Top10 Best Craigslist Apps For Android & iOS

If you are obsessed with updating and renovating your stuff quite often, you might be familiar with the Craigslist official website. It displays all the ad postings in a webpage, facilitating a connection between the seller and all the potential buyers.

However, due to certain reasons like user interface being outdated or postings be paid for certain postings, it does not come out as the best possible way to sell your items. In the list below are some of the best Craigslist apps for android and ios that would really help you with the purpose.

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These apps are not officially approved by the Craigslist developers; they are more like extensions to the website.

Top 10 Craigslist Apps:

#1 Classify

The best client to your craigslist is Classify.

Given its simple user interface and free to use characteristic, this one is the go to choice for all users. The app lets you surf through the latest and nearest ad postings from your own city or adjacent cities. It also lets you get in touch with the ad poster or the seller.

The service includes ads like most of the free ones. Overall, it remains the perfect and simplest choice of users to browse through ads and plan their next purchase.

#2 CPlus for Craigslist

CPlus is the prettiest app for the craigslist users.

It lets you run the basic features of the website- ad surfing with or without filters, customized sorting, etc along with a few additional features like multiple city searching, save searches, etc.

One can even post ads on the website of craigslist using this app without much hassle. The app is free to use, unless certain features require you to pay to the official website. It offers a customized version of the Craigslist website.

#3 Daily for Craigslist app

To be very honest, this is the friendliest app of all times. It does not require much effort from you and ensures that maximum basic work is done already.

It saves your previous enquiries to update you with a new related posting and automatically shows ads nearest to your location based on your current location. The app also has a feature to share a certain ad with your friends over e-mail, facebook or twitter- so you can make a better purchase decision.

#4 Browser

As the name suggests, the browser for craigslist is a simple browser like application. It requires you to select the kind of product or directly the name of product you are looking for and then presents a newsfeed-like page to display related ad postings.

Since it is a browser, there is no beautiful interface or graphics – it is designed for simplicity. The app also restrains the buyers to directly contact the ad poster; they have to look for the number then call.

#5 Postings

This one is a highly popular craigslist app among the users. It allows you to use the craigslist features at its best, garnished with a beautiful and easy-to-navigate user design.

By offering the usual features- browse through ads, search through categories and post ads of your own, along with certain unique features like the toolbar for easy access, favorites and bookmarks, Postings proves to be a great choice to make your craigslist experience better.

The app is free to use, due to which it also has ads in service. However, one may buy the premium to do away with those annoying pings. The premium subscriptions cost around $2.99/month.

#6 Facebook

Selling something requires a reach so wide, that all the potential buyers are tapped. With billions of users worldwide, Facebook is an obvious solution to this factor.

The best part about using facebook as craigslist app is that the authenticity of the seller and the buyer can be assured. This feature is lacking in most other websites, therefore making facebook a worthwhile choice to buy and sell your products.

It also allows you to filter your preferences according to the locality or city the other person lives in for the ease of conveyance.

#7 Craigsafe

The app Craigsafe is one of the few apps for ios users. It offers a simpler browsing and buying experience than the official website.

The best feature of the app is its high end security- of you and your money. It ensures the authenticity of the ad poster so that you are not fooled off a deal. The app also does not require the ad posters to sign up with their email IDs or phone numbers for perfect privacy.

However, there is an option to get in touch directly with the seller just with a click. Overall, it drastically and safely improves your craigslist experience.

#8 Listings

This app lets you find anything that you may want from the craigslist’s website and display it in a better format.

It has categories of listings which makes your in-app surfing experience way better than the website. It even has a feature of establishing a connection between the buyer and seller of the product or service for effective sales.

The app Listings also has a forum, where a user may address his app related concerns to the other users.

#9 CubiX

CubiX serves as an assistant to do all your research work while you complete all other obligations. The only thing it needs to know is your preferences and needs.

It looks for all the related results and displays them for you. If they are not completely satisfactory to you, no issues, the app understands your needs and notifies you whenever there is a related ad posted.

It is a nice app for the users who need many options to pick the best one out of them. It also keeps one updated with the latest ad postings nearby.

#10 CSmart

The app CSmart displays ads in picture format. If you like the picture you may click on it to know more about the product.

The ads you have already viewed are highlighted grey to save your time. It has customizable sorting options. The app is also not a calculus test to crack! It even has a YouTube channel to ease the users through any problem they might face.

Overall, it is a good alternative to the webpage of Craigslist.


The website of Craigslist (US based) is the most popular source of buying and selling items without any agent’s service. However, the app is not designed for the maximum utility.

Such apps act as an extension to the website, making it easier for the users to look for the item they need. Not being the official apps of the craigslist website, it is not recommended to share personal information with the app or other users.


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