Best Radar Detector Apps For Android

Traffic regulations and, above all, speed limits are to be respected, there is no doubt about that.

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However, it is not the first time that we have been fined for speeding in an 80Km / h zone for going 90Km / h. We often get a little too confused and the presence of radar can lead to a fine.

If you feel identified with this case or want to avoid a scare before it occurs, it is best to use radar detector applications.

Here we present the Top 10 of the best radar warning applications that you can install on your mobile.

10 Best Radar Apps


It is one of the most complete radar detectors you can find. Besides, you can customize and configure it to your liking. For example, how do you want the voice to warn you of the radars if you want to use the app horizontally or vertically depending on the support you have in the car.

On the screen, it shows the location of the user and all the radars around him. Find more information about this app in this article. Radardroid has a free version and a paid version, and is available for Android.

It has a mode by which it alerts you to a radar a few meters away utilizing vibration. This way, you won’t have to take it out of your pocket to know that you have to slow down. On Play Store, the app has an excessive publicity of the free version.

Cobra iRadar

This is arguably the most accurate app. In addition to its high precision, it does not contain advertising. It allows other users to dial speed cameras easily, and the company verifies the information reported by the user. 

However, some functions are only available with a physical radar detector and Bluetooth can be disconnected.

This application allows you to provide information on police stations, speed cameras, and red-light cameras, as well as taking advantage of the same type of information sent by other users.

Plus, it syncs with your calendar and creates driving directions for meetings and appointments. The download is freely available on Play Store.


The best application in sparsely populated areas. Its strong point is the voice alerts that allow communication between drivers in your area. It’s most accurate when fewer people are using it, and it has flexible display options.

From another point of view, the ads are annoying in the free version. And the interface is less user-friendly than other similar applications.

Unlike some of those listed here, Radarbot does not rely on information from other users, but rather on a real speed camera detection system. Therefore, it covers less crowded areas and with fewer people sending information. 

It is convenient to integrate with Google Maps to receive navigation alerts. It is free but if you want to remove advertisements you must pay for the update. 

Google Maps

It is the most used navigation application in the world and, for a few months, it has incorporated the radar warning function. Undoubtedly, a function that is of great help in locating fixed (and mobile) radars before taking a certain route.

Google Maps is totally free and is available for iOS and Android users across the globe.

The user community of Google Maps is so broad, it allows in-depth reporting of accidents, traffic jams, controls, etc. Yet is not the best app specialized in radars, since it sends notifications that can distract the driver.

Speed Camera Radar

It is the best for those people who travel constantly. It has a characteristic design in 3D in day and night mode. It can be used in many countries. It also allows voice commands.

It is a very practical application unless you don’t like ads very much. Be careful because it may emit false radar notifications.

It works the same way as Waze. It detects various types of incidents on the road as reported by other users. It also has its detection system that can identify speed cameras. 

 This has the best integration with Google Maps. It is designed to work in dozens of countries around the world. The map shows a wide variety of radar types. 

What we like least is that some alerts can continue to work in background mode. Also, there are no audio alerts for some classes of radars. It also shows your current driving speed to know if you need to slow down when approaching one of these areas.  

This application has a clean design and easy to use interface. In addition to contributor updates, it maintains a fixed database of known speed cameras. A background mode helps save battery power. The download is free on the Play Store as well.


It is one of the friendliest applications. What we like the most is its high precision. It also provides the fastest route to your destination and includes traffic and danger alerts.

It has some disadvantages and it is the use of the battery since it generates constant data reports. 

This multifunctional app is a GPS navigation tool that allows users to help each other by tagging traffic jams, accidents, road closures, or potholes. Even parked police cars and traffic cameras. 

This is how you get a warning when you approach those areas. The application download is free. Waze is not a radar detector in and of itself, but it is very useful in avoiding areas where speeding tickets are issued.

Glob – GPS, Traffic, Radar, and Speed ​​Limits

This is the best 3D option. Automatic detour avoids traffic problems and is easy to use for drivers reporting hotspots.

On the other hand, it uses a lot of battery, it has no offline mode, and the speed limit is not very consistent. With this app, you will get 2-D or 3-D versions of maps, so you can prioritize faster loading time or greater detail.

It works with a wide variety of highly accurate traffic information sources, including speed cameras, and features one-touch notifications. And for the download part, well you have everything on the Play Store, don’t you?

Radar Beep

It is an application with the best audio functions. It opens when connecting the mobile to Bluetooth. It has automatic updates and shows the exact location of the speed cameras.

However, it does not have Google Maps integration, and the warnings are given too close to the radars.

As with other named apps, it uses GPS and radar detection to identify speed control devices. It also has a proportionally high sound alert, depending on the location of the radar.

It also warns of heavy traffic and accidents. Radar-Beep can be used for free or paid to remove ads.


In the last 3, we have another collaborative app, in which its users notify of any incident to avoid surprises to other users.

As for the price, we have 30 days free subscription. Then you can contract the monthly subscription or the quarterly subscription, and the availability of Coyote is for iOS and Android users residing in different places.

Some major highlights of this app can be, Coyote updates its database daily, so you will always have the most current information. It alerts users of the presence of new radars that fine for not wearing a seat belt or using a mobile phone.

but for some halts of Coyote, if you do not have a subscription, you will not receive alerts about the presence of radars of any kind.

Drive Social

Its creators define it as the “social network of drivers” since it allows users to share the location of fixed and mobile speed cameras, as well as other road safety alerts, such as accidents or traffic jams.

As for the price, the Social drive is currently totally free. Both iOS and Android device supports the app, so it is quite operating system friendly.

The major upper-hand of using the Social Drive app is that the administrators of the app verify each alert to confirm its veracity. Considering a minor drawback of the app is that, to send an alert user have to fill out a small form that can distract the driver.


We hope that these applications might be useful for your next journey, and you get the positive result by using them. Additionally, we sincerely suggest our readers to follow the safety norms while driving their way.


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