How to Delete Downloads In An Android TV Box?

If you keep on filling in a bakfiet with stuff on and on there will come a point when you will have no place to keep in something important. 

same goes with the memory you hold on your android device be it cloud memory or any hardware storage device. 

Estimatedely speaking one movie when in 1080p generally requires a storage space of close to 2 GB which let me tell you ain’t less so think of it.

You downloaded a movie or a web series it turned out to be a one time guilty pleasure but you never ever think of watching it again but it is still occupying your space

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So what to do now how to get rid of this stuff? for it is necessary to save that space as it seriously effects the speed of your device whatever electronic device it be.

It is necessary thus to know how do we delete downloaded stuff from your device be it apps that is .apk files or any other content.

This gazette would give you a profound answer to your queries and you will get to know how to create space in your device for anything new that you wish to put up.

So Here we go ahead following are the methods that could be implied to get rid of excessive unwanted downloads from your device-

How to delete downloads from Android TV?

How do we uninstall app directly from the App launcher?

As we talk of versions of Android after 6.0, you do not just get to arrange stuff on launcher, but you also get to uninstall the app that directly and extremely easily from the app launcher option itself so how do we do it?

Well, firstly you will need to navigate through the launcher and look for the app that you wish to uninstall from the app launcher window. 

Once you are here you will be required to hold the option for a while using the select button on your remote.

The next step starts when the background of your screen has turned grey, well now you are in the edit menu. So what do we do now? Look down to the bottom of your screen here you will find a trash can icon. 

Now move the app to the trash can down there and then you again press the select button on your remote and done 

Now you will be transfered to the Uninstall App menu of the device and here the next step starts. Here you will select the “OK” option so as to get rid of the app completely from your device.

Once you are finished with doing this you would be guided back to the main menu on you device.

Now that you are here you can either continue uninstalling apps that you do not need or you can get into any other act that you wish to perform with your Android TV and thus this step ends here.

How do we Uninstall Apps directly from the Settings of Device?


This method to uninstall Apps from the Android TV is available for Android 6.0 as well but up till Android 5.0 this was the only road to take.

So How do we do it?

Firstly you need to scroll to the setting menu on your home screen and there you need to click on the icon settings.

Next step would be to scroll from here till you get the settings and reset option on your screen and then choose the option from here.

When you choose the menu you will get two options which are Internal Storage and Factory data reset now you need to go for the Internal Storage Option.

This menu will open to you everything that might be consuming your devices memory but you need to check the apps only so now you Select that option.

There are several options here as well but we are concerned only with downloaded apps from here you will get all the apps that you downloaded from the play store or sidedloaded from other locations.

Scroll down from here till you find the app that you wish to delete and once done select the app a new menu with several options open up now you just need to click on the Uninstall App option.

Now the Uninstall menu opens up and you just need to click on the OK option to completely delete the app from your device.

After going through all these apps you are finally done with the process

How to delete Stuff other than this?

If you wish to delete downloads other than application there is a simple way to go through that as well so how to do this thing?

Well first we should know where to find mp3/mp4 files .apk files or images well you get all of these stored in your downloads option of the device.

And this is the option you will be required to choose when you are locating the download in your device.

Other steps to delete any other download is not very different from deleting apps.

Steps are as Follows

Settings > File Browser > Local Disk > Download Folder

Here you will get a list of all the files that are downloaded to your device and now you need to select all or any file that you want to delete here.

Now look for the edit option from here and in there click on the Delete button and here you are done with the deleting procedure completely.

In case you have transferred your file to some another location you just need to go and find the file in that specific location and then repeat the same procedure as is mentioned above.  


Thus here I end the article now you may go with whatever way you choose to delete downloads from your Android TV and make enough space in your device to download more stuff and add to list of content that you might binge watch in future.

I hope the article turns out to be helpful and fruitful and you get the answers what you came here seeking.

Thus no more confabulation needed over here I think this will be it also once you are done with downloads be sure to check for your cache memory as well 


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