Top 10 Best Crossword Apps In 2021


The oldest and wittiest games created the wisest people and the smartest minds. One of such tricks is the crossword.

The history of crosswords traces back to the initial years of newspapers. Ever since then, they have been looked up on as one of the best challenging and vocabulary building games.

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Despite the trendiest games involving high end graphics, violence and a large app size, crosswords remain a classic. Now, technology brings your favorite newspaper crosswords to your fingertips!

While some of these might be free to play, others might require a subscription, a few would need a stable internet connection, some might offer hints or a better user interface – we have gathered the 10 best crossword apps for you!

10 Best Crossword Apps


The New York Times crossword is the most classic of all times.

 It is developed and owned by the New York Times company and therefore is at par with the standard newspaper crosswords. The game is free to play and operate but it comes with an optional subscription plan.

It does not require an internet connection for you to start playing, just a spirit to take up challenging word problems!


Not a big fan of traditional black and white crosswords? CodyCross is the one for you then.

With a highly interactive and pleasing user interface and hundreds of levels to play with, this one is a great choice for people who are looking for a fun way to sharpen their word power.

It is completely free to play, however, like most of the apps it does have in-app purchases.

It offers a great in-game experience to its users while making them smarter with every puzzle. It also has a hint system to keep you from quitting.



Developed by Teasel, it is a highly popular app choice among the crosswords’ fans.

With more than 250 puzzles to solve and hundreds of clues to crack, it is sure to make your experience of crossword solving even better.

The app is free to use and can be used well offline i.e. without internet. Certain features of this game app make it unique like grey out completed clues, jump letters, etc.


This one in the list is also a very classic app for the crossword fan base.

It has hundreds of puzzles with thousands of clues to trick, making your hold over words even more powerful.

It does not require an internet connection to play.

The app has a real time ranking system and therefore consists of various quests to win, achievements to unlock and rewards to claim.

It is a fun way to crossword!


This game comes a little far from the traditional crossword layouts and clues. The outlay of this game is to fill in the crosswords by creating words using the letters given in the level.

The clues here are the letters presented and the users are to form words using them. Once they finish all the blanks, they move on to the next level.

It has numerous levels, hints system, aesthetic backgrounds, etc. to make your game playing as exciting as possible.


If you are bored of sorting out word hints or if they are too easy for you, the game Wordalot offers an exciting way to level up!

Instead of statements, the app has pictures as clues.

The game has more than a thousand unique levels with amazing picture clues for you to be glued to the game.

It also offers a feature of customizable backgrounds!


The crossword game from the Redstone games’ lab is the next up in the list of classic crossword games.

Like most of them, you don’t necessarily need to be connected to internet to play. The app provides statement clues for you to fill up the crossword. You may also use the hints in times of difficulty.

The game has fresh and latest content and a fairly decent number of levels to play for free.

The app can also be paid for at the option of the user for additional other features.


This game by MAG interactive is a little different than the crosswords’. To accurately describe one might say it is a hybrid of crossword and word search.

The player needs to identify the word and then glide their finger through the letters in the word box to form the word. One he/she clears all of them, the word box is cleared.

The best feature of this app is that it supports 15+ languages and has 700+ levels. Hence, it is a popular choice among android and ios users.


The game next in list, Clean Crosswords is the easiest to use. The interface of the game is super easy which makes it the closest to a pen and paper game.

However, it does come with a hint system to help you when you are stuck with a certain level or clue.


The last one in the list is another hybrid game that uses pictures as the clues to crosswords instead of phrases and statements.

It is even more fun with pictures as it also checks the imagination box of the player.

A few features that make the game a worthwhile are a hint system, facebook integration, fresh content, etc.


Crosswords have been the best word power enhancing games through ages. People from all age groups enjoy playing such games and testing their knowledge time to time.

The abovementioned apps have been filtered on many user preferred basis like internet connection, user interface, hint system, etc.

Games like crosswords do not need you to be an expert in vocabulary already. Rather they need an open mind and intelligence to learn the latest words you might encounter.


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