Best Universal Remote Apps For Android

Is it that some fun game or mishap broke down your AC or TV remote and have no idea what to do now for if you have now you have an answer.

With mobile devices, it is easy to replace all the remote controls in the house, designed for different devices. But this will require specialized applications, which is brought here for you readers.

Mobile Devices today have got on to become an answer to every question and thus it was more than expected that you will find a remote over here as well.

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By using these programs, you can quickly and efficiently create a complete, multi-functional remote control to adjust sound, change tracks, rewind video, lower or increase the temperature, and do much more.

So How does this thing work?

First and foremost the device that you wish to control with your phone needs to have a infrared sensor and well that in most cases is the only prerequisite.

So be it your smart TV, your AC your old TV or what not it could all be controlled using only your Mobile Phone and nothing more.

Best Universal Remote control Apps


MyRem is one of the best applications that allows you to use your phone or tablet as a universal remote control for your TV. This universal remote control will turn your Android phone into a super TV controller.


The interface has the same look and feel as a standard remote control. This makes the universal remote very intuitive and easy to use for everyone.

This universal remote control app connects to your TV via the IR or Wi-Fi port.

With MyRem Universal TV Remote, you only need one Android device to control all your TVs.

Remote control for TV, universal remote control for TV: MyRem app

AnyMote Universal Remote 

It is a very good program to replace all remote controls . The work with the controls is particularly impressive. 

Here you can literally adjust everything by dragging the buttons to any convenient location. At the same time, you can configure macros so that you can perform multiple actions at the same time with just one click.

AnyMote Smart IR Remote is valuable because it supports around 900,000 different devices and is constantly adding to this list. 

This allows you to use your smartphone not only as a remote control for almost any of the famous TVs, but also to control other equipment, such as air conditioning or music center.

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control App

In general, it will be a great option if you have a lot of devices at home, the remotes that you constantly lose.

The developers honestly state that their creation is not compatible with Sony and Huawei smartphones, as well as some LG models. 

The most preferred brands with support for all available functions are Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Xbox, Xfinity . There should be no problem with the technique of these manufacturers.

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control

The SURE Universal Remote 

It is another universal remote control for different devices. An interesting feature of the program is to stream photo or video content using your own phone and device with the Smart TV function.

The following devices are also supported: Android TV Apple TV and Chromecast. 

SURE Universal Remote can be a great replacement for AV receivers, projectors, LED equipment, televisions, air conditioners, DVD and CD players, robotic vacuum cleaners, etc. 

It is possible to create a single “smart” control system for home equipment.

You can control them with a single click, that is, you can turn on and off all the multimedia devices that are in your living room with a single button.

The process of adding a new remote can be done in four steps: a device category selection (connection), device type selection, device manufacturer selection, and remote control test. 

The whole configuration process is as simple as possible and is almost the same in similar applications.

ZAZA Remote

Do you want to control all the devices in your home? Then ZaZa Remote will come in handy. 

The app will instantly detect the device and then display the corresponding remote control. And each model has its own interface with a specific button placement.

In the first release of ZaZaRemote, we are offered to add the remote control to the application. And here everything is as easy as can be. 

That is, we have the most popular categories, there is a search by make and model, as well as very convenient navigation by the manufacturer.

Universal TV Remote Control-ZaZa Remote Control

ZaZaRemote is a balanced mobile program to control your home appliances . It is both beautiful and functional.

A fairly simple app with the ability to quickly switch between remotes for any device. And for different devices, ZaZa Remote offers different controls. 

If for televisions these are just standard buttons, then for split systems, for example, it can be a circular temperature controller.

Universal TV Remote App-ZaZa Remote

Mi Remote

With the Mi Remote you can control almost all household appliances, and not just at home . Lost the remote control at the hotel? Is there an uninteresting movie on television at the airport? Fix the situation with Mi Remote!

This solution was developed by Xiaomi, but it is not exclusive to the smartphone brand. My Remote can also be installed on third-party models to control a wide variety of equipment.

When you enter the app, all your custom remotes will be displayed. The remote looks simple, nothing extra, all the main buttons are there.

My remote control

Furthermore, Mi Remote offers a simple widget , presented as a simple icon and provides quick access to a specific remote control.

The app can control multiple devices simultaneously , without using a bunch of remotes from different equipment (for example, the app can simultaneously turn the TV and set-top box on and off with a single tap).

Mi Remote stands out from the competition with its extremely simple interface. The same applies to settings. For the full operation of the program, the presence of a Wi-Fi or IR Blaster is required.

My Remote leaves only pleasant impressions, thanks to the large base of compatible devices, pleasant design and ease of use. At the same time, the app itself is free and ad-free.

Mi remote control app

Google Home

The updated Google Home mobile app lets you manage all Google Assistant smart home devices in one place, even from different manufacturers.

In addition to managing your own Google Home devices, the Google Home application allows you to add and manage thousands of different devices for a smart home from hundreds of third-party manufacturers: Google Home app

The Google Home app will allow you to stream music or videos from your smartphone to Chromecast or Chromecast Audio. 

In this case, your smartphone is not only a remote control but also a source of content. Of course, you can stream any video or audio from the internet using your smartphone. 

The only downside to this system is that you will need to purchase the Chromecast device.

Google home page

Android TV Remote 

It is a universal program to manage your home television .

The remote control works with almost any television. The basic design of the remote is quite simple. Firstly, it is 4 navigation buttons, secondly, it is a virtual keyboard, and thirdly, the possibility of voice control.

The application connects to your TV via LAN or Bluetooth. Android TV Remote can be used to control other Android devices that are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Android TV Remote Control is a great app for everyone who has an Android TV at home. It is the official Google application, which guarantees a certain level of quality.

Android TV remote control

Roku is an American company that produces set-top boxes that turn an ordinary TV into a “smart” one. 

The devices connect to the Internet and allow you to watch shows, movies, and TV shows in apps or on online movie sites.

The Roku app does pretty much the same thing as Google Home, but it works with the Roku player or Roku TV devices, respectively.

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This is where we end our list of the best universal remote control apps and these mentioned here are surely big players of the game.

Now you know which app suits what purpose and thus can choose what goes best with your needs for they are diverse in few aspects.

Also I hope youwould have liked this article and very well know answer to your questions.


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