Top 10 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS

When all hacks that are cormulent are being done using Smartphone there is no blasphemy if your Smartphone could be used to measure temperature that is compensates for a thermometer.

So when our hands are always struck with such a pantechnic device why look for a thermometer or even more a doctor to look into this matter.

Do Mobile Phones sense Temperature?

Phones do have external as well as internal temperature sensors. Close to all Smartphones have embedded temperature sensors.

CPU RAM and battery all are equipped with temperature sensors.

These devices if not all atleast the flagship ones do carry external temperature sensors which could tell about real time temperatures and hence work as a thermometer.


A simple method to do this thermometer’s is to install a application software that is able to collect data using a built-in-sensor and then convert this reading into visual readable form for user using any interpreter. 

There is a decent collection of such applications so now the question which of these is to be used.

For that answer is this gazette or you may call it a general confabulation.

Best Thermometer Apps



Too stressed of complex websites with humongous pre feed this app is for you. It gives you real time temperature of your surrounding be it your home, office and other zones surrounding you. 

This app boasts of an extremely simple but splendid user interface that tells you accurate temperature of your locality and not just that it even tells you about humidity, atmospheric pressure and access local weather stations that feeds you even more information.

The app claims 5 million downloads and this popularity is a proof of efficiency. Thermometer++ also helps you with temperature in both scales that is Celsius and Fahrenheits.



Everything on a cell phone today is smart so why make thermometer a exception that brings in this application called Smart Thermometer. 

This app tells you temperature of your surrounding which gets updated regularly. The UI for application is nothing less than excellent.

The application offer a record chart for all historical data of readings made by your phone in case you wish to analyze that data or perform any form of statistical comparison.

Phones without a temperature sensor also could use this app all you need is a active internet and access to your location.


This is something you can call your personal doctor. One of the most widely used thermometer apps in the game. 

It creates an easy technique for you to get your temperature on your smartphone and informs you about your health scenario and if you have fever or some sort of illness you can prepare yourself for it.

It gives you a complete graph of your temperature history so as to be used when so ever required.

This can be an easy methods to keep a record of health for your elders or kids.


body_temperature_app This is another free app for measuring human body temperature. Its a prank app that might leave your friends and family bamboozled. 

It is a easy to use thermometer which can easily and digitally create a prank fever for you. All you need to do is to install the app on your smart phone open the app, place your finger on the smart phone and leave the rest with your app. 

It will calculate your body temperature and now you know of your fever that too with a high quality image.


THERMOThis is an easy to use pocket thermometer for your iphones. It gives you an easy access to your phone’s temperature sensors and easily gets outside temperature for you. 

It does this for free of cost. Along with this it is also known as a geological app, for which you can easily get temperature from here. 

All you need to do is switch on your phones geo location and you get your current local temperature. You can refresh temperature manually and you get the result in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.


ICELSIUSThis is what you get when you ask for excellence. It is an amazing thermometer app for android and iOS users with this in hand you need not buy an additional thermometer also the app is for free. 

It is a popular digital thermometer to check for fever by measuring your temperature. It provides live display on your screen and you get a graph of your temperature records along with an alarm option. 

You can also save and edit additional documents on this app.


HD_thermometerIt is an app for measuring temperature of your current location and can be used by both IOS and Android users.

 Though the app ask for initial permission to enable location of your smart phone but you will be able to know the temperature of both indoor and outdoor location. 

The use of this app asks for a constant real time internet connection so as to access your smart phone’s location.


kinsa_smartIt is a popular thermometer app for both android and iphones and helps you with a early stage diagnosis of your fever by recording temperature regularly for you and your family. 

Along with being a great thermometer app its also a known health app using which you get pre information about your illness for free. 


easy bbqIt is a smart cooking thermometer app with a real time temperature display on your screen. 

It is a completely customized pre set temperature app with a countdown timer. 

It helps you to monitor up to six temperature probes at a time and also boasts of a temperature graph to assist its comparison with previous temperature. 


smarttempIt is another popular temperature measuring app for android and IOS users. It is an easy to use app that is free of cost for smart phones users. 

It can track temperature for each member of your family creating variable account along with which you can also set reminders in this apps. 

So now you can view the history of measured temperature and to remind of any new measurement when required.

And So We End

So here is the complete list of what you might call the best thermometer apps and i hope this would turn out useful for you and some of you confusion in regard to which app to choose is sorted.


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