Best Treadmill Calculator App For Calories

While I did my resarch to write this article I was equally surprised when I got to know that my Smart Phone can do this as well. Like really this was one of the last places I was expecting my Smart Phone to be handy.

We do know what scenario most people from 9 to 5 jobs are facing and why just 9 to 5 jobs people from every sphere today are forced to be limited to there seat for a good lot of the day and physical work is a no.

Also not every one is aided with a good park area around to have that run that might compensate for days physical work for some extent.

Thus treadmills have become a go to gadget and this is where the apps we gonna talk about comes to your assistance.

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So how do we know how many calories you burned after a good run or how much more do you need to hit on that thing well the answer are these calorie counting apps on your smart phone be it Android or iOS.

So How do these Apps work?

Well this thing is too easy and could be done in a matter of minutes. So you need to enter basic facts in the app like how much do you weigh currently, how much time do you run for and what distance you cover.

Also there are several apps with an array of running options and could give more precise results. 

Best Apps to measure Calories burned on Treadmill

Nike Run Club

So you are talking about sports or exercise or anything that suits the array and Nike does not appear in the list well not possible.

Nike has been making several sports and exercise gear down the road and when that was not it Nike came up with this app as well to ease the process by even bigger length.

So how does the App work? Well the app suits both in house and outside run by tracking your distance with a GPS, speed and distance.

When you finish your Workout routine the app will tell you about  your heart rate, calories burned, average pace, distance, time.

The Screen colour changes when you run according to the distance that you have set to be covered. 

The best thing about the App is that you can share your daily results with a community on the app  and there are several personalized challenges on the app for users as well.

Treadmill Workout

So What is so good about this app, well if you want a app that tells you result oriented techniques on how to lose weight, along with something to monitor your training outcomes.

Treadmill workout is the answer to above queries. This app offers an array of high intensity interval training and cardio programs. 

You can choose any of these according to what goes well with your health condition or level that means if you are a beginner, base, advance, etc.

All these levels offer varied challenge in terms of time period, speed to stick to and several other criterion and if none of these suits you, well you can create your own customize challenges.

The app comes in with a built-in voice coach so you do not need to look at your device every time you are exercising. 

The app keeps a track record of your daily exercise routine and how many calories you burned during the exercise and you get a graph of all these melded into a graph.  

LFconnect – Workout Tracking

What is special about this app what does it offer that other apps mentioned above do not. First and foremost the app is not just an aid to runners so if your exercise routine consist of other cardio or muscle exercise then this thing is for you.

The app has a list of muscular exercises along with a video description on how to get along with them.

So you compose your routine on the app and then the app will take a total count of calories you burned during the app and finally after this you are done. 

With this you even get a graph of what exercise you went through on a particular day and what results you got.

BitGym: Treadmill Trail apps for cardio movement 

Well i guess a lot many of you would have watched doraemon as a kid so when nobita could not go out travelling the cat gives him a gadget that appears like a window and when you look out of it you could see places from round the globe.

The app is similar to this gadget of doraemon so while you take a run inside your home the app lets you travel round the world to several places

Also the app lets you interact with several professional trainers and thus allows you to excercise more effeciently.

The best part of the app is that it gives you a record of how many calories you lost during your exercise schedule and this turns out a great motivator for you and really adds up to your daily exercise routine.

The app surely is the answer for people who count running as a important part of their exercise routine and  believe in result oriented exercise.


The application allows you to monitor basic activity and races by using you phone for the purpose. 

You can also connect to one of the many Fitbit activity monitors and the Area smart scale, with Wi-Fi, to get a complete picture of your health, including steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight and much more.

The fitbit has got extremely popular with time and has got to be the first choice for several people.

Fitbit actually was launched with its own device but is now available apart from it as well and this has made it even more popular.

Thus you must surely try this app and get a good monitor for your fitness routine in all practical manners.


You will find many of the applications are aimed at activities that can be done outdoors or at home, Jefit on another hand will accompany you during the sessions in the gym. 

It is no longer necessary to carry a paper with the instructions of the personal trainer, now your phone can be transformed into one. 

This application allows you to easily keep track of your exercise sets and repetitions, keep track of the weight you lift, and set a schedule for your days of work and rest. 

The app keeps a track of calories you burn not only during your run but also when you are doing other exercise.


It is one of the applications that has the most followers among running fans, although it is also capable of measuring other types of activities such as cycling, skiing and skating, among others. 

By having a large number of users as integrated applications (you can share data with other platforms such as Strava and Runtastic). 

RunKeeper allows you to constantly monitor the progress that is being achieved, or at least share experiences and see the recommendations that are published in the community on the net. 

Through GPS, this application calculates the pace at which you are moving in real time, the average and the maximum speed, as well as constantly showing the distance and time you have been moving on the screen.


We know this thing that not everyone is aware how to have a effective exercise routine and in such scenario there is noproblem in taking help of your mobile phone.

In this era when your smart phone has become an answer to every thing there is no apathy in imagining your phone to be an answer to your exercise related queries.

These apps though are similar in purpose but have several different add on features and now that you know about most of them it is for you to choose what might suit your needs

So to end Get Set and Go, Stay fit.


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