Top 10 Best Tutubox Alternatives For iOS

TutuBox is an application, which when installed in your iphones or other ios supporting devices, allows third party installations of apps from different developers.

The TutuBox app makes sure the app you intend to download is completely safe to install. It uses a certification system for this matter.

The app has many available third-party apps ready for your installation. Sometimes it even has the modified versions of apps that are not available on the app store.

Considering certain factors, Apple does revoke the certificate of Tutubox sometimes. However, that is not a dread, thanks to the mind-blowing alternatives available for your iphone or ipad.

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Out of the many alternatives to TutuBox that can help you, here we have listed the 10 best tutubox alternative applications. It is worth noting that every app is slightly different from the others. 

While some offer certification, others might not. The collection of apps available for installation might also differ. And always, the user interface and layout will be personalized to the app.

Top 10 Tutubox Alternatives:


TweakBox is one of the most popular apps when it comes to such third- party installations’ apps. The user interface and layout of the app make it a really nice alternative to TutuBox and app store.

The app is entirely community based, where certain people upload the IPA versions of apps and then it becomes available to download for everyone.

TweakBox is a free app, that offers all of its available apps to download for free.

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Just like TweakBox, appvalley has a lot of apps to offer for zero costs.

The best part about the app is that it offers modified versions of different apps that even app store does not have to offer. It also offers one click download, without much complicated series of events.

The only setback the users face is the presence of too many advertisements that might sometimes hinder your search and efficient download.

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The next up is a wonderful replacement to TutuBox, that requires no jailbreak and no PC.

iosGods is a free store offering various apps for free download. What is more is that it also offers the mod and hacked versions of certain apps, which, by no possibility can be downloaded through app store.

The app has the apps and games categorized for easy access. The grouping is on the most common basis like “Most downloaded” or “Most popular” among many others.

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Vshare Market

With a remarkably vast collection of apps and games available for ready download, Vshare is a great third-party app installer for both ios users and android users.

It features a fast downloading system that enables downloading your favorite apps without much further ado. The apps that are available for some cost on the app store are also available here- for free!

Overall, it is a really popular app among all kinds of smart phone users and therefore, is also reliable to a greater extent.

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Contrary to how complicated the app store sounds, it is really easy and simple to download apps and games through this one.

The app does not ask for any log in or sign up, making it completely private and safe to use. It also does not require any jailbreak.

CokerNutX has many apps, games and their mods available for free and instant download to your ios device. The app has a high-ended security system to assure a secure download experience to all the users.

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The PandaHelper is another really trusted app among ios users that facilitates installation of third party apps into your device.

The layout is very user friendly and the app also does not require any jailbreak to be installed. It provides a vast collection of top rated apps and games for iphones and ipads.

The main app drawer is divided into four categories for easy access. They are: ‘App store apps’, ‘Exclusive apps’, ‘Modified games’ and ‘Modified apps’.

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The next up in this list is 9Apps, which is a really cool one.

We said it not just because it lets you download lots and lots of apps and games for completely no cost, including those that are to be paid on the App Store, but also as it lets you upload your own developments.

The app functions on a store based as well as community based functionality, having to offer to its users a great deal of apps and games for their ios oriented devices, completely free of cost.

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This one might not be the most popular or most trusted app store, but the neat design and user friendly interface make IPABOX a worthy candidate in the list of best app stores for ios users.

With categorization and proper organization of apps and games, the app makes it very simple for you to find your favorite apps. Overall, it is a great app to download third party apps into your iphones and ipads, with just a click.

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As we almost conclude the list, we cannot forget to mention this gem.

The beautiful layout and interface make this app very worthy of a try. The apps are well sorted and categorized to offer the simplest, yet most pleasing experience of downloading third party apps and games in your device.

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This one might be the last one in our list, but is not in any way a non-worthy entrant.

The app offers various apps and games, their tweaks, their modified versions, hacked versions and other unofficial apps for completely no cost. It is a nice app to download other apps without messing much. It offers a simple user interface and does not require installation- the apps can be downloaded from the website directly.

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While the App Store is the most preferred choice as a third-party app installer, it might have its own shortcomings. Including apps and games for a cost is one of them.

However, there exist various apps and websites that allow ios users to download and install their liked apps and games into their iphones  and ipads. The list above mentions the 10 best of them specially gathered and recommended for you.

While downloading any app from anywhere other than the official app store, using a complementary anti virus app goes a long way.

So the next time you really wish to install a particular app or game into your device, you can actually do that without any further research and analysis.


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