Top 10 Best Classic Game Apps For Android And iOS

The gaming industry has undoubtedly proved itself as the most dynamic one. Video games on your latest console, PC games or even games on your mobile phone are a result of constant developments in the field of gaming and technology.

It is impressive how each of the latest games have a unique storyline of their own, and also inculcate the most amazing technologies possible. This makes your play-time worth it. From the era of the classic games, to this era of Virtual reality based multiplayer games, we have only added to our experiences.

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So, while we ward off ghosts in the latest chapter of resident evil, let’s not forget the classic snake, which just ate and grew taller. Although these latest games with high end technology are really fun to play, it feels nice to dwell into the classic era of video games like when we memorized the cheat codes to GTA games.

To help you relive those times, I have enlisted the best classic games of all times and the links to download them into your device. In the article below are the 10 best classic game apps for android and ios devices.


10 Best Classic Game Apps:

Snake 97

The very first one in the list is a super accurate rendition of the classic game of snake that was originally programmed in 1997.

The developers of the game have paid special attention to the detailing, pixelization and even the controllers. The game can be played through 7 different controllers or devices. You can choose to play with any of the buttons-oriented device out of 7 available options.

Moreover, there are different difficulty levels and added creatures. The game offers quite a presentation of the original game and surely takes you back to the times when the high scores in this game meant a great deal.

You cannot reset the high scores, just like the original game. Snake 97 is a tribute of the era of classic games.


Who doesn’t know Tetris? Probably the cave men!

This super popular game has its own charm. No matter how many redevelopments it has gone through, it concept of the game remains original to its very core. It has been made available for a lot of devices through ages and continues to be available for all the latest ones too.

This gem offers an extensive experience of the classic game of Tetris, with a lot of additional features. With so many features, it might feel overwhelming at first, but ultimately you’ll get used to it. It follows up to add different variations to the game of Tetris with colorful graphics and cute animations.

It makes sure that you get the full vibes of a classic game, without feeling bored.


As kids, this game was the hardest to crack. However, it was also our best teacher of ‘don’t give up’!

With 11 different levels, the classic game of bounce is available for you to play in your android or ios devices. Use your customized controls to take the red ball from the entry to the exit loop.

Do not touch the pointed apparatuses and be careful of the spikes! You do have some lives, but that makes the game more interesting. If you wish to try your hands again at this fun old game, well, it has been granted.

Download this gem for free on all of your android devices now.

Sonic- The HedgeHog

The next up in the list of best classic games is the one based on a famous animation series by sonic.

For all those who remember, this game was about a blue hedgehog who has been fighting to survive through a series of challenges. As you play under his character, you must keep him safe from all kinds of danger and help him get power boosts and points.

The game became really popular with the peak popularity of video gaming consoles.

This gem right here is a super close copy of the game. It lets you relish your old days with your current device. It is available across all of your devices for exactly no cost.

GTA: Vice City

We would be stating the obvious if we said that this one had the greatest impact on our gaming background. This great development by Rockstar games made it possible for every kid in every city to experience an entirely new world.

The game revolves around a main character, named Tommy Versetti, who has been involved in some shady businesses to survive in the city. Help him complete missions for him and his friends and earn a living. Buy your own properties and explore the wildness of the entire map as you grow to be a popular gangster.

It might be difficult to get this installed on your device, but undoubtedly, this one is the most extensive windows to the games of the classic era. It’ll surely make you miss those days and you might even recall a few cheat codes.


The ace of spades of all the arcade games, PacMan is now here available for download on all of your devices.

Gone are the days when you had to stand in a line of an arcade with coins in your hand to get your turn and play this game for a few times. Of course it had its own vibe, but that vibe can now be experienced all over again- at the ease of your fingertips.

This priceless experience is available for free download. Moreover, the control of the game is super handy. It provides a space in the lower part of the screen to move your character. Just eat the yellow balls and avoid the ghosts to clear the levels and establish greater high scores.

Super Mario Run

I can bet you still remember the quirky background music to the classic game of Mario!

While the original game of Mario was only available for video gaming consoles, there have been a lot of versions of the game that offer a similar experience. We agree that this might not be the best one on the list here, but would it really be justified if we went ahead without mentioning this one?

The game is simple, and offers customizable controls. By doing so, it offers a nice experience of the classic Mario game on your very own devices. Get ready to witness some old memories rushing back again.

Prince of Persia

Going back a few years, the Prince of Persia was our favorite Prince of all times. He knew how to fight, to avoid danger, to make it through everything- to survive.

Turn back time with this gem of a game in your very own devices, available for free. Play as the prince and use your elite gaming skills to revisit the golden era of video games. The pixeled graphics of the game also add to the retro vibes that you get while playing it.

The sound effects and soundtrack are exactly the same as the old game- which makes it super nostalgic!

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is another classic game which was super popular in its time.

The game starts with you choosing one out of 4 cabs, which will then be you throughout the game. The goal is to pick and drop as many passengers as you can till time runs out. If you fail to drop a passenger at a desired location on time, the game is over and you must start again.

The graphics of the game are completely old school and the game play is also super interesting. This one has the capability to keep you hooked for hours without even knowing it!

The only drawback that people see is its large file size, but its still g(old) right?

Final Fantasy

The last one on the list of best classic game apps must not in any way be considered less than the others. This one defined the role playing games and offered the players to indulge deeper into the world of gaming.

The game had everything- characters, storyline, graphics and even a sound effect system. It made its name in the field of video games by offering something that the others didn’t. Final fantasy offered a great storyline to go with even when it was not so cool.

The new rendition of this game for android and ios devices focuses more on recreating the retro experience rather than adding new features and technologies. It makes sure that the players are reminded of their old times- when life was simple and gaming, hard.

Download this gem on your devices now!


Listed above are some of the greatest classic game apps available for download across various devices. While most of them are for free, others might be paid.

Besides these, however, there also exist other classic game apps that you might be missing. However, if you were looking for some game that was old but gold, but did not know exactly which one to install, we were glad to be of help!



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