Finest Alternatives For Google Photos (Apps Like Google Photos)

Google Photos has confirmed that unlimited storage will no longer be free for users from June 2021. A measure that affects millions of users around the globe. However, there are a number of alternatives to the Google tool to save your videos and photos.

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The Giant company’s photo storage service is one among the most used of the kind, it even comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android phones. This amazing tool that automatically assists with a cloud backup of the videos and photos that are saved in the phone’s gallery.

Starting June 1, 2021, Google Photos will start counting all new photos uploaded since then toward the 15GB free limit, regardless of the quality of the files. 

To get more storage space, you will have to pay a subscription to  Google One. In case you do not wish to go through that box, you can check forward towards these alternatives to store your photos and videos.

Google Photos Alternatives


dropboxDropbox  is one of the most popular cloud storage services. It offers a free space to save photos and videos in the cloud . A service available from any web browser , computer and Android and iOS device thanks to an application.

The free version offers storage of up to 2 GB , access at any time and place, backup on the computer, document scanning and uploading files from the mobile camera. 

Dropbox also has a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros that offers up to 2 TB of storage and a family subscription of 16.99 euros per month, with the possibility of sharing 2 TB.

Microsoft OneDrive

one driveMicrosoft OneDrive is one of the most classic alternatives. Like Google Photos, it allows you to save all photos and videos in the cloud so as not to lose them, although it also offers the possibility of organizing and accessing them from any device. 

It even allows you to make backup copies in the cloud of images taken with your mobile.

Available from the browser, Windows 10 and on Android and iOS devices, OneDrive offers a free basic rate with access to 5 GB, a monthly subscription of 2 euros with a limit of 100 GB, 

Another subscription of 7 euros per month with access to 1 TB and a family plan of 10 euros per month and access to 6 TB of storage.

Amazon Photos

amazon photosThe online shopping giant, Amazon has its own unique alternative to Google Photos. This is Amazon Photos, an exclusive service for Amazon Prime customers.

This thing has an annual subscription price of 499 rupees in India and comes along with 60 days free trial for all users.

Amazon Photos offers unlimited and secure storage for photos and videos, respecting the resolution of those files. It also offers the ability to organize your photos and free up space in your mobile phone’s internal memory.


icloudApple’s iCloud is one among other interesting alternatives

Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud, is another interesting alternative, especially for those who own an iPhone. With just registering, iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage , although you’ll also get to expand the storage plan if you would like more room .

Users of a device from the Bitten Apple company can expand their storage plans in different ways. To access a total of 50 GB in exchange for 75 rupees per month; 200 GB for Rs.219 per month and 1 TB now upgraded to 2 TB for Rs.749 per month. 

It even includes a family plan to share the 200GB and 2TB plans.

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megaMega is another of the foremost popular cloud storage services, making it an honest alternative to Google Photos. 

A service that offers up to 50 GB of free storage and the ability to organize and access photos at any time, freeing up space on the internal memory of the computer or mobile hard drive.

The application for mobile devices also allows images taken with the camera itself to be automatically uploaded to the new one. More storage can also be purchased with different subscriptions. 

For example, for 438 per month you get up to 400 GB, for 878 rupees per month it goes up to 2 TB, 8 TB for 1758 rupees and, finally, 16 TB for 2637 per month.

Adobe Bridge

Adobe bridgeGoogle Photos doesn’t have a desktop app for computers for some reason. The only option is to use a photo backup and sync app for the folders on your hard drive. 

Sure, both Windows and Mac come with built-in photo gallery and management apps, but you need something better. There is a fantastic free program from Adobe that you should try.

Adobe usually charges a lot of money for its software, but Adobe Bridge is one such free and amazing Adobe application. 

The program is a robust photo management tool, giving you some important features like batch rename, batch resize, panorama support, HDR support, color management, and watermarks.

If you are using a digital camera, Adobe Bridge is the best tool for transferring photos from your camera to your computer. You will be shocked at how well you can handle them.

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slideboxSlidebox uses a Tinder-like mechanism to help you quickly sort your photos into different folders or albums. Create albums first, then open the gallery. 

Swipe the photo left or right, swipe to delete, and tap one of the folders when you want to place an image in it. 

You can even compare two photos quickly to decide which one to keep and which one to throw away. In addition, in case of an error, there is a “Cancel” button.

Along with all these tools the best thing the app offers is the 0 price tag you get along with it, yup the app is free to download. 

Also all changes you make to an album in Slidebox is reflected in the duplicate library created in your device.

A Hard Drive In The Cloud

Another option to keep all your images and videos safe, as well as those files that you don’t want to lose, is to use a hard drive. However, with this tool you lose the possibility of accessing them from any place and device with an Internet connection. 

Therefore, it is possible to create a personal cloud with an external hard drive, especially for NAS. A model whose main advantage is that of not needing to duplicate the information that you want to carry on your computer or mobile.

It is a network hard drive installed in a house and used to save the contents on the computers when they are connected at home. They can even be seen if you are away from home. 

To do this, you have to buy a NAS (Network Attached Storage), a storage device connected to the network that, in short, allows you to create your own cloud at home. 

Its function is to make backup copies of the files that the user chooses, although it offers other features, such as remote connection.



Google photos still could be considered a legit option when it comes to cloud storage but it is always better to be ready with alternatives for everything has a scope of changing and thus it might turn risky someday.


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