This makes browsing a unique and very pleasant experience, as each artist has their page that can be customized according to their preferences.

Despite being only independent content, the site manages to offer a good amount of different genres for the most varied tastes.

Site Link:


Jamendo is a site that offers space for independent artists to broadcast and make the download of their music available for free to the public.

The service has more than 400 thousand tracks and 40 thousand independent artists from the most diverse musical genres, including Brazilian artists.

Searching for new bands and songs through the website refers to the nostalgic feeling of finding CDs with passionate tracks on a store shelf. So, if you like independent music, give Jamendo a try.

Site Link:


Based on the idea of connecting the passion for music by artists and fans through the exchange of music degrees, the entertainment content website created NoiseTrade. An easy-to-navigate platform, with content and diverse musical genres.

To download free music through the website you need to register using your email to access full tracks and discs for free. The download tool also provides the opportunity for fans to support their favorite artists through tips.

Site Link:


ReverbNation, as well as other items on our list, is a space where talented independent artists can publicize their music and make it available for free download.

To maintain an engaged community, the site also offers a special platform for premium users who love independent music.

To download free music through the platform you only need to use the search feature and add the “Free MP3s Required” filter so that the results of your searches generate discs and tracks that are available for free download.

Site Link:

YouTube Music

YouTube is the last item on our list of sites to download free music. You must understand that the site does not have a download button on the videos available. But the tools for downloading videos from YouTube offer an alternative solution for downloading music for personal use.

The video-sharing platform also has a library of sound effects and copyright-free music so that content creators have a free alternative in the production of their videos.

Site Link:

Amazon Music

Did you know that Amazon also has its data transmission service focused on music? The company has several tracks and albums by very popular artists on Amazon Music that can be heard through streaming.

However, it is also possible to search through its pages and find songs that can be downloaded for free. Downloading these songs is very easy.

Visit the page where free albums are available or filter your search for free songs and add albums that do not have a price tag in your cart.

Site Link:


Despite the great dominance of streaming services in the music market, there are still several safe and legal ways to download your favorite songs to listen to them in any situation. 

All the tools and websites mentioned in our list make it easy and safe to download music. You can also find several independent as well as renowned artists that make music available for free download.


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