How To Control Android Phone Remotely ?

Nowadays we are all juggling the use of the smartphone and the PC and it must be said that it is the mobile phone or the computer. 

The two devices are generally connected to the Internet. It allows us to chat, hang out on social networks, surf, play.

What if we had the possibility to connect them remotely?

There are many reasons for wanting to take remote control of a smartphone. Whether it is his own or that of a family member, children, an acquaintance. 

And since phones are constantly connected these days, it is possible to be able to take control of a smartphone. Whether it is in the same room, in another room or at the end of the world, as long as it has net it is good.

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Indeed, the system remains the same as for the computer world. In fact, the principle is at least similar. You just have to make sure that the two devices are connected and that the right applications are installed. 

Both on the computer that will be used to connect to the smartphone and on the smartphone on which we want to have control.

Everything goes through software and applications.
There are several software that allow you to take remote control of a device. 

Usually most software offers control of a computer (for example under Windows) on a smartphone. Let’s face it, having your Windows desktop on a small smartphone screen isn’t great.

However, less common, there is also software that allows you to take control of a smartphone from a PC.

How to remotely control Android devices?

Controlling Android Device using PC

Below are the 5 best apps to remotely control Android phone from your computer. Read along to get more detailed information on each of them. let’s start.


First of all, the first and the best app to remotely control Android phone from your computer that I’m going to tell you about is called Join. 

The app is right for you if you are someone who likes to keep reading the webpage you opened on the desktop, even on your phone while you are in the bathroom or shopping.

The app is a chrome app. You can pair the app with Chrome once it’s installed on your Android smartphone. 

After that, it is quite possible for you – with the help of this app – to send the tab you see directly to your Android device. From there you can also paste the clipboard to your device. 

In addition, the app allows you to write text in the app on your device. Not only that, you can also send SMS messages besides other files. 

In addition, it is also possible to take a screenshot of your Android smartphone on the app.


Deskdock is another great app to remotely control your Android phone from your PC. 

To use this app, all you need to do is need a USB cable to connect your computer as well as the Android device you are using. 

This in turn will convert your Android device’s screen to a second screen.

The application is compatible with Windows PC, Linux and macOS. With the help of this app, it is quite possible to connect many different Android devices to a computer. 

The app allows users to use the mouse as well as the computer keyboard on your Android device. Plus, you can just click on the phone app that is. You can now make a call with the click of a mouse.

Easy Pushbullet Users synchronize several different users to share files and send messages.
Moreover, the app also allows you to verify WhatsApp. Operation The user will be able to send WhatsApp messages. 
In addition, you may also see new messages arriving. However, keep in mind that you will never be able to recover your WhatsApp History.
Not only that, but you can’t send more than 100 messages – including SMS and WhatsApp – every month unless you buy the premium version. The premium version will cost you $ 4.99 for a month.
The work process of AirDroid is simpler than the DeskDock process. You don’t need to use a USB cable. In addition, you do not need to install a large number of programs and drives.
The app works exactly like WhatsApp Web. To benefit from this app, you must first install the app from the Google Play Store. 
After that, just open the app. There you will see three options. Among them you will have to choose AirDroid The Canvas. 
In the next step, you will need to open in your web browser. Now it is quite possible to scan the QR code using your Android phone or log in. 
It’s all ready now. The app takes care of the rest. You will now be able to see the home screen of the Android device in a web browser. All apps, as well as files, are easily accessible on this app.
Tasker This is one of the best apps to remotely control your Android phone from your computer. 
This app allows users to set events as well as launchers on Android. This, in turn, ensures that the user can configure the phone they are using to function on their own whenever they notice a new notification, a change of location, or a new call.
In fact, there are other apps we talked about earlier – Pushbullet as well as Join – that also come with built-in support for Tasker. 
What this does is that the user can use a wide range of smartphone functions through a web page or text message.

Three practical applications to control an Android smartphone with another Android

TeamViewer – Control Android device from Android for free

The first application dedicated to remote control is TeamViewer. Having been around for some time, Teamviewer is known to control computers.

But, since the last update, the program has released a mobile version, which is totally convenient just like the desktop version. 

In addition to being able to mirror Android to Android , TeamViewer also allows you to access the mirrored mobile and use the keyboard from it.

This means that you will be able to access someone else’s phone even if it is not nearby. For this, the mobile must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Follow the instructions below to know how to control an Android device with another Android.

Download Team Viewer QuickSupport on the mirrored device and install the free extension as soon as the notification appears.

Then download TeamViewer to the second device.

Upon opening QuickSupport, an ID will appear on the screen. Enter this on the receiving device, then press “Remote control”.

Click “Allow” to accept remote control.

RemoDroid – Control Android from Android with Rooted Devices

RemoDroid is another app capable of controlling Android devices from other Android devices and Windows / Mac computers. 

This tool was originally designed for Android TVs; and works with a wide model of Android phones and tablets. So the tool can be used to share control of your screen. 

However, please note that this version is still under the beta version and that there are some bugs in the program, which may affect its performance. 

Moreover, RemoDroid requires rooting the devices in order to use it. Despite these few drawbacks, RemoDroid works fine to manage your mobile from another. Here’s how to do it:

Install RemoDroid on your Android device.

After installation, launch the application on both devices and press “Allow Remote Control” on one of the mobiles to start the control operation.

After that, click the “Connect to Partner” button on the mirrored device. A list of available devices will then be displayed. 

Select the name of the first Android device and press “Connect”.

Press “Authorize” or “Connect” to display your screen correctly.

AirMirror-How to control one android device from another without using a rooted device 

The last app in this list is AirMirror . From the same designer as AirDroid, a professional mobile manager program for the PC. 

Via AirMirror, it is possible to control the mobile to fix certain models on it. Just like RemoDroid, devices to be controlled via AirMirror must be rooted; but also works on non-rooted devices. 

Here’s how to do it on rooted devices:

Download AirMirror on one device and AirDroid on the other.

Create an account or log into the programs (AirMirror and AirDroid) if you already have an account.

Wait while the connection is set up. Once this is done, you will be able to control your Android mobile.


So, guys, we’ve come to the end of the article. Now is the time to end it. I sincerely hope that the article has given you the value you so badly needed and which is worth your time as well as your attention.

There are usually many mirroring apps available on Play Store to cast the Android screen to other devices but only some of them offer the option of control; like the three aforementioned programs. 

The three apps for Android to Android Control are same in purpose but different in method and have different requirement so choose wisely.


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