Top 10 Best Free Netflix Alternatives For Android & iOS

With an increasing quality and quantity of content that is available to watch online, Netflix stands far out from its competitors. The online streaming platform is a giant in its industry.

Netflix offers a vast collection of movies, series and TV shows, including the Netflix’s original productions. However, the highly priced subscription plans call for the need of alternatives to this gem.

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While there are many websites and apps that allow you to stream and download most of the content, they might not be all genuine. It is through these kind of defective systems that your computer is exposed to the risks of malwares and Trojans. Also, most of the websites are heavily ad-supported, making the viewership harder.

To save you that little fuzz right there, below we have enlisted the 10 best alternatives to Netflix that you can use to download or stream online content for free.

Top 10 Best Netflix Alternatives:

#1 Tubi TV

Offering thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries, Tubi TV is very worthy of being a replacement to Netflix.

The popular app has on-demand video launching service- meaning you can request the content that you would love to watch and tubi will get it covered for you. The app does not have the latest movies and shows. However, it includes the popular ones to make sure that you don’t miss Netflix.

The best part about the app is its supporting ability. The app can run on numerous devices- android, ios, playstation, tablets, computers and most smart TVs to mention a few. The app also supports chromecast and other screen casting apps, making it even more accessible.

#2 Pluto TV

The next up in the list of free to use Netflix alternatives is Pluto TV with its enormous collection of movies, TV shows, web series, documentaries and live TV.

The app offers on-demand video service, and therefore it is not at all difficult to find the popular titles in here.

The streaming quality is really nice and being free, is ad-supported. The app is capable of running on almost every device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers or smart TVs. On which it cannot be run directly, it can be streamed using various applications.

Moreover, if the app is not available for your specific device, there is also an option to play with browser- directly in the website.

#3 Vudu

Vudu is another online platform offering a lot of content to stream online and download in high quality. The only setback it faces is that not all of the content available on vudu is free to watch.

The collection that is free to watch is not at all limited tough. Kids, romance, comedy, horror, indie films and much more form a list of the varied content available for free.

The users are free to use the app on any device. Depending on the device you are using, you might download and use the app, or cast the content using a chromecast or similar apps, there’s also an option to stream using browser.

#4 Crackle from Sony

Sponsored by Sony, the app Crackle offers original content from Sony. It provides all latest and popular content for you to stream online.

The app offers all of its content for free. You do not need a premium subscription for that. The incentive of moving to premium from free is simply no ads and the ability to stream across multiple devices.

The user interface of the app is quite simple, making the experience of users to stream and download content an easy one.

#5 MeloMovies

It is okay to not have heard about this website, as it is comparatively a new one. That does in no way mean lack of content, bugs or redirections, rather it is a beautiful website for binge watchers.

MeloMovies features a pleasing layout of the website, with minimal ad placements. It offers a wide variety of content available to download online.

When you visit the website, the content is divided into categories and genres. As you click on it, various direct download links appear. Overall, it is a great replacement of Netflix, given its good resolution quality and complete free usage.

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#6 Xumo

You might have come across this name if you bought a smart TV recently. One of the greatest streaming service, which comes complementary with most of the smart TVs is also available for use to the other audiences.

The xumo app features more than 200 live TV channels like broadcast Tv and also comes with on-demand video system- making it possible to watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime.

The android and ios version of the app are widely used. When complemented with a chromecast, it can be played on a bigger screen; however, the quality might have to suffer.

#7 Youtube

Read the heading and face-palmed yourself, didn’t you?

There is no denial to the fact that Youtube is the largest community of streaming and downloading all genres of video content. While some content might be available for free, certain movies have to be paid.

The streaming quality in Youtube can be adjusted according to network preferences and stability.

Certain features make Youtube a great alternative as a streaming service. Subtitles, suggestions, settings, casting and downloading content are a few of them.

#8 CrunchyRoll

A treat for all the anime lovers here!

With more than 20 million visits per month, the app and website of Crunchyroll is a quite impressive alternative to watching anime on Netflix.

The app features a lot of asian animated and manga movies and series, dubbed in English with subtitles to provide a viewership experience like never before.

The app is completely safe and legal unlike most of the streaming alternatives. However, it is not free to use. The only while one can use it for free is during the trial period.

#9 Cinema HD

The app Cinema HD is another very popular app among online content watchers. Given its easy navigation options and simple explore feed, the app comes up as a great one to stream and download movies and TV shows for free.

As the app is not completely legal, it might be difficult to find it in the app store or play store, hence we recommend downloading apk version for your androids.

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#10 Tea TV

Tea TV is a great app for streaming and downloading movies and TV shows online.

The app has an intuitive design and simple user interface. It features a lot of movies, series and documentaries for you to stream or download for free.

The app maintains a history of your watchlist so that you can easily leave a movie in between and then come back to catch up exactly from where you left. It also has a movie review and trailer presenting system to provide an overview of the content you’re about to watch.

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To conclude, there are a lot of apps that offer the same streaming and downloading services as Netflix for free. While every app would differ in their content and most of the alternatives would be an illegal way to access the content, they are completely free.

For a better experience, using an app with fewer ads is recommended. At the same time, an antivirus should be used to ensure that no virus finds its way through these guests.


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