download movie apps

Best Movie Downloading Apps For Android !

Though in the day, there are n streaming platforms for you to entertain yourselves with Johnwick or Harry Porter series or others of several genres, but people still prefer downloading movies of their choice so as to watch them...
Best Anti-Lag Apps For Android

Top 10 Best Anti Lag Apps For Android

Lag is something that nobody likes, be it on their PC or smartphone. It will probably make you uncomfortable just by seeing the word mentioned somewhere. Fortunately, there are some anti-lag apps for Android that...
App lockers android

Best App lockers For Android Smartphones In 2021!!

The best thing about the Android ecosystem is that you can get the majority of apps for free.  Here is our recommendation for the best app lockers for Android, which can help you add another...
Best Radar Detecting Apps

Best Radar Detector Apps For Android

Traffic regulations and, above all, speed limits are to be respected, there is no doubt about that. Also Read: Best Bass Booster Apps For Android However, it is not the first time that we have been fined...
Apps to watch anime offline

Top 10 Best Apps to Watch Anime Offline In 2021!

Imagine having power to kill anyone by writing their names and someone outsmarts you to pin your location down to a city. This scene transition to one of the best introduction of a character...
Best Offline Navigation Apps

Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

New technologies and mobile devices have changed the way we travel . Also how we orient ourselves on the road. For some years, navigation equipment that was incorporated as an external element to our vehicle was very popular. However,...
How To Change Screen Resolution On Android

How to Change Screen Resolution On Android ?

This article teaches you how to increase or decrease the size of items (for example, applications) on your Android screen by reducing or increasing the default dots per inch (DPI) of your device.  This is...
best private secret messaging apps

Best Private Secret Messaging Apps

Nothing in the world out there is free. Even the apps and websites you visit daily and do not even think of leaving without well to be true you are no customer to them...
Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Best Anonymous Chat Apps For Android And iOS

If you are bored of your Facebook friends or sick of being cornered in circles of people on social media apps, the sheer number of random chat apps will definitely appeal. Designed to offer anonymous...
Best Android Apps For Reading Manga

Best Free Android Apps For Reading Manga In 2021!

For all comic book lovers, Japanese manga is one of the best choices. And you must know that now you do not have to buy a book and take it everywhere to read the...