10 Best FM Transmitter Apps For Android And iOS

Ah, the sound of sweet music soothing your heart! A long drive with your family or friends and the latest songs blasting on the FM in your car; weren’t those the good old days! Want to bring back the feel with the best FM transmitter apps for your smartphones? Look no further, because your search ends here.

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We all remember how the FM radio stations used to be such an important source of information- not just for the gossips of music industry but for important political speeches, interviews, and headlines and latest developments around the world. 

But with radios becoming obsolete, the old school charm lost, we bring you the solution at the tip of your fingers, just a tap away in your smartphones in the form of best FM transmitter apps.

10 best FM Transmitter apps

Audials Play

With an abundance of radio stations to choose from, including international stations, Audials Play may be exactly what you have been searching for. 

Not merely limited to music, it caters to your intellectual needs as well through a variety of podcasts, and all for free without any discrepancies in respect to advertisements which are also absent, letting you enjoy to the fullest.

The choices you have are categorised in many ways- by genre, country, streaming quality and even by the type of music played- all just one touch away. 

Create a personal favourite or many different favourites by categorising podcasts from different genres as well as music of your taste. Recordable and downloadable as well, this app comes as a boon to all music and radio lovers out there.

Radio Online

Don’t let low connectivity interrupt the music. Radio Online is here providing you with high quality streaming of stations at a connectivity speed as low as 24 kbit/sec. 

One of the best FM transmitter apps, its ease of use also contributes towards its popularity. A large range of stations to choose from, catering to various genres as well, this app has them all.

One of the features of the app, extend its advantages in terms of battery efficiency as well, which can be easily controlled through your headset.  So, be it a sunny day or a rainy one, remember you will have music catering to your every mood in the grasp of your hands.


Featuring as one of the best FM transmitter apps, Radio.net provides a basket full of features for your entertainment. With over 30,000 stations, international as well, and over 600,000 podcasts, you will have a plethora of choices in front of you. 

You may use recommendations of the editorial staff of the app or search the music you wish for yourself.

Some of its functions allow you to save your favourite music, set sleep timers if you want to, go back to your recently listened music, subscribe to podcasts you love and even download them to listen as much as you want. 

It also provides you with a Skip Silence feature, to provide you with an uninterrupted experience when listening to podcasts.

Note: this app is compatible with Chromecast, allowing you to stream your favourites on any external speaker, listening from anywhere in your technologically advanced home.  

Radio tuner

Another free transmitter for your smartphone, Radio tuner features stations from all over the globe, providing you with choices in all dimensions of music like Bollywood, classic, Latin, Rock, Metallica etc. 

Not merely limited to different forms of music, you can find songs featured in various languages as well, like German, French and even Spanish.

Carry the music of world in your pocket, no matter where you are in the world, free of cost. In addition to the wide availability of music, the app offers many other features as well, including lock screen control, setting timer, recording your favourite stations to listen to later, etc. 

You may even share your favourite stations via social media- Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp and even add your own radio station with a streaming URL.

TuneIn Radio

Bringing together frequencies of music, news , entertainment and infotainment from around the world, TuneIn Radio is one of the largest and best FM transmitter app there is. 

Want to stay updated with what’s happening- tune in to the live news 24/7, broadcasting CNN, BBC, MSNBC etc. 

Explore sports headlines, be it local, national or global; Find the right kind of motivation and inspiration in the most listened to podcasts; Jump from country music to chanting rock and pop anthems from anywhere in the world.

You even get to opt for its premium subscription for a charge, enabling you to a break free experience in news and music and fewer ads across its many radio stations.

Note: Nielsen measurement software is used by the app to allow you to contribute to market research like its TV ratings.

Simple Radio

As the name suggests, this is one of the simplest FM Transmitter available for your smartphones- android and iOS. Free access to around 50,000 stations, explore and save your favourites to listen later. 

Find the most popular radio stations here – BBC Radio, WNYC, NPR Radio, and many more.

To maintain the smooth streaming of music online it is important to maintain an internet connection, and avoid buffering and unnecessary interruptions. 

Maintaining its simplicity, you have one tap access to your any station you want to listen to, whenever and wherever you want to- be it in your car, home or at work. Its easy user interface also makes it one of the best choices for an FM transmitter app.

myTuner Radio and Podcasts

Another wildly popular FM transmitter app you can find, myTuner Radio. Its wide choice, easy searchability and shareability definitely attracts most of its users. 

With more than 50,000 stations from around 200 countries, you will have a long list of songs to keep you company, without getting bored. Keep the station playing in the background while using other apps in your phone.

Coming to additional features, you can set your favourite station as an alarm as well to wake up and even set timers to turn off the app. It is Bluetooth and Chromecast compatible as well, so listen to songs from anywhere in your home and don’t forget to share your musical moods to your family and friends, wherever they are.  

TuneLink Auto

Classified as the most advanced in-car radio at one time, TuneLink provides you with a wireless Bluetooth audio experience by creating a link between your smartphone and your car’s sound system. 

You will require the tunelink hardware accessory to use the app properly and completely. This hardware can be used easily by downloading a free app in your smartphone which then makes TuneLink quite easy to use.

Note: For normal use, it requires android 2.1 or higher and for advanced experience you will need android 2.2 and higher along with a 12v outlet in your car as well as an audio system with FM receiver or auxiliary line input.


Another free and one of the best FM transmitter apps, iSimple works with Bluetooth connectivity with your in-car audio system. 

This BlueConnect app, you will fid to be much different than generic Bluetooth apps in the way that it allows you to fully control the Bluetooth enabled smartphone you are using, with the help of voice recognition apps.

Change radio stations from 98.1 MHz, the default station, to any other of your choice from somewhere between 88 MHz – 108 MHz.


With an acute focus on Podcasts, Stitcher houses over 260,000 podcasts which are easily navigable. Choose politics if you like to stay updated about the government at all times or if your mood needs some light hearted words switch over to comedy. 

Whatever defines you in the spur of the moment, you can find it in here, in shows like- Science Rules with Bill Nye or Comedy Bang Bang by Earwolf or My favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark or even Stitcher originals like By the Book, Mob Queens etc.

With innumerable shows to stream, you can always mark some as your favourites or better yet, download them as listen to whenever it pleases you. For an ad free, uninterrupted streaming you may also switch to its premium version along with an access to many Stitcher originals. And if the these were not enough, you can now create podcast playlists!

So, if your ultimate goal is to find something more than musical in audios, Stitcher is your go-to.


If music rages in you, or you are simply looking for some tunes to hum, we hope this article found you in the right time. Navigate your needs between radio stations and podcasts and whatever triumphs, you will have something tailored to in this list.

A musical companion for long trips, or a motivational session before that big interview, we have complied the best of both worlds here. You need only download.

Happy streaming folks!


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