Top 10 Best Snapchat Alternatives Apps

In the 21st century, where socialising has levelled up to the extents of sharing everyday-events, the app Snapchat has witnessed great appreciation.

Snapchat is a social media app, which lets you send self-destructive pictures/videos to your friends and also lets you chat with them- hence SnapChat. 

This app was the very first one to come up with the concept of disappearing texts and media.

It was real soon that people got used to taking pictures with the in-built camera to share it with their friends. The camera features a lot of filters and effects, including face filters, which make your snapping experience more fun!

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Snapchat is a really popular app among teens all over the world and hence, is widely used. With such an extensive usage, it becomes necessary to explore the various apps that might serve as a good alternative to the app. 

Users who have some complaints already or those who wish to try something new, here we have enlisted the 10 best snapchat alternatives for android and ios.

Top 10 best Snapchat alternatives:


Based on San Fransisco, Wicker started its functioning in 2012. The app features self-destructing and disappearing messages, including pictures and videos, to make it just like snapchat.

The app lets you add filers and stickers to your captures before sending them to your friends. In the age of rising data-privacy concerns, this one is a highly secured instant messaging app, with end-to-end encryption of all data shared.

Connect with your friends already on Wickr through a simple search, or invite them to be on Wickr and then start chatting the new volatile way!

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The next up in the list of best alternatives to snapchat is slingshot. The app, just like snapchat, features temporary messaging to your friends. It even lets you respond to your friends’ media by creating funky photos or videos of your own.

The basic layout of the app is clicking pictures, quickly editing them and sharing it with your friends. You don’t need a perfect click in a single shot; the app allows you to retake your pictures.

With a super simple user interface and a popular user base, the app Slingshot comes up as a nice texting app with the feature of self destructing messages.

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Create interesting photo and video captures and share it with your friends, chat with them and construct customized GIFs and animations to level up the fun. Snow makes it possible for all its users to share disappearing media and texts.

This one hence, comes up as a great alternative to the classic snapchat. It even has a story feature- when uploaded, a story can be seen by your current friends.

The layout of the app and its interesting user interface make Snow quite preferred among its competitors.

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Clipchat lets you send self-vanishing pictures and videos to your friends with a layout so similar that all the snapchat users would feel right at home.

The default setting of Snapchat is to share pictures; however, it is videos in Clipchat. The app has a very interesting interface too! When you send a captured shot to your friend, he/she gets a blurred view of the same. It is after clicking on it that the friend can see the actual shot.

The app is also very secure unlike many other messeging apps. It also has a screenshot protection- that is, it notifies you when a friend takes a screenshot of anything in the chat.

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Who doesn’t know Instagram? Probably someone from the 20th century!

The largest media sharing community, Instagram, also has a texting system close to that of Snapchat. Instagram even brings with itself disappearing messages and one time media sharing features.

Apart from the personally texting space, the app also lets its users upload media that stays on their feed as long as they don’t delete it. Instagram offers a secure space for everyone to express themselves.

It has to power to let you share anything and everything- which makes instagram one of the best ecommerce websites too. Moreover, it is completely free to use unless you choose to run your ads or sponsor something.

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Currently only available for use on android platforms, Yovo app works as an amazing alternative to the Snapchat while also eliminating one of the latter’s major setback.

As all the snapchat users might know that the sent media disappears from the chat after a few seconds of viewing it. This does make sure that the media does not exist in the chat anymore. However, it does not prohibit people from taking a screenshot of the snap- only sends you a notification that they have done so.

Yovo app overcomes this limitation of Snapchat. It does not really prohibit people from taking screenshots, but blurs the entire snap when somebody tries to- this makes the entire screenshot useless.

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Cyberdust is a highly secured instant messenging app. It is so much more than just a snapchat alternative.

The features it brings with itself make it quite worthy of choice. The app obviously has disappearing texts and media feature. Besides that, however, it has an end to end encrypted chat window, in-built image editor, broadcasting message (known as blast), screenshot protection and GIFs and animations among many other unique features.

Cyberdust ensures that its users have a great texting experience. Overall, the features and security make it a nice choice for the same.

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Tik Tok

This one right here, became so popular among people, that just like Snapchat people starting developing apps just like this. The instagram reels and YouTube shorts are majorly inspired by this app’s layout.

The app lets you create a 15 seconds video on a pre-recorded or original sound. The TikTok app is a community based app. All of your creations become public and hence attract likes and followers.

Although the app is not very similar to Snapchat, the users love it because of the unlimited scope for creativity.

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With many features similar to snapchat like the disappearing text system, pinning a message to save it in the chat and screenshot notification alerts, the app stands as a close alternative to the same.

All the chats and media sent in the chat will disappear for both- the sender and receiver after 24 hours, unless, any of them saves it in the chat. Even the saved messages stay in the app storage and not the phone storage.

One other unique thing about the app is that it does not display the names of the sender and receiver.

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The last one in the list of Snapchat alternatives is not a self-destructive texting mechanism, instead it competes Snapchat through its amazing live filters and face effects for capturing interesting photos and videos.

The app lets you click fun pictures and videos, which you can share with your friends over various social media platforms. MSQRD makes your media a little more personalized, so that you don’t miss the snapchat filters.

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Whatever might be the reason to switch from Snapchat to an alternative, any of the above mentioned apps would do the needed.

The apps stated above are, in some way or the other, quite similar to Snapchat. This means that there is no one app that is completely like Snapchat, but according to the features, every feature has an app alternative. All you have to do is find out what feature you don’t want to give up and the list will automatically lead you to a perfect solution.


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