Best Music Apps For iPhone In 2021!

Music is that extra ordinary advent of humanity you can’t stay away from, be it travelling, relaxing, parties or any mood anytime you need a go hit playlist that suits it. 

Thanks to the internet and the ease it brings in our music accessibility that today no form of music is more than a click away be it One direction, NFAK, Baadshah or Taylor Swift. 

The musical content created till date is no less than gazillion and also there is a plethora of apps that could be used to access them whatever way the clock be hitting. 

These apps have been in game for long and some of them provide free services while others charge you for your experience.


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Here is a list of music streaming apps from the town that go along with your iphones and what are the features that you get along with them. 

This is just to tell what might be the best way to feed your music appetite.

Best Music Apps for iPhone

Apple Music

apple music

iPhone users this is something close to necessity for you.  The app claims of 60 millions plus bows to be fired. Also you are allowed to download content from around the world and enjoy it offline. 

You are also offered services including self customised playlists, regular recommendations and content that suits your choice. The app also has content not quite common among similar apps like documentaries about artist of your liking, original tv shows and concert films. 

This is the fully subscription based application without any free option, the first three months service being an exception.

Amazon Music

amazon musicOne of the best players in game happens to be amazon music. The service is even better if you are a prime user with running subscription. Let me tell you three genie wishes you get here

  • No annoying ads.
  • Free download.
  • Access to millions of songs and radio station.

Here you get plethora of songs with mammoth amount of playlists depending on your location and your choices. You also get lyrics of songs so karaoke is on.

Also there is built-in alexa to assist you and help you with music just on your command. The user interface of the application is beyond compare. So say yes to ad free ultra HD and classy music.


spotifyNo surprise Spotify features in the list of top 10 music apps for iPhone. Amazing interface, top notch content, regular renewing, no interruption of ads( one thing music addicts are craving for) there isn’t much left to ask. 

You also get to download music for free and listen them online. It is best if you use are subscribed to the platform for then you will get to taste music without interruption. 

The annual plan is close to 999 bucks and they have brought in special plans for students.


pandoraThis is one answer to all questions. Be it radio, music, podcasts this is the road to hit. You also get to customize your own profile that means create your own station with artists of your choice, genre you love and music you are parched for. The recommendations at the platform are also nectar to ears.

You also can get a plus version of Pandora that adds to the content several high quality audio and podcasts. 

You also get to hear what is trending with the gen under the Crowd Favs. You also get to discover artists who generally don’t feature such platforms this you can do under Discovery.

TuneIn Radio
tuneinRadio lovers this is your stop, if you prefer tuning in between radio stations and be it music, sports, podcasts, news and what not radio is your answer this is the thing for you. 

You get access to over 100,000 radio stations on this channel and sport lovers you get live commentary for every NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL game over here.

This is not all you also get 40,000 audio books and 600 music station so you get to stay on top of music trending on top of the world and news, well you get several 24/7 news channels with news ranging from local zones to global arenas. 

Global outlets like CNN, Fox are also a part of the news media streaming here.

Sound Cloud

sound cloudWhat makes sound cloud different from other application of the kind is the openness it provides as this is not just a streaming platform but a community of musicians, bands and other sui-similar people. 

It is like instagram for musicians where any user can update his own content and you can follow any artist so you never miss any pleasure that they upload. 

The music player you get at SoundCloud is also amazing and appears like a comment section. The platform comes with a premium paid version for ad-free high quality listening.


gaanaGaana is a predominantly Indian streaming platform for music from several regional Indian languages like Tamil, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and so on. 

The music here adds up to more than 45 million and this makes it the answer for people who are in dilemma over were to get music in their language. 

Gaana could be used to create your own playlist and recommends music from diverse genres. Also you can create stories and short videos with Gaana Hotshots.

Gaana also offers premium service in form of Gaana Plus. Here you get to sync your downloads with up to five devices and also offers you ad-free content.

Wync Music

wync musicWync music is another smart choice for music lovers and is surely one among the top 10 music streaming apps for iphone. The app has a range of more than 2.8 million songs both international and regional. 

You get to download music you love as well and the quality of content is alluring for sure. 

Also if you are an airtel user, you get Wync subscription for free with your plan so you must surely check this out. Wync definitely goes well with every mood

Youtube Music

youtube musicNow that google play is no more in arena google is putting in all efforts to make YouTube Music as the new big thing and actually it is turning out well. It surely is one of the best and appraisable music platform.

The app recommends music that suits your taste, location and also you get to keep track of official releases from your favourite artists. You also get access to live performances and more and official music videos for songs are also available.

Personally speaking it is an amazing app and you get to play the music that is pre downloaded on your device as well but the unpaid version prevents you from running the app in background.


ressoLast but not the least. Resso might be comparatively unheard but it surely deserves to be in the list of 10 best music apps for iPhones. The app has an amazing User Interface and that is beyond comparison. 

The app features several customized playlists that are just for you. Resso premium is also available for a 14 day free trial period where you get to experience ad-free music and unlimited music downloads. It is surely hard to beat.

End of Confabulation

Here I end the list of what I find top 10 music apps for iPhone. Free or not, Radio stations or customized playlists here you have enough data to make comparisons and choose what suits you best. 

If you are okay with adds you would be fine with free apps although ad free music would require paid subscription. A few key note points.

Amazon prime brings you not just music but also other features.

Cracked version of Spotify is available where you get to listen ad-free music but downloading songs is not allowed.

Hope the article would be of help.


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