Best Digital Scale Apps For Android

In this article today, I’m going to introduce you to another set of app, that has been created by app developers. 

This is so for now you can use your android fairly well as a scale and weigh what you wish to. 

Apps are the best souvenir of digital excellence that you can use. Always wanted to have a digital scale? 

Do you want to impress your friends, by weighing small objects and things with your smart device? 

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If so, I’m going to give you a list of 10 of the best digital scale apps to use on your Android devices right now.

The list will tell you about the best apps from the set and you will have a option to choose apps, of your liking and what you need at this point.

Best Digital Scale Apps for Android

Kitchen scales

kitchen scalesThe kitchen scale is the first app on this list and was created by SxSoft developers. 

This app provides you with an excellent digital scale application. What you can use on your devices as a precision digital scale. 

While using this app, you can measure the weight of things like salt, sugar, pepper, flour and a lot more on your Android device.

This apps tells you an approximate area on your phone screen that you need to cover with any substance, for a particular standard weight of that substance.

The effective measurement of this app is affected by the native display of your phone as well. 

Working scale Free 

working scale freeWorking Sale Calculator is another awesome app. 

You can use it pretty well for measurement of stuff by just using your android device. 

There is a lot you can do with the app too, and it’s one of the best apps for android digital scales. 

The application was developed for platforms with 3 or 4 axis sets. 

The app could be used to measure the value of any object ranging from 5 grams to 100 grams

Of course the free version of the app is not as effective as a analog scale, but it could be used to estimate the weight of any object that you consider measuring. 

The app performs its measurements using the sensors which are inbuilt in your mobile phones.

IQ digital scale simulator

IQ digital scaleRightly so digital scale simulator is surely among one of the best digital scales apps that you can get on your devices. 

With the app, you can do a lot like you can do with any great digital scale. 

Also it’s easy to check the weight of the load on your android devices at any time . 

The application is also perfect for weighing anything you want and it has other features. 

These features might put you at advantage over any other sui-similar app users.

You get to measure apps in several units like kg, Oz, Lb and any other that suits your liking.

Precision digital scale

precisionPrecision Digital Scale is one of the other digital scale applications. You can take great advantage of  it in your Android devices. 

The application is a fantastic application made by the Rasc software. 

This application turns your device into a digital precision balance, and take advantage of the accelerometer for its measurement. 

With this application you can weigh any object. However, the level of precision of the applications depends on how you use the scale.


Electolux Kitchen Scale

electroluxThis is another application that you can use on your devices. It was created by AB Electrolux 

You also get a digital scale simulator that gives you weight units expressed as g and kg. You can also set your weight value. 

The application is perfect for weighing what you want. Comes with built-in Bluetooth digital scale connection in Android devices.

The app is way too good when you compare it with others on standards of efficiency, This surely makes the app a good road to take when you talk weighing.

Digital scale simulator

simulatorThe digital scale simulator is another application that you can very well use in your Android devices. 

This application brings you an incredible digital scale simulator application. 

This can help you estimate the weight of any object you choose to measure. 

The application is used to weigh small things in grams with the help of your phone.

Free superscales digital scale

free superscalesThis app is another digital weighing app that you can use a digital weighing app for Android devices. 

The application is real and allows you to weigh small objects. 

The application calculates the weight of objects based on your phone’s built-in tilt center. 

Plus, the app is properly calibrated and will show accurate results if you use it well.

Monitor Your Weight

monitor your weightThis application could be used to track your weight progress and also tells you, about what gain or loss of weight you have experienced in a specified period.

It is one of the best tool that can be implied to keep a track of your weight.

Also now you can choose what sort of diet to intake so as to keep your weight in your required range.

You can also create a profile and a group so as to keep a track of other people’s weight, as well and to check if they are keeping themselves healthy or not.

Digital Bluetooth Scale

digital bluetooth scaleThis app is one of a kind and is made from all kind of devices ranging from windows, android, iOS, Linux and several others. 

Also this app comes with an excellent efficiency.
The app has been creted such that it can measure upto 5000g with an accuracy of 1 gram.
The App shows best compatibility with android bluetooth 4.0 and it has an excellent efficiency  with stainless steel devices using a strain gauge.
The app has best response with a double-sided bluetooth connection and is legit effective.


So This is what could be named as best among digital scale apps for androids and they do cater to their purpose effectively.

It is now for you to decide what app to choose from among the list and what way to use it.

Generally and expectedly paid version of few of these apps ar better and more efficient than free ones


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