Best Deepfake Apps, Software And Sites

Deepfake videos are on the rise and this time the world arena is taking advantage of several form and mode of deepfake apps. These apps allows you to create deepfake videos in seconds and the results are amazingly authentic. 

While the app are for entertainment, deepfake videos can be a big deal if used to tarnish someone’s image, especially in politics.

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In this article, therefore, we have carefully selected some deepfake apps and websites which are mostly harmless and can be used for research purposes. 

You can use these services to study machine learning, image recognition, computer vision, and of course, for fun. That said, let’s move on to the menu without delay.

Best Deepfake Apps And sites


zaoZao is the latest app released in China due to its amazing ability to create deepfake videos in seconds. You can choose a video clip from its library which includes scenes from Chinese drama series, Big Bang Theory, popular Hollywood movies, etc. 

Within seconds, Zao creates an actual video that feels deep, honestly feels natural, and is indistinguishable from the original video. 

The surprising thing is that the application only takes a few seconds, unlike with powerful computers it can take hours to form the Advativearial network responsible for creating a deepfake video.

In terms of availability, the Zao app is only available in China for Android and iOS users. You can download the app on Android, but you cannot use it because Zao requires a Chinese phone number to register. 

However, the app has been successfully tested in India and it mainly works. In the test, makers found that Indian faces don’t look as natural as you would like. 

The reason may be that Zao master’s on the Chinese face data. However, Zao is an interesting app and you can try it out as soon as it becomes available to everyone.


Deepfakes Web β

deepfakes webDeepfakes Web β is a web service that allows you to create deepfake videos on the web. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is used to take into account the various complexities of facial data. 

Although it uses a powerful cloud-based GPU, it can take hours to display all of the data. He continues to show that making a deepfake video isn’t easy, and seeing Zao do it in seconds is a real game changer. 

However, if you want to try out deepfake video to examine your computer vision, you can go to the Deepfakes website. Deepfakes web is one of the most amazing things in the arena and is the real challenge to big players.


Avenge Them

avenge themIf you are a fan of the Marvel cinematic world, AvengeThem is the best way to view deepfake videos. It is a website that allows you to change face with Marvel in GIF. 

In essence, it’s not a full app, as the site creates a static 3D model of your face. However, sometimes they work really well and look genuine.

There are a total of 18 GIFs from the Marvel Cinematic World, including Star-Lord, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, and others. 

You can choose any superhero character as you like and share the GIF with your friends. 

Quite simply, if you want to enjoy deepfake videos with your favorite Marvel character, AvengeThem is for you. It would have been a matter of surprise if this app would have missed the list.


DeepFace Lab

deep faceDeepFaceLab is a Windows program that allows you to create deepfake videos. It is primarily designed for researchers and students to view the computer. 

However, if you want to know more about deepfake videos, you can definitely give this tool a try. It uses machine learning and human image synthesis to replace faces in video clips. 

As DeepFaceLab is a very sophisticated tool for researchers, the interface is not easy to use and you have to learn how to use it from documents.

Again, it goes without saying that you need a powerful PC with a dedicated high-quality graphics processor. Simply put, if you are a computer vision student


Deep Art

deep artDeep Art is another app that launched several weeks ago. It is not a deepfake video app, however, it can create deepfake images based on art, ancient structures, and paintings. 

While many apps have similar functionality, the unique thing about Deep Art is that it uses AI to convert any image into a work of art. The highly advanced algorithm is said to take inspiration from the human mind and use stylistic elements in popular artwork to recreate artistic images. 

Deep Art is formed by the works of various artists, including Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, etc. And the good part is that there is no privacy issue with this app.

Face Swap Live

face swap liveFace Swap is not a complete app, but allows you to switch faces with your friend or with a photo in your videos. You can record videos, tag, take photos and post them directly to Social Media . 

What I like about this app is that unlike other face swap apps, it’s not static, and there is movement on the face. 

There are also three dimensional effects and interactive facial distortion with many masks and effects. All in all, if you are looking for a deepfake app, Face Swap Live can be a great Zao alternative right now.

Microsoft Face Swap

microsoft face swapFace Swap is an application created by Microsoft, developed as part of the Garage project. Of course, this is not a deep application, but Microsoft uses advanced image recognition technology for face swapping. 

For example, you can take a selfie using face swap, and the powerful swap engine can instantly change faces without leaving any abnormal flaws. 

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust your skin tone, lighting conditions, head rotation, etc. 

The best thing about the app is that there is no negligence of privacy and you can easily use the app for fun purpose.



This is the end of the list and  it is extremely important to feed this thing in mind that Deepfake is not regulated properly when it comes to what is good or what is bad. 

It is a relatively new technology and needs some official guidance to be used by general users. So users should prevent themselves from using the app for any illegel purpose.

Making  deepfake videos of other people without there permission is a punishable crime. 

So one should use this service with the proper consent of anyone you are involving in this even if he is a friends and be careful that these services are not for you to harm someone but for fun and education.


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