Top 10 Best Dictionary Applications For iPhone And Android


People have again inclined towards reading books, magazines and newspaper for spending their time usefully or to develop their knowledge and know about current events happening around the world. While reading we usually find difficult words and it is not always possible to carry dictionary with us every time.

 In the modern era of technology, we can even download dictionary applications in our phones and use them wherever we require. Not just while reading, we find difficult words even while watching a movie, advertisement or listening to a podcast or interview of a person who is very fluent in English.

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These days travelling abroad is quite frequent for many of us and such dictionary applications help us to translate words which are not known to us in our own language. Thus having one application which helps us to translate words and find their meaning is quite necessary these days.

For your ease we have mentioned some dictionary applications which can be downloaded in Android as well as iPhone.

Best Dictionary Application

com Dictionary & Thesaurus Premium

The application contains more than 1.5 million definitions and synonyms to help improve your vocabulary. has the option of voice-search where you can find dictionary definitions without typing a single word. 

You would get to know synonyms and antonyms for ample of words. You can learn spellings, study grammar and practice pronunciation with help of this application. The application features Word Of The Day where you can learn new words daily. 

There are in-apps purchases where you’ll find grammar tips, idioms, phrases, rhyming dictionary, encyclopedia, medical and science dictionary, and Ad-free experience.

Merriam- Webster Dictionary

This is the best Android application for English language reference, education, and vocabulary building. The application is free but is also supported by advertisements. No internet connection is required to view the definitions. 

This dictionary provides you with new vocabulary-building quizzes. You can look for synonyms and antonyms of the words and example sentences to understand how a word can be used. The applications also have the options of audio pronunciations. You can even keep the track of your search history.

Dictionary by Farlex

This is a free online as well as offline dictionary where you can find meaning of every word. You have the free access to English offline thesaurus with synonyms, antonyms, and related words. 

The application also features the Word of the Day and also has medical dictionary. It also contains English idioms and slang dictionary. You can even translate English into more than 40+ languages. The application gives access to dictionaries in more than 13 languages. 

You can even customize your homepage and adjust font size according to you. There are different types of dictionary available in this application such as medical, legal, financial, and science. You can even play fun word games.

Oxford Dictionary of English

 This application is globally accepted as the highest authority in the study and reference of the English language. ODE is every useful for students preparing for ACT, SAT, IELTS or TOEFL exams. 

it contains about 350,000 words, phrases and meanings. Also, there are more than 75,000 audio pronunciations. You can easily look up for topic specific content. There are advances learning tools such as fuzzy search where you can find a word even if you don’t know exactly how it is spelled, voice search, search autocomplete, favorite list and recent list. 

This application is customizable and has user friendly experience. By subscribing to the premium you get many more options such as offline mode, priority support, 100% ad-free and others.

WordReference Dictionary

This is a free of cost application. This app allows you to access various extensive dictionaries and participate in forum discussions. You can translate English to many languages such as Spanish, French, German, etc. 

There are Spanish, French and Italian conjugators. Forums comprise of over 2 million questionnaires about English and various translation. The application requires internet access.

BBC Learning English

This appis all about bringing all of your favorite English lessons and presenters together in one fantastic yet simple-to-use package. This application helps you to learn English with help of amazing and fun lessons and quizzes. 

You can download audio programmes which can help you to learn the language more effectively and can have access to them without even having internet connection. Audios and videos of the lessons have built-in transcripts and subtitles. 

You can easily find programmes as they are listed by series name or category. The application provides you with quizzes where you can test your understanding and your scores are even recorded so that you can keep track of them.

SAT Word Slam

The application uses humour, voice actors and mnemonics to teach critical SAT words. Rhymes and audios and one amazing feature of the application that is “REMEMBER THIS” clues will help you to remember the vocabulary very easily. 

You can design your own lessons by marking words “easy” and “ difficult” and create your playlists to focus on specific words. There are thousands of test question in the application which will help you know about your progress. So the application helps you to learn vocabulary in a funny manner.

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

The application is organized in an innovative and convenient approach. It contains straightforward and precise definitions of over more than 1.4 million words. You can even find synonyms, antonyms, similar and related words. 

It also contains hypernyms, hyponyms and meronyms. There are also example sentences which help you to know a particular word is used in a sentence. You will have the most comprehensive search experience because the application uses most advanced search tools. 

Different types of learning tools are used in application to improve your vocabulary. You can even subscribe to the premium edition of the application.

Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

The application helps you in your preparation of the GRE test. It has more than 1200 words with audio pronunciation for each word. There are definitions and example sentences for every word. 

Vocabulary sections in the application are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced. You have to beat levels to unlock words, which makes it quite challenging. You can even track you progress as you study. A word will be repeated until you master it and this will help you to memorize it effectively.


It is free English language learning as well as Spanish-English dictionary translation application. One interesting feature which the application gives is that you can grab text from other applications and share to Nglish for an instant translation. 

You can improve your vocabulary using flashcards, quizzes, and images and spelling games. You can take personalized quizzes and save your words and access them from any device online.


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