Best Phone Cleaner Apps For Android

Android has gotten better at managing cache and storage space over the years, but it’s still far from perfect.

Fortunately, there are phone cleaning apps for Android to make sure you use your storage space for the things you really need.

This Additional data in form of cache or residue that remain in your device keep on consuming your phone’s memory and this in all admittance slows down your mobile phone to assumably devilish extent. 

At times it is hard even to detect the clunch of waste that has occupied the memory of your phone and this increases the need of cleaner apps.

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As you continue to use your Android device, debris and junk files may accumulate over time. Because of this, you would need to manually delete them to free up space.

I have seen this happen many times on various devices. It is annoying especially when you have uninstalled an application. But then you’re left with your leftovers or what I like to call  useless files and folders .

For this very reason, an excellent Android phone cleaner app would be the perfect solution.

So here we bring to you a list of android cleaner apps that are best among the game and now it is for you to choose which road is to be taken.

Best Phone Cleaner Apps for Android

SD Maid

SD Maid is the most underrated cleaning app, this app is known for deep cleaning junk files on Android. 

To do this, it offers a wide range of tools to manage files. Once you’re done with the cache, you can view duplicate files, files left behind by previously installed apps, manage current apps, and more.

It also offers a brilliant device storage analyzer that gives users a detailed description of device storage. Widgets help speed up the cleaning process.

Norton Clean

This Android phone cleaning app is developed by Norton which is well known in the security industry for its antivirus products. 

You can trust the cleaning app for its effectiveness and for protecting user privacy. The app received a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store and has more than five million downloads.

Norton says that it has analyzed the behavior of the junk files of millions of applications and therefore removes the junk files accurately. 

Norton Cleaner for Android searches for residual files left behind by deleted apps, cache files, and more.

It also allows you to remove pre-installed applications. In addition to that, you will receive recommendations to remove apps that you rarely use.


This phone cleaning app not only works wonders for Android, but also for Windows 10 and macOS PCs. You can remove junk, clean your phone’s RAM, and reclaim more space with CCleaner. 

It gives you the option to uninstall multiple applications at the same time. The ‘Storage Analyzer’ feature gives you a better idea of how your smartphone’s space is being used.

In addition to the essential cleaning functions, CCleaner for Android also has a system monitoring tool. 

It allows you to control the CPU usage of different applications, the RAM consumed by the applications and the temperature levels of the device.

Google files

Files by Google is a reliable and easy-to-use cleaning app for Android. While cleaning junk files, the app advises users to delete old memes, photos, unused apps, and much more. 

The best thing about this app is that it is a fantastic file manager and offers a fast offline file transfer service, making it the perfect Android app.

The application has a friendly interface that helps to manage files and folders. But back to cleanup, the app sends out helpful hints for files to be erased before users run out of space. 

However, you may feel the lack of certain cleaning features compared to the other best Android cleaning apps mentioned here.

GO Speed

GO Speed is a lightweight Android cleaning app that claims to be 50% more efficient due to its policies for cleaning background processes, stopping stealthy running apps, and disabling stealthy autostart apps.

Designed with advanced monitoring techniques, Go Speed can clean up and stop all those sneaky apps running in the background of your phone.

To achieve this, the application has an application terminator that distinguishes useless pre-installed applications from important system services and disables them with user interaction.

Ace Cleaner

Ace Cleaner, a simple but effective Android cleaning app, can bring you a new experience in phone optimization. 

With its outstanding features like Ace Clean, Ace Boost, Silent Notification, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler, Ace Cleaner can boost and maximize your phone’s performance.


It has a fantastic duplicate photo cleaner that can find similar photos in your storage and give you the option to delete them to preserve your favorites and clean up the space.

AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is another one of the best Android cleaning apps that you can try. 

In addition to cleaning up junk, it acts as a file manager, memory booster, and smart photo analyzer that removes poor quality or duplicate photos.

The cleaner app analyzes the apps that are affecting the battery and asks you to stop or remove them, depending on their use.

Within the application, you can easily remove the background applications, thus improving the performance of the device. 

Apart from that, the cleaning app also has battery saving options and this is a great add on for applications of this order.

Avast Cleanup

Avast is another major antivirus provider that also has a cleaning app for Android users along with its application for PCs. 

In terms of features, the application is quite similar to AVG Cleaner in that it has a photo analyzer and an option to hibernate applications.

There are some unique things about the app, like the integration of cloud storage and safe cleaning. 

You can also optimize the size of the images in the photo optimizer, however this feature is only available for paid users.

All In One Toolbox

All In One Toolbox is a multipurpose Android cleaner app that is capable of handling much more than just deleting junk files. 

The application has more than 30 tools to increase the productivity of your smartphone.

Its system app uninstaller works even without root. Boot Speedup is a feature that allows you to choose which applications (including system applications) start automatically when you restart your phone.

Your app manager comes with options to batch uninstall or install apps and move apps from phone memory to removable storage. 

This app aims to give you a faster, cleaner and smarter mobile experience on your Android Device.

Cleaner For Android

This powerful Android cleaning app comes with a host of cleaning features. You can remove the cache and increase the RAM. 

The app’s battery saver feature can close unused background apps and also display device temperature.

This cleaning app comes with an app manager that can display apps that you no longer use. You can view and delete hidden files on your device. You can also backup and share files from within the application.

In addition, this cleaning app has a garbage remover, a duplicate file remover, an application hibernator, etc. To get the most out of your device.


Here I have presented to you a list of apps that might stay handy to you when you are fed up with the slow pace at which your device works.

The apps that are mentioned in the list though under same array are unique in a few aspects and thus it is advisable to choose a app that suits your needs

Also I am sure you would have found an answer to your Questions and can very well choose now what app you need.


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