Top 10 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps

In the present time, deviant guys are using modern technologies to fulfil their shabby desires and want to earn money from your private photos and videos. 

If we go anywhere due to our vacation or any work, then we book a hotel room to stay. We utilize the hotel room as our property. We also do some personal work in it. Many couples go to gorgeous places to have a honeymoon. 

They also book a nice hotel room; couples think of themselves as in privacy they love each other. But the evil eye of the hidden camera has recorded their lovely time. 

Then after some time, the couples get very depressed after watching their viral videos, many people also become the victims of suicide.

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If you search the Internet, you will find millions of cases which have come out in the last few years. Peoples get into misery after watching their video. But now people have come to know about all these things. Now people first check if there is any hidden camera. 

But still, people get trapped badly because people have no idea where the camera may be or how much it may be. Also, the government is trying its best to stop this type of thing.

The first thing is that we cannot stop going on honeymoon, attending secret meetings. Now a question arises here, what should we do now? 

Maybe you do not know that we can see Hidden cameras with the help of mobile applications. 

Through this article, we will suggest you top 10 Hidden camera detector app for both iOS and Android. We have excised these apps in such a way that anyone can easily use them.

Top 10 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Hidden camera

This hidden camera detector app spots wired, infrared, and wireless camera. It uses a magnetic sensor of your phone to detect a hidden camera. 

This app has 3 modes. The first is to detect a wired hidden camera. With this mode, this app detects the magnetic activities around any dubious object. 

And if it finds magnetic activities similar to the camera, it beeps with a red light. The second is to detect an infrared camera. 

With this mode, you have to close all light of the room then open the IR camera and scan. If you see a pink light then it would be an infrared camera.



Detectify is another spy camera detector application for android users. It is a very wonderful app to detect hidden cameras near you. 

This hidden camera detector app work as a radiation detector by detecting radiation. It can also detect listening devices. 

Actually, electronic devices emit magnetic fields, which are easily detected by this app using a magnetometer. The interface is very quick and clean. This hidden camera detector app is very convenient to use.

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Spy Hidden Camera

Now come to our next Hidden Camera Detector application which is developed by Jakobi Teknik for iOS only. 

This application is very precise. This application allows you to detect any kind of electronic device. It detects hidden cameras and wire very precisely. 

Also, there are many other features like Bluetooth detector, EMF scanner, and many things. The app will try its best to contour spy electronics. 

You can adjust sensitivity in your own way in this app. there is an advisory guide that would help you in contour any spy things.

Glint Finder

Glint Finder

Glint Finder is one of the most rated apps in Hidden Camera Detector apps for Android. This application would work great in your Android smartphones. 

Glint Finder is compatible with all types of Android smartphones. It allows you to adjust the flash rate and flash duty cycle for better detection.  

Actually, the lens of a hidden camera produces a specular reflection when illuminated with a flash. And these reflections are easily detected by this application.


iAm Notified

This hidden camera detector application allows you to know if someone unlocked your display screen and is sneaking on your device. 

It gives you true security against any access. It is very convenient to use you just have to open the application and lock the screen. 

There is an option for stealth notifications. It replicates useful notifications. Daily updates citation, new words, the meaning of the complex words, and many things. You would get lots of things related to guard your privacy. 

Hidden Device Detector

Hidden Device Camera

The hidden device detector is another spy camera detector application for Android users only. this application allows you to detect hidden electronic things. 

It is very convenient to detect spy cameras on hotels, washrooms, changing rooms, and other places. 

This app is capable of detecting wired cameras, wireless cameras, and infrared cameras. 

It is a very precise and faithful application. In this app, you just have to open the app then move around 360°. It is a great application for contour spy electronics things.



This hidden camera detector application is developed by Ivan Colasanti. 

DontSpy is a very satisfying app for detecting your room or workplace from any glints. Smartphones are now equipped with a magnetometer. 

DontSpy analyzes the data captured by the magnetometer and it gives the result of the presence of magnetic fields. After detecting the magnetic field it gives the results in a simple interface. 

You can also transform your iPhone into a metal detector, electronic devices detector, and so on.

Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden cameras

This hidden camera detector application is very reliable. Developers developed this app with all their might. 

You could detect hidden cameras that were installed in your room, workplace, changing room, and so on. 

There are some places in which anybody could install a spy camera and you won’t even know. But this application would tell you everything. 

This hidden camera detector app recommends you to use the infrared option for better results. This application is very helpful in contour spy cams.

Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden camera detector

Now come to our next wonderful Hidden Camera Detector app HCD. This application allows you to find hidden cameras with realtime lens detection. 

There are also many features like finding hidden cameras, covert devices, listening devices, and GPS trackers, and so on. 

Find remotely accessible gadgets. Find gadgets on your network that may be remotely accessible or even viewed online. Easily look over on the device’s IP link and scrutinize if it is spying on you. 

Hidden IR Camera Detector

Hidden IR Camera

It is very popular in the Hidden Camera Detector apps category. It is completely free and very convenient to use. 

This IR camera detector very useful app for those who want privacy in their life. This application has many cool features like an easy interface, special filters, IR remote Detector, and much more. 

When using this app you just turn off the lights of the room and move the phone around 360°. 

If any electronics device is installed then it gives you the red light alarm. Hidden IR Camera Detector not gathering any type of personal information without user consent.


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