Top 10 Best Games like Among Us

Looking for the “imposters” among our companions who help us in accomplishing a mission is something which we are loving these days. Yes, we are talking about the famous game “Among Us”. 

This game is widely played these days among teenagers along with their friends where you have to perform mundane tasks on the spaceship to accomplish your mission and find the imposters before they sabotage your mission.

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There are other games like Among Us as well which are multiplayer games and the concept is same as that of Among Us. 

We have mentioned such games so that you can give a try to them and enjoy these games as well.

Best Games like Among Us

Town of Salem-The Coven

The game can be played by 7-15 players and these are randomly divided into different alignments which are Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists and Neutrals. 

If you are a Town member your task is to find villains such as Serial Killer, Mafia and Arsonists and kill them before they kill you. 

There are 33 unique roles in the game to give you different experiences each time you play. 

You will be given in-game role card that will explain the roles abilities and alignments. There are many game phrases- Night, Day, Defense, Judgment and Customization. 

The game contains more than 200 unique achievements and earning each achievement will grant you various in-game items.

Werewolf Online

This is also a multiplayer game with a maximum limit of 16 players. There are different teams such as of villagers and werewolves all fighting to be the last team standing. 

In this game you have to defend your village from the evil forces. You can create and customize your own avatars in this game. While you play the game you can unlock unique and limited items in the game. 

You can play this game online with players from around the globe. You can even discover a thriving Discord community with special events, extra loot and more.

Garry’s Mod (GMod)

There are no set objectives in the game and game mode provides the player with a world to freely manipulate. The game gives you some tools and leaves you to play. 

All you have to do is create some objects and weld them together to create your own unique product.  You can even play variety of characters in silly positions. The game has both online as well as offline mode.

The Escapists: Prison Escape

The Escapists is an amazing game where you are already behind the bars because you are already a criminal. 

Your task is to escape from the prison. You have to break out of the jail as there is no get out of jail free card in this game. 

You have to create cunning strategy so that you are two steps ahead of the guards. 

There are are six themed prisons and you can find, steal and trade items to create dozens of crafting combinations to aid your escape. 

It is an addictive strategy prison simulator game that challenges you to break out of jail.


The theme of the game is “trust and deception”, which is very similar to Among Us’ social deduction approach. Your task is to find innocent players, build trust and survive anyhow. 

The game put you in a dingy asylum with five other unknown players out of which two players are infected with a deadly virus. 

Your task is to find those infected people before they kill the innocent players. This game is only limited to PC. This is a fast and action-packed FPS game.

Project Winter

This game is also based on betrayal, trust and survival. You have to gather resources, repair structures, and complete a series of tasks to strengthen your power along with your other seven crewmates. 

But you need to keep in mind that there are traitors who have infiltrated your group. These traitors can spread lies about your teammates. 

Your task in this game is same as Among Us, to find the traitors. The game also provides you the option of voice chat having support for proximity location. 

This game as excellent visuals but player base is relatively smaller than Among Us.

Secret Neighbor

This game is available on the Xbox console. The maximum of six players can play this game. 

You along with your teammates sneak into the neighbor’s house but one of the six players is neighbor in disguise and he tries to earn the trust of players. 

The neighbor traps other players and moves them away from the locked basement door. 

As the members start disappearing, then the members start to inquire to find the traitor within the group. The game has excellent graphics quality but is a paid game.

Unfortunate Spacemen

You can play with up to 16 players. This game is based in a spaceship. You have to complete challenging tasks to escape the monsters who have been acting destructively. 

There are many modes in this game. Story Mode is where you have to battle the Crumerian insect swarm. Survival Mode is where you fight large swathes of enemies and more. 

You can even have voice chat with other players. The game play is a little slow but won’t disappoint you. This is a free to play game.

Enemy on Board

This game has up to 8 players where 6 players are crew members and 2 would be imposters. In this game all crew members have to find the imposters and kill them in order to win the round. 

Imposters disguise as aliens and start to destroy the spaceship’s generators and this stops the communication between the crew members. 

While re-pairing the generator to keep the communication alive, crew members start to get suspicious about the imposters and look for them. This game also provides the option of voice chat.

Werewolves Within

This game can be played in a team of 5 to 8 players. Each player is assigned a hidden role. In this game you will have to act in both ways, like a good guy and a bad guy who is a traitor. 

The game is set in a medieval village of Gallowston. This village is being destroyed by werewolves and you along with your teammates have been given the task to save the village from werewolves. 

You can be good guy in one game who is trying to save the other innocent people of the village. 

And in other game you will be the traitor. The trick is to find the hidden werewolf and remove that player to win the game. This game is best alternative of Among Us for PS4.


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