Best GPS Tracker Apps To Track Phone Without People Knowing It

Security is extremely fundamental for all of us, but if you want to locate a person without their knowledge, pay close attention to what we have to say in this article.

Smartphone manufacturers have thought about all the details from the beginning, that is why they decided to incorporate GPS tracking systems.

GPS is an application for the mobile that helps with the work of finding a device and its owner accurately.

Although in reality the idea of these functions is that you can use them with the consent of the parties and not to spy on people. 

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However, in case you find yourself looking for some apps to locate people without them knowing , these that we show you here are the best valued options this year.

After deeply analysing the web and application stores, to try to identify the proposals that meet your demands and requirements. 

Although we run into several obstacles because it is somewhat difficult to get this type of app due to the privacy of the users, we show you the top alternatives that you can use and be able to locate people through the mobile.

Now, we present our list of TOP apps to locate people without them knowing it for free.

Best GPS tracker Apps


mspyPerhaps to start testing all the elementary cell tracking functions , the best proposal may turn out to be software. 

mSpy works from your desktop computer and also with an app that can be installed on the person’s computer in many cases.

From there, a parental supervision process can be carried out, to be able to consult all the movements that are made with the other equipment, including its current location using the GPS of the device to be tracked.

It should be noted that to use mSpy , you must download it directly from the official site by purchasing a license. 

The application, apart from helping you locate people without even realizing it.

It will also allow you to view other important details about the use of your equipment, such as the messages sent, the history of movements in real time, as well as consult details about other applications easily. 

It is a very good option to start with these systems.


Flexi Spy

flexi spyVery similar to the previous one, although with much more functionality and compatibility. 

Flexi Spy is a software that also works as apps to locate people without them knowing it, with which you will be able to know the movements, in real time and with precision, of the people who have the application installed.

In fact, it is compatible with iPhone and Android , although for this, the equipment must have Jailbreak and ROOT, special modifications in the operating systems.

Meanwhile, Flexi Spy will allow you to monitor the movement of your children, family and close friends in real time . 

Of course, as expected, it is essential that the interconnected devices have the same application installed, since otherwise, not much can be done.

The process includes a movement history system, places that owners of tracked equipment often frequent, among many other great features.


Find my device from google

find my deviceAnother of the apps to locate people without them knowing it, which will surely get you out of trouble is this one. 

Find my device from Google is an application that is installed by default in the most modern Android cell phones.

Likewise, you can download it from Google Play and take advantage of its functions on older computers. 

But how does it really work? Before you know it, it is essential that you know the email and password of the phone you want to track.

And it is that Find My Google Devices uses the Google account of the cell phone , to access the movement history and locate it precisely in real time.

This can be done directly from a web browser or from the cell phone, but the app has the task of working as an access point, and not so much to make configurations. 

If you want to keep abreast of the activities of your children and your family members, you should start using this option.


life 360Speaking of your family, there is a great application that is exclusively designed to provide you with greater security in the protection of your loved ones. 

Its name is Life360 and you must install it on all the computers you want to track to start using it.

It’s actually very simple and straightforward to understand, but don’t underestimate it for that, because the tracking tools and accuracy it provides make it worthy of a good award, seriously.

It should be noted that Life360 is capable of assigning an identifier to each team, either its cell phone number or the owner’s name. 

From there you can check on your phone the movements they make, the place where they are currently, the buildings or places they usually frequent, and best of all, now you can define a border field.

If someone leaves there, the application will give you an alert at full volume on the cell phone and you can do several safe actions.


safe 365Last, but not least, we have Safe365 , one of the most useful apps to locate people without them knowing it . 

In reality, its particularity is due to the fact that it is designed to protect the most vulnerable, such as people with Alzheimer’s, primary and secondary school children and even children with disabilities.

To do this, you just have to configure the linked computers and install the application, giving each one an identifier to make it easier to understand.

In that sense, Safe365 is in charge of doing practically everything for you, such as telling you the current battery level of cell phones, the range of movements they have made during the day and of course, the places they usually frequent.

You also have the opportunity to identify your home to put it as a safe point and receive approach alerts.

So now you will know when your children or the people you love are coming home or to school, something extremely useful for your safety and that of yours. 

MobiStealth Pro

mobistealth proIt is a very complete application that can perfectly be installed on the cell phone to be tracked.

Through the number you can know the location of the person in real time. For greater advantage, the tour made by the owner of the owner will be sent to the email entered when creating the account.

You can read the WhatsApp messages, the contacts registered on the cell phone, the call history and also the internet browsing.

Although it is a paid application, there is a trial period at the beginning of the installation that can be used for free. However, the price to cancel is not as high as expected


Where is family?

where is familyAn excellent application to locate people without them knowing it and to be more precise, especially starting from the location of your children.

With this modality you will be able to know the exact location of the children, thus knowing if they are telling the truth of the place where they say they are.

Thanks to it, it will be possible to know if the children have already left school, giving peace of mind to the parents of the young people. 

It makes it possible to follow the children’s journey from the moment they leave a place until they arrive home.

The ways to know the location of the little ones will be through a map that will specify the moment and real time of the location.

It also allows you to find out the GPS location of each member of the family or couple without them noticing.

Although it offers all these advantages, you can still pay for the Premium version of Where’s Family? This allows the person more options than can be implemented.


Cell phone manufacturers put a thousand and one obstacles on us, while users always end up knocking them all down. 

In this article I wanted to present you only the safe applications, so that you can protect yours and also to use it in justified cases.

I think you have got your answers now and thus the article would be a successful attempt.

The article about apps to secretly track people has tried to tell you about all cool apps that fall in list hope you choose wisely now


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