Top 10 Best Emoji Apps For Android And iOS


Ever since they came into being, emojis have been a great alternative to words for expression of ideas, emotions and reactions.

They so have been a part of our daily conversations, that a conversation without them looks dull or boring. While we are at it, we also need the emojis to be accurate i.e. express the same message as intended. However, with the ongoing development of emojis, there are a lot of them – which makes it difficult to use the right one.

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This in turn gives rise to the need of an emoji app with a collection of the maximum number of emojis and stickers, preferably also suggestive. While some of them might meet your requirements and some might not, we have enlisted below the 10 best emoji apps for android and ios based on their features and compatibility.

Top 10 Best Emoji Apps For Android And iOS


Giphy is the best app for inculcating the usage of emojis in your daily conversations. It comes with a wide range of emojis for you to use freely and even suggests them according to the words you type.

The app is widely used by the android and ios users and is fully compatible with all the popular social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, etc.

The best feature of this app is that is also allows users to create their own stickers by using an image and share it with friends.


The next best emoji keyboard is the SwiftKey keyboard.

It supports more than 100 languages making your conversation experience better through all forms. The app also learns and adapts to your writing style and offers autocorrect options.

The keyboard has a built in emoji set-up which is designed to suggest emojis while you type. The collection is a decent one.

The users can also customize the keyboard as they please.


KeyMoji is one of the best emoji apps. Apart from its varied collection that keeps updating in real time, there are a few features that make the app unique.

It is very simple to use, even for beginners. It not only suggests emojis according to the word typed, but also comes up with the emoji equivalents of a phrase or sentence.

The accuracy of the emojis is actually great. The only problem arises when the receiver does not know the real meaning of the emojis.


Owned and developed by Google labs LLC, this is another latest keyboard that allows you to access the emoji keyboard along with its other great features.

The keyboard supports a wide number of languages. To make your experience even better, it offers various features like voice to text typing, private browsing option, autocorrect, customization,  etc.

The app works with both android and ios systems and is compatible with every social media platform.


This one is a masterpiece on its own. It helps you to create cartoon avatar of your own and then express yourself to your friends.

The app, therefore promises the most creative and personalized way to lay your ideas. It is a very popular choice among the android and ios users and is also fully compatible with almost every chatting app.

The app Bitmoji comes with certain unique features of its own like save emojis, favorite them, search bitmoji by word, etc.


This app is an amazing way to create face emojis and stickers. With a lot of font styles and around 1500+ sticker options, the app is a promise to make your writing more expressive among your friends.

The app works on both, android and ios systems and is well supported by almost all of the chatting apps.


For all the Disney hearts – this app is no just useful but also entertaining.

There are stickers and emojis of most of the Disney characters in the collection. However, the users need to play a game to conquer the sticker for use. You may even challenge your friends to an emoji game or share your emojis with them.

The app has a beautiful interface and quality to make your message even better and fantastical!


This app brings revolution to the use of emojis. It lets you create and share your own!

You read it right. The app comes with a lot of designs, layering, editing and formatting options to let you customize the emoji exactly according to your needs.

It is one of its kind and is a very popular choice among the emoji users.


The app brings with itself a collection of numerous high quality emojis and stickers to suit every mood, thereby making the conversation experience of its users much better.

It has a pictorial representation of every possible action and reaction. One of the best apps for the trendiest and most popular emoji collection.



This one is a treat for all the ios users.

It is a very simple to use app with the latest emojis in high quality and availability. The best feature of the app is that it promises security of all personal data of the users.

It suggests emojis according to the words you type in.

Overall, it makes a conversation shiny and spirited with the relative emojis.


 In a world where everyone is connected to everyone through social media sites, it gets difficult to convey your message as creatively and efficiently as you wish.

With the use of emojis (through applications), your conversation becomes clearer, more expressive and exciting.

Don’t forget, even our ancestors used signs and symbols to communicate and they survived wild attacks!


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