Posing apps

Top 7 Best Posing Apps For iOS In 2021

Be it an outing with your family or friends, a beautiful trip to a foreign city or a  professionally arranged photography session, it is always very soon that you run out of poses to...
Best GPS Tracker Apps

Best GPS Tracker Apps To Track Phone Without People Knowing It

Security is extremely fundamental for all of us, but if you want to locate a person without their knowledge, pay close attention to what we have to say in this article.Smartphone manufacturers have thought...
How To Control Android Phone Remotely

How To Control Android Phone Remotely ?

Nowadays we are all juggling the use of the smartphone and the PC and it must be said that it is the mobile phone or the computer. The two devices are generally connected to the...
How To Split Screen For Android

How To Split Screen On Android?

You probably plan to open two windows on one screen at the same time. It's also practical - for example to watch YouTube videos and chat on the side. By sharing the screen on the...
Fix Youtube Connection To Server Lost Error

How To Fix Youtube Connection To Server Lost On Android ?

When you visit YouTube and open a video, you see YouTube buffering first, and then you see the video. However, some have complained that their access is stuck in the buffering process and cannot...
How To Change Screen Resolution On Android

How to Change Screen Resolution On Android ?

This article teaches you how to increase or decrease the size of items (for example, applications) on your Android screen by reducing or increasing the default dots per inch (DPI) of your device.  This is...
Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iOS

How To Transfer Whatsapp Data From Android To iphone ?

If you just switched from Android to iOS, you need to copy all the valuable data to your new iPhone, iPad or iPod. For some data like photos and videos, you can move them...

Best Deepfake Apps, Software And Sites

Deepfake videos are on the rise and this time the world arena is taking advantage of several form and mode of deepfake apps. These apps allows you to create deepfake videos in seconds and...
Delete Downloads In An Android TV Box

How to Delete Downloads In An Android TV Box?

If you keep on filling in a bakfiet with stuff on and on there will come a point when you will have no place to keep in something important.  same goes with the memory you...
How To Clear Discord Chats

How To Clear Discord Chats?

Discord is a great place to hang out, whether you're a gamer or not. Designed to take on and surpass TeamSpeak, Discord is now the only place chat servers can go.  Not only has it...