How To Split Screen On Android?

You probably plan to open two windows on one screen at the same time. It’s also practical – for example to watch YouTube videos and chat on the side. 

By sharing the screen on the Android smartphone, you can display two apps at the same time. 

For example, you can use Google Maps and Facebook or write messages and check emails at the same time. 

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To use the split-screen function, both apps must first be opened. How exactly can you easily share the screen on a smartphone? We are going to explain this in this post.

How do I activate the split screen function on Android?

Sharing the screen on your device is very easy. Just use one of the following methods:

How To Split Screen On Android?

Method I: To split the screen from the homescreen of your android device

First of all locate the recent app button on your home screen the app is either on the lower left or lower right corner of your phone.

This button could be in form of three vertical lines or a rectangular box in case of some devices.

Now once you have located the device you can start with the procedure to split your device’s screen by following methods

Once you are on the recent apps you are allowed to select any app that you wish to run in the device’s split screen.

For this tap and continue to hold the button unless you have opened the menu option on top of the screen.

Once the menu option has been opened select the option that says “open in split screen view”

screen 1


Once done with this a black bar will appear on your screen and now you can select the second app that you wish to run with this app.

screen 2

now that you have done this you’ll get two apps in between which you can swiftly change from one app to another.

screen 3

The two apps would be seperated by a black bar in between you can also choose the percentage of screen area every app takes.

Method II: To start second app from already working app 

This is an alternative method that can be implied to run two apps at a time by splitting the screen of your device. 

For this method you need not be on the home screen of your android and can do it directly from an already opened app.

Activate one of the apps that you want to use. Then press and hold the overview button for a while (a small rectangle at the bottom of the screen in the navigation bar of your smartphone ).

screen 1

At this point, the powered-on app will be “minimized” to the top half of the screen and the icons of other apps will appear at the bottom of the display. 

screen 2

Click on the app you want to use and it will fill the bottom half of the screen and you will get two apps functioning on your screen at once.

screen 3

Now you can choose which app functions in how much area of the screen and do this by dreagging the middle black line upward or downwards.

Method III – Picture In Picture or PIP mode:

This is another awesome feature that can be used when you wish to navigate more than a single app at a time this thing called PIP needs to enabled in your smartphone before being used.

The feature is available in both android oreo and Pie and is handy while you wish to watch a video along with doing something else.

For example, if you choose to surf through chrome while watching youtube the app comes in handy.

So how to enable PIP on your device, well this is the way-

Go to settings.


Select apps option from settings.

screen 2

There you would be required to tap on more option, drop down box will appear, here you will be required to choose special access.

screen 3

Choose the PIP option here


Tap on the app that you wish to cover under PIP and you are done with it the app is enabled for PIP.

And now how to use PIP?

Firstly hold the recent button and choose what you wish to open from here(ensure that your app what you want is there)

Once found tap on the app that you wish to open and the screen is divided in two parts.

You will get a pill like button between the apps and you find four options there: Home, Swap, PIP and close now you need to click on picture in picture.

And done now this app will appear as a picture in other app.  

Switching off the split-screen function

To end the split screen session, press and hold the rectangular icon till the divided rectangle turns into one complete rectangle. 

You can use the bar in the middle of the screen to change the size of the window as well that is you can also exit the split-screen mode by dragging the bar all the way up or down and clearing the area taken by any one of the app. 

Then one of the apps used is deactivated and the other runs in full screen of your device. 

If you wish to get back to split screen you can do that directly from here without going back to home screen and for this use Method 2

Now you are free and you know enough to use your screen and navigate apps in whatever method suits you.


We hope that with help of our instructions you were able to split the screen of your phone and now know how to use several apps at the same time. 

From now on you can carry out several activities at once and enjoy this function while using your smartphone. 

Unfortunately, with some apps it is not possible to display this on the split screen as they do not support working on half screen. 

This article surely would have been of help and I’m close to sure that you have found the answer to question you were looking forward to and thus I end this article here.


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