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How To Clear Discord Chats?

How To Clear Discord Chats
Discord is a great place to hang out, whether you're a gamer or not. Designed to take on and surpass TeamSpeak, Discord is now the only place chat servers can go.  Not only has it overtaken and eclipsed TeamSpeak, but it has spread beyond gaming as well.  While gaming is still the dominant topic on the platform, you can find people...

Google Photos Not Backing Up? Read To Know The Solution

How To Fix Google Photos
Mobile phone companies have had to find solutions to store massive information capacities on their mobile phones, as we have seen people's habits shift from playing games  And using their phones for calls and SMS messages, to documenting everything that happens in their lives through photos. and videos and posting of these online. But it's still an uphill battle over how...

Top10 Best Free MMORPG Games

Best Free MMORPG Games
With a laymen observation of the recent trends in video games’ popularity, it would be only easy to say that online role playing games have witnessed a huge hit. MMORPGs, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games form a major portion of such video games. This genre of games involves a role playing quest, or more often a...

How To Fix Youtube Connection To Server Lost On Android ?

Fix Youtube Connection To Server Lost Error
When you visit YouTube and open a video, you see YouTube buffering first, and then you see the video. However, some have complained that their access is stuck in the buffering process and cannot watch YouTube videos.  YOU CAN ALSO READ : How to Delete Downloads In An Android TV Box? For better experiences, YouTube usually uploads the video before playback; but...

How To Control Android Phone Remotely ?

How To Control Android Phone Remotely
Nowadays we are all juggling the use of the smartphone and the PC and it must be said that it is the mobile phone or the computer. The two devices are generally connected to the Internet. It allows us to chat, hang out on social networks, surf, play.What if we had the possibility to connect them remotely?There are many reasons...

Best Anonymous Chat Apps For Android And iOS

Best Anonymous Chat Apps
If you are bored of your Facebook friends or sick of being cornered in circles of people on social media apps, the sheer number of random chat apps will definitely appeal. Designed to offer anonymous chat with strangers, these apps expand your reach massively and can lead to some really fascinating chats with people you wouldn't normally meet. Of course, they...

Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android

Best Offline Navigation Apps
New technologies and mobile devices have changed the way we travel . Also how we orient ourselves on the road. For some years, navigation equipment that was incorporated as an external element to our vehicle was very popular. However, nowadays the functionalities of the telephones have replaced the traditional GPS. In the following article we will review the best mobile applications on the market...

Best Radar Detector Apps For Android

Best Radar Detecting Apps
Traffic regulations and, above all, speed limits are to be respected, there is no doubt about that. Also Read: Best Bass Booster Apps For Android However, it is not the first time that we have been fined for speeding in an 80Km / h zone for going 90Km / h. We often get a little too confused and the presence of radar...

Best Bass Booster Apps For Android

Best Bass Booster Apps
Smartphones nowadays are much more than a chat app hub or a laptop. As technology evolves, the expansion of available resources allows you to use some resources that were previously restricted to home and professional computers. Also Read: How To Chromecast Netflix  One of them is the sound equalizer, which a user can have so much to enjoy their music with better...

How To Chromecast Netflix

Best Chromecast Netflix To Tv
Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there. Although other competitors such as HBO or Amazon Prime are becoming more and more known, today it is still the pioneer of streaming video and a platform with a catalog that does not stop growing. Also Read: Best GPS Alternatives Apps That's why today I want to teach you how to...