Best Radar Detecting Apps

Best Radar Detector Apps For Android

Traffic regulations and, above all, speed limits are to be respected, there is no doubt about that. Also Read: Best Bass Booster Apps For Android However, it is not the first time that we have been fined...
Best Bass Booster Apps

Best Bass Booster Apps For Android

Smartphones nowadays are much more than a chat app hub or a laptop. As technology evolves, the expansion of available resources allows you to use some resources that were previously restricted to home and...
Best Universal Remote Control Apps

Best Universal Remote Apps For Android

Is it that some fun game or mishap broke down your AC or TV remote and have no idea what to do now for if you have now you have an answer. With mobile devices,...
Best Phone Cleaner Apps For Android

Best Phone Cleaner Apps For Android

Android has gotten better at managing cache and storage space over the years, but it's still far from perfect. Fortunately, there are phone cleaning apps for Android to make sure you use your storage space...
Best Spyware Detecting Apps

Best Anti Spy Apps For Android

If you are using an Android smartphone for a while, you may know that it is not as secure as other operating systems. With millions of users currently using Android, virus and spyware attacks were...
How To Connect Android Device To Tv

How To Connect Android Phone To TV ?

When considering how much our smartphone or tablet can do, it does not make sense to rely on a "smart" TV or a streaming box such as a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick. We already...
How To Transfer Data From Android To iOS

How To Transfer Data From Android To iOS?

So you can share files between Android and iPhone: free, fast and without any risk. There are many ways to send and share files, but few allow you to directly link two Android phones and...
How To Change Screen Resolution On Android

How to Change Screen Resolution On Android ?

This article teaches you how to increase or decrease the size of items (for example, applications) on your Android screen by reducing or increasing the default dots per inch (DPI) of your device.  This is...
How To Split Screen For Android

How To Split Screen On Android?

You probably plan to open two windows on one screen at the same time. It's also practical - for example to watch YouTube videos and chat on the side. By sharing the screen on the...
How To Disable Auto Start Apps

How To Disable Auto-Start Apps In Android

Android users are all too familiar with their devices & disappointing slowdowns over time. While there are several reasons for this, the most common culprits are the auto-start apps that have Android devices running in the background....