Top 10 Best Google Chrome Alternatives Apps

Internet surfing is clearly equal to Google chrome to the majority of people. Supportively, as on April 2020, 68% of surfing the internet is done via chrome- which is a significant portion.

It’s not that the alternatives are not available, just that the motivation to switch to another browser does not sound very legible. 

While using the Google Chrome for surfing the internet, one no-doubt enjoys a standard browsing experience through the best search engine. However, the Chrome, just like every other thing in this world has its own share of setbacks.

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To specify, the Google chrome is resource laden, making your browsing slower. This is to say, for example, if you open several tabs at once, your entire system functioning would slow down. 

In addition to that, Google is also the largest data selling corporate that exists. It collects data about you and links it to your profile to target ads successfully. These two are the major issues that arise among many others that might.

Now some users might settle with the shortcomings and others, more concerned about the issues would be looking out for alternatives. 

Your search ends right here- as we list down the 10 greatest alternatives to Google chrome for a fast and safe browsing experience.

Best Google Chrome Alternatives

Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Firefox was a great competitor back in the day with its powerful search engine and a beautiful layout.  However as its market share fell down to 8.62% in April, 2020, the software went ender re-development from scratch.

The new and improved Mozilla Firefox Quantum is way faster and secure than most of the other browsers and inherits the ability to cover up for the limitations of Google Chrome. The even enhanced engine and light weight ensure a fast and efficient browsing experience.

The browser blocks the ad trackers that follow you through webpages to flash an advertisement. Apart from that, it deletes all your data after a private browsing session. Such little commandments promise safety of user data.

The combined improvements on the app make it a great switch option from Google Chrome.

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The next up in the list of best alternatives to Google Chrome has to be the Opera browser.

Since it uses the same chromium architecture as Google Chrome, most of its browsing and surfing features are similar to that of chrome. This makes it easy to switch to this browser.

Besides this, it has certain unique features of its own. It has a built-in unlimited VPN tool, that not only helps you unlock regional content but also protects your actual location by creating artificial IP addresses. The Opera browser also has an ad-blocker that helps you surf without ads when switched on.

Moreover, the Opera Turbo Mode really deserves some attention. It compresses the data and resources, leading to a faster browsing experience using minimal data.

Other features like the battery saver mode make this one a pure bliss to use in place of the classic Google Chrome.

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This highly secured browser is a personal recommendation for those who have gotten so used to Google Chrome that they need a truly familiar app to switch to.

The Brave browser uses the same architecture as google chrome, making the interface pretty much similar to that of google chrome. It even supports the extensions of Google.

The biggest reason one should come to this browser is its data security and privacy features. The browser blocks all ad flashes and tracking websites. Moreover it protects you from entering into slightly suspicious websites.

The highly secured incognito mode of the browser uses TOR to hide your IP address.

Overall, it comes up as a more secured and protected surfing alternative to Google Chrome.

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If an amazing internet surfing experience is your wish, Vivaldi browser grants it in the best possible way.

The browser is highly customizable. You can choose from various themes available in the store, or create one of your own. You can even schedule hours for different themes. The entire layout is customizable, including a webpage drawer that you can create. This bar would include chosen websites for easy and quick navigation.

The browser also has other special features like accent adaptation according to the theme of the website you are in, saving open tabs as sessions, in-app notepad extension and many others.

It never collects your data, and also promises end to end encryption of your entire data as you browse through several pages.

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TOR Browser

If user privacy is your only concern with Chrome, TOR is the best solution to your all hours’ surfing.

TOR is a majorly recommended browser for anonymous browsing. The app has little scope of trackers gathering information points on you, thanks to the redirectioning available. That is to say, for example, even if someone watches you surf through the internet, they would find it super difficult to know what page you are visiting.

Moreover, it lets you unlock content that is region specific. To say so, TOR is the best browser available for anonymous surfing.

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Microsoft Edge on Chromium

After the internet explorer and Microsoft Edge, the giant Microsoft decided to come up with a browser based in the same chromium architecture as Google chrome.

This one sounds more promising as also supports all the chrome extensions very well. It also makes it easy for regular chrome users to switch to.

The browser, coming from Microsoft, ensures a standard surfing experience along with an assurance of low tracking and ad placements.

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This one is a gem for all the apple users!

This browser focuses on the privacy of its users’ data. It blocks all ad-trackers that follow you through all the websites.

The other feature making it a nice alternative is that it blocks videos on websites from autoplaying. This not only saves your data consumption, but also makes the browsing experience slightly fast.

The reading mode, when enabled, protects you from any distractions within the browser and lets you read articles in peace. In fact, the articles can also be saved to read offline.

Overall, Safari has a clean browsing system, simple user interface and a sync mechanism to be one of the most efficient alternatives to Google Chrome for ios users.

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Torch Browser

For all the users that use browsers for media purposes, Torch browser helps you make it even better.

It lets you save data to major extents by offering a download option next to all the videos and pictures you see on a web page. Moreover, it has an in-built video player system, which plays the video smoothly even if it is not completely downloaded yet.

It has a built-in support for torrents that lets you download torrent files from the internet without any third party app installations.

The browser has a music extension that lets you stream your favorite music for free, and a game extension that lets you play browser powered games.

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Chromium is not just one browser application limited to a specific set of features, but an open source program. This means that its code is open for review and change according to the preferences of the user.

For all the coder friends, it is a great option to develop your own browser, customized to their likings. The major browsers including Google Chrome and Opera are built on the same architecture.

Chromium is an open source program, which supports all of the extensions. It does not collect any user data. However, on installing and using the extensions, the users might have to give permissions to their data.

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The last one in the list is a precious find for those done with constant advertising on websites.

With a super advanced anti-tracking technology, it makes sure that no one gets access to your browsing history or journey.

The app- completely safe and ad free- comes up as a great alternative to the classic Google Chrome. It is a relatively new app and hence not very popular. However, the app does not in any way compromise with its features.

Lastly , the high speed download manager lets you download heavy media files without affecting your connection speed.

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While Google Chrome might sound as the easiest and most preferred browser, it has its own drawbacks.

Due to several issues concerning the privacy of data and a slow browsing speed among many others that might arise on your own, it might become necessary to switch to a browser that does not involve any such issue.

The above mentioned browsers are the best among the best options available in the app market. Any browser that solves your issues might do the needed.


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