Top 10 Best Radio Apps For Android And iOS

Although we might not acknowledge it, but songs and music are a vital part of our lives. Be it travelling, studying or working out- music has always been our best companion.

While there are a lot of streaming services available that let you listen to your favorite songs online, who wouldn’t agree to an old fashioned radio session? Not only does the radio offer free random music streaming, it also provides a platform for other audio supported entertainment shows.

So, while a music streaming platform might have unlimited songs and podcasts, a radio brings with itself news, songs, updates, talk sessions, interviews and even live weather checks. While listening to a local radio station, you might also be updated about the traffic. This feature comes handy if you are driving or travelling.

While a lot of android and ios devices come with a built-in radio application, it might not have a lot of features and just be a basic radio app. So if you are looking forward to download a radio app for your android or ios device, here is a list of the best radio apps that you can download and use for free.

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10 Best Radio Apps for Android and ios:


The very best app available for all of your devices is TuneIn. With a collection of more than a hundred thousand radio stations, TuneIn stands as a alpha in the radio apps category.

It includes various comedy shows, talk shows, news and updates and sports besides music. This makes the app really stand out from the other apps. Also, the interface of the app is customizable in the sense that you can switch to a driving mode whenever you want.

Moreover, the app is compatible across a wide range of devices. So there is a high probability that your android device will support the functioning of TuneIn. Overall, it is a worthy radio app.


The next one on the list is an ocean of choices for all the music lovers.

It has the greatest collection of podcasts, radio stations and live streaming options. You can tune in to your favorite one and enjoy a nice quality music session with the app’s exclusive features like song details. This feature actually offers iHeartRadio a strong edge.

While playing a song, it displays all of the song’s information. This helps you keep a track of the songs that you like. You can even dislike the song that you don’t like.

Similarly, you can create your list of radio stations with your favorite ones in it and edit the same from time to time. This enhances navigation and interface of the app. This one comes forward as a super handy radio app with more than a thousand streaming options at your fingertips.

Simple Radio

Simple radio is simply the best radio app for exploring music.

With more than 50,000 stations for you to choose and tune in to, it stands as one of the greatest network of radio station platforms.

The best part about the app however, is not its collection, but the easy accessibility to it. You can search for channels on the basis of genre, location, or category. You can even save your favorite platforms to visit later. Moreover, it also creates a list of your most frequently visited channels.

Tune into your favorite FM, AM or online radio stations with this app, completely free of cost. Despite being so packed with features, the interface of the app is pretty neat. This makes it one of the best radio apps to go to.

FM Radio

The next one in the list of best radio apps or android and ios, is FM Radio with its exclusive features.

You can listen to your favorite local or online channels with the help of this app and can also tune in to sports, news and talk show easily. Sort the channels by genre, country, category and even browse through the public favorites list!

One unique feature of the app is its sleep feature. It senses if you fell asleep listening to the songs and then turns it off. This trait helps your cell phone retain battery and even saves your data for the time. It also comes with a vehicle support interface, so that you can enjoy your music even when travelling.

FM Radio makes it an easy experience to explore and access radio stations from your device.


Owned and developed by National Public Radio- the gem of journalism, this one offers original content and radio stations from the same.

You can log in to the app to stream any of their radio stations at any time. It also features some other great podcasts that do not belong to the network. This ensures a wide collection of content for you to enjoy.

This app offers a nice experience to the music fans with a collection of the best radio stations. Also, it does not charge its customers at all.

Live X Live

Formerly popular as Slacker Radio, this one on the list is a real deal.

Apart from the basic FM and radio functions that all of the apps on this list offer, LiveXlive lets you stream live performances as well. You can listen to your favorite songs, explore new music or even stream live events through this app.

LiveXLive offers a space for all the music lovers to find their taste. It provides a wide range of music stations, playlists and concerts for you to stream from. Moreover, everything is available for free.


The next up is an insanely popular radio app for android and ios- Pandora. Released in 2020, it still stands stronger than most of the apps available.

You can choose to listen in any of the modes- my favorites, crowd faves, newly released, sorted by artist or sorted by genre. All of the playlists are carefully designed to match your search criteria and offer you an elite music experience.

The users can use voice commands to stimulate basic radio functions like volume, play/pause and next/previous. This feature makes it really handy and techy among its competitors.

This app is available for free. However, you can always upgrade to a premium version to download and listen to the music offline.

Sirius XM

The satellite radio company Sirius XM expands its radio services from cars to personal devices. If you have a subscription of the radio for your car, you can simply download the app on your mobile and enjoy unlimited music. Otherwise too, you can buy a subscription that seems fit to you.

Sirius is one of the biggest radio networks and hence, offers 24/7 live streams from over 200 channels on various genres and topics. All of its streaming services are ad free- this is really something to look forward to if you wish for premium quality music.

Audials Radio App

This ad-free streaming service is rich in collection of radio stations and other streaming platforms to provide an ultimate experience to the listeners.

With over a hundred thousand stations for you to choose from, and over two hundred thousand podcasts available to stream, this one is a gem of a app in the category of radio apps. You can turn on the sleep timer to get it to turn off automatically after the timer passes out.

Moreover, you can control the sound quality with the in-built sound equalizer and even record the songs to save them in your device as mp3 and listen later.

Overall, it is a great app with some efficient features.


The last radio app for android and ios is AccuRadio with its vast collection of high quality music and unlimited skips.

You can save your favorite playlists or your favorite artists so that you don’t have to struggle to look for them again and again. The app also has a unique feature of a personal 5-star channel that can be unlocked by rating the songs.

You can also dislike or ban certain songs, artists or genres to avoid listening to them. Additionally, you can share your music with your friends and family very easily with this one!


If your device does not have any built in radio app, or if you need advanced features to access, any of the above mentioned apps would solve your issue easily. While most of the apps are free to stream, some of them might ask for a premium subscription.

While all the radio apps are quite similar to each other, there are always a set of features that make it a little different. That is how you must decide on a app to use. Keep in mind your priority of features before installing one.


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