Top 10 Best Fake Receipt Maker Apps

Many times it happens that we need to create a fake receipt. Not to deceive someone by creating a fake document but for more reasonable purposes like, replacement of a lost receipt. 

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In many circumstances we need to claim the warranty on the product or exchange the product for which we need to provide a receipt. This receipt can easily be made by the below mentioned apps.

 There are multiple receipt maker apps which can fulfill our requirements. Below mentioned links will direct you to the play store from where you can download and install the application.


10 Best fake receipt maker apps for Android

Invoice Maker and Billing App

The first app we are going to talk about is Invoice Maker & Billing App. With the various features available in the app, you can create a detailed fake receipt in no time too without a lot of effort.

 The app gives you high customizable abilities, like access to 100 plus designs and 500 plus pre-designed logos, one can also change the size and colour of the font which helps to make the receipt look the same.

 One can create templates which can be used in future also, plus there are multiple sharing options with extremely user-friendly interfaces.

Invoice Maker : Estimate & Invoice App

Invoice Maker: Estimate & Invoice App is also an efficient tool for creating fake receipts.

There are multiple pre-designed templates to choose from which are highly customizable as per the requirements to make the fake receipt look similar to the real one.

 There is an additional feature in the app through which can add taxes in the invoice to make them look more professional and authentic. The tax can be added to each product and later be summed up or to the total also. Along with that one can also add the payment terms in the invoice

You can add an image of the company logo from the provided library or from the device itself.

 There are multiple sharing options available with the app, like via email or via Whatsapp, along with in multiple formats like pdf, jpg, etc.



One more synonym app is called Billdu. This app mainly deals with creating invoices, but it can be used to generate non-conventional fake receipts also.

 In the beginning there are 5 presets available through which you can create your own fake receipts immediately. Plus one can include custom signatures and logo of the company from your own devices to make the receipt more authentic.

 The app comes with a built-in bar code scanner which enables the user to scan the product’s barcode and add the product details in the invoice simultaneously which simplifies and streamline the workflow.

 After creating the receipt it can be shared on social media or a printout can be taken out.


Invoice 2go

Now let’s put some light on Invoice 2go.

 The app provides you 8 pre designed templates which gives a kick start to the user and provides a base to create its fake receipt.

Like above mentioned apps, this app too has a very user friendly interface and has features to save and share the created fake receipts

Quick Receipt

The next fake receipt app we are going to talk about is called Quick Receipt.

Though the app is only available for Android users, it doesn’t lack in features. Like it’s competitors it enables the user to add photos and logos to the receipt and make them look authentic.

 Although the app interface is not appealing, it is good enough to fulfill one requirement.

Tiny Invoice

Tiny Invoice app is very popular among the IOS users because of its optimized and efficient workflow. This app helps to create one of the most authentic and professional looking receipts.

 The app is packed with features from customs templates for faster editing to adding and resizing logos as per the need. One can add custom fonts with the ability to style them.

 One feature that makes the app stand out is its user interface. From the first click you will be mesmerized with it.

Cash Receipt

If one is looking for an app with a very simple and straightforward workflow and helps you create fake receipts within seconds then Cash Receipt is made for it. The app has a specific blank field with which one can fill and create its very own fake receipt.

 The app also enables the user to put in stamps or stickers over the receipt such as ‘‘Cancelled’, ‘Reinstated’, ‘Deleted’, etc. which helps the user to make a much more acceptable fake receipt. Additionally one can also add signatures.

 As usual, one can share the created cash receipt online or take out a printout easily.


One more app with a very high recommendation from our end is Receipts: create, print & mail. It is very popular among IOS users and has high ratings.

 The app is extremely extensive with a wide variety of features which really helps the user to create a more acceptable fake receipt. In the free version of the app there will a watermark denoting that the receipt is a sample, but there is a pro version available which the user can upgrade to if he/she likes the features of the app.

 As the name suggests the app has the features to share the create receipt online or to take out a print.

Receipt & Invoice

If you are looking for an app which enables you to add more information than the conventional app then Receipt & Invoice is the answer.

 The app not only let you add the company details, payment terms, product details and prices but it also let you add the tax details of the transaction which pushes the receipt one step closer to the real one.

The app also provides two fields for signature so that both the sender and receiver can put in their signatures.

 Easy Receipt Generator, Receipt & Invoice Maker

Last but not the least, Easy Receipt Generator, Receipt & Invoice Maker app stand up to its name. If somebody is an Android user and looking for a straightforward receipt generator app which enables the user to create fake receipts without any hassle then this app is the best choice.

 First and foremost the user needs to add the company details and the logo, then he/she can add the products details. There is a limit of 5 products in this app, so one should keep this factor in the mind. The app also supports 2 types of taxes

 The app has an exclusive feature which is not available in any other app and is present in many real receipts, i.e. to add the mode of payment.

 In the end you will create a real looking receipt which one use as per need.


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