Best Mobdro Alternatives In 2021!

Mobdro going offline was not unusual and such issues would probably get in way again. So this is the time to be ready with alternatives. 

We know how strict government of several nations and their cyber policy is getting with time. 

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Thus accessing such apps have become a challenge yet there are such apps available all around and for you and me to use. So lets think of legal alternatives to mobdro. 

The list that will come ahead will be an attempt at answering problems from different arenas so let us jump in and read about the apps that suit us and are efficient for us.

Best Mobdro Alternatives

Pluto TV

pluto tv

When the question is free alternatives to mobdro the first and full mark answer is Pluto TV. 

This is an ad supported service which provides videos on demand and along with it several TV channels, rest assured these are not traditional TV shows but 24*7 live streaming channels that focus on specific movie genres and shows. 

Pluto TV has been available in the United States only but VPN might turn out to be an option. 

Xumo TV

xumo tv

Xumo TV is another alternative which is not as diverse as mobdro and also lack a few premium channels but it is an official service and you can get it on your firestick as well.

Along with that you get an access of Xumo on apple store, google store and many more locations. 

The service offer channels like NBC News, Bloomberg, etc. This channel is free of cost but you can’t get rid of ads. You also get to stream plenty of movies and shows on demand basis .



Kodi is one of the most popular application and the main thing to know about it is Kodi itself offer no content what it does is it provides mammoth amount of addons using which you get to watch anything you want . 

It is easy to download on firestick and an other device including mobile, computer, etc. This is easy to run on any device and this makes Kodi a prominent alternative for mobdro.



Hulu + live TV is the legitimate release from shady streaming apps and this is the best way to get a legal alternative for mobdro. 

Using this you get access to a huge on demand library in addition to several live TV channels that might sum up to more than 65. 

Hulu though unlike others streaming platforms mentioned above is a paid platform.

Thop TV

thop tv

Thop TV is something that forces you to use the phrase “All roads lead to rome”. It hosts thousands of channels free and premium and you can watch everything ranging from a cricket match to your favourite episode of Game of Thrones on this platform. 

You need not buy any kind of subscription or plan. The app also hosts live TV channels from Germany, France, Canada, Middle east, UK and US. 

However some of the channels might not be working in your country so its advisable to use VPN .

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aos tv

AOS TV is made for android supporting devices and could be one of the best alternative for mobdro. This app claims that it hosts more than thousand channels and does this with an amazing user interface. 

There are several links for each channel and if any of them is not working you can shift to another. 

The app provides live TV viewership in several countries including India and also  streams live sports from across the globe.

Orion TV

orion tv

This is a free live TV streaming platform for android devices and you get no. of Indian, UK and United States based live TV channels direct on your android devices. 

The app also works smoothly on your TV. All what you need is fast real time internet that is constant.

Compare to other paid services of the kind like Netflix, Hulu and others, ORION TV also provides n no. of free features and this is something which you cannot even think of ignoring when it comes to entertainment

Youtube TV

youtube tv

YOUTUBE TV is one of the most prominent OTT streaming platform around the globe. 

It is a subscription service and includes big names like ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS and several other of the kind and rank. 

It also offers cloud DVR without any kind of storage limit.

The application offers 60+ United States’ channels which could be easily and directly streamed on your mobile phone, Apple TV and that too without any cable box. It helps you with top notch content providing networks on this app.

SPORTS: ESPN Network, Golf channel, NBA TV, Olympic channel etc.

ENTERTAINMENT: Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, FXM, Bravo, BBC America and many more.


KIDS: Cartoon Network, Disney, Universal Kids

Sling TV

sling tv

This is one of the extremely popular live streaming platform in the United States and if you are looking for something which is paid and could be a sassy alternative for mobdro then this is the thing.  

This service gives you access to tons of cable TV channels that are telecasted in United States. Some of the extremely popular ones like Cartoon Network and Discovery feature the list. 

It is currently available only in US and offers two kind of plans Blue and Orange. Blue is for news and entertainment and Orange one is for sports and other family content. 

You can install the app directly from Play store and Apple store and this is also available on Firestick.

TV Catchup

tv catchupTVCATCHUP or TVC is a UK based streaming platform that sets path walking which you get access to all United Kingdom’s Television and satellite cable channels. 

This channel retransmits BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV AND several more of the kind. The application is free of cost and works with pre fed ads and you get access to several popular free-to-air channels . 

It is one of the best tool if you wish to watch popular content from the United Kingdoms

Your Privacy is in Your Hands

Such apps which are assisting you with free content are expectedly gruesome for your safety and you could easily turn into a prey for cyber rouges. 

Thus it is necessary to keep your data protected from such risks and how to do this? The answer is VPN. 

You could use one among several VPN apps when you think of accessing any of these viewing platforms and this is extremely essential because we all know what humongous concern is cyber safety when we talk about this day and age. So have fun.


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