Top 7 Best Posing Apps For iOS In 2021

Be it an outing with your family or friends, a beautiful trip to a foreign city or a  professionally arranged photography session, it is always very soon that you run out of poses to have your pictures clicked in. 

You could have a nice camera, an amazing outfit and an even scenic background, but without striking the perfect pose, you would never have the perfect portrait!

For times like these when you have to think quick and smart, it is better to have a reference along. For such purposes, there exist numerous apps for your iphone that will suggest you some really unique poses to try!

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Nothing is a surprise when it comes to technology in the 21st century. These posing apps for iphones suggest different poses for models to try out. 

Very surely, for people who do not know how to pose but still want their social media to look damn! , this is exactly what you need. Moreover, these posing apps come to great use to the artists and fashion designers. 

It is obviously important to have a reference to draw to, and most of the times asking a human to be that is a major ask.

So, to make your struggles easier, and make sure that you never run out of poses for your next photo shoot, in the article that follows, we have enlisted the best posing apps available for iphones.

Say cheese!

Best Posing Apps For iOS

Posing App

The very first one in the list of best posing apps for iphones, has to be this gem.

This one is completely free to install and use and is packed with the best possible features in a posing app. Posing app does not even cause a burden for your iphone as it is very light weight.

The major functionality of the app is to suggest poses. However, it also takes a few steps ahead to offer tips and tricks for the photography session and even features developers’ favorites in a separate column. What is more, is that the pose suggestions are divided into different categories- single, couple, family, group, wedding, etc.

The user interface of the app is also super easy to decode and once you start using it, there is little scope of switching to another app for similar purposes.


The app developers define this one as a ‘must have for all photographers’ and we very well agree!

If you are a professional photographer and often need fresh suggestions for a unique photo, this one is a gem for you. And, if you have troubles organizing your schedules and keeping up with your client’s demands, this one, again, is a gem for you.

Loaded with super useful features and conditioned with the best user layout and interface, Unscripted is definitely the app a photographer can have in their pockets.

It has different major features- it has an amazing collection of prompts for photo ideas, it has a client management system, wherein you can maintain a record of the client’s likings, disliking, appointments, etc, besides, it even has some really cool and unique features like the sun tracker and a camera guide. All of these, and even more, for the cost of zero pennies, make it one of the best posing apps that you can have on your iphone.

Model poses

The next one in the list is Model Poses, with its wonderful collection of poses’ suggestions.

This one comes under the category of super light weight and easily designed apps, for when you enter the app, it only takes a few taps to derive the function that you need. It has pose ideas for the models, photographers, directors and claims to have something for everyone.

The best part about the app is that it lets you carefully study each pose as to the background and the pose reference. Later, you can mix and match studies to create a signature pose of your own!

PopPhoto Poses

PopPhoto poses is another handy tool when it comes to photography and posing assistance apps.

This app features a young lady in various different and fresh poses and is, therefore, better suited for photographers working with a female client or a model. The pose suggestions of this app are really recommendable and it makes your working with clients better by offering tips and tricks.

With this app on your phone, you would never have an awkward moment with the client where none of you knows ‘what next?’ Instead, you would have quick responds to the surroundings and a thrilling understanding of poses.


Just like the posing app, this one has poses that are divided into categories for men, women, children, love, weddings among many others. This makes sure that the navigation is very easy and that all of the collection can be readily accessed.

It has a wonderful collection of pose suggestions and serves as a guide to the photographers and models that refills their creativity bank. With posegram, you don’t have to worry about your storage or even your internet quality- this one works offline too!

Poses by Trollwerks

This one in the list is a bit old as compared to the latest apps for pose ideas, but has a really cool collection of poses for you to try out. The pose suggestions are divided into categories and for even easier navigation and access, the app lets you scroll through the featured ones.

The app is completely free to install, but to explore the pose suggestions you will have to buy the other collections which are not very light on the pocket. Moreover, its old age graphics and layout make it comparatively a less attractive choice among photographers and models.

Magic poser

The last one in the list of best posing apps is not a pose suggestion app, instead, it is a best buddy of all the artists out there who face problems while creating references for their art.

With magic poser, you can add any number of 3d models to the picture, every scale of them customized to your likings and preferences. You can also add any prop that you want and easily place it in the background. Moreover, you can add lights and related shadow effects as you want.

This is a really powerful tool when it comes to posing for reference as it is capable of recreating any image that you can imagine. For comic book artists, cartoonists and even artists and photographers, this one is pretty worth a shot.


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