Best Chrome Extensions For Enhanced Google Chrome Experience In 2021!

Google Chrome being the best player in the game helps you with several extensions not quite common with other browser. 

Other browser too have several other popular extensions but the number here is unmatched in magnitude and now comes the coolest thing where you are allowed to use this extensions on your android devices as well.

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Now the question being which of these extension are really useful, how do we get to know that, thus we bring this list of what you might call best chrome extensions

Top 10 Best Chrome Extension



The name says it all, AdBlock is the extension that is handy when you wish to get rid of advertisements weeding it over the internet. 

All you need to do is install and enable the extension and what you immediately see are webpages fresh and clean.

 You also get see how many adds, have been blocked from each page, also you get to exclude any page or website from AdBlock as per requirement.

Magic Actions for YOUTUBE

Magic ActionThis is something you must have, if you are from among people who access Youtube using chrome, now how does this extension works?

 This extension automatically enable HD resolutions for Youtube videos and also offers auto wide mode, this is where videos are played wider player mode.

 You can also take screenshot of the video you are playing and can control the sound mouse scroll. The best thing about this is cinema mode, it darkens the page that is running in the background and increases focus on the video.   

Awesome Screenshot

This extension allows you to easily capture complete webpage and then it saves the captured image for future viewing and assists you if you wish to share these images with others.

 To add more to it, the extension also provides an option where you can bring the sensitive information or any sort of annotation to focus.

This is done on the screenshot that you have captured. Not just images, you can even record your screen to get a video instead of the image.


Grammarly Like me even you would be fed up of constant grammatical errors that creep in what you write on internet.

So how do we get rid of them? Grammaly extension is the final answer to it. It provides you the platform where you can easily and quickly check for mistakes in what you have written.

This thing works on any website be it E-mail, social media or even blogging. It come along with a standalone editor for web where you get to check grammatical errors that you have picked and place .

Infinity New Tab

Infinity new tabThe plane white chrome tabs are nothing less than boring and I am sure I am not the only one who thought so. So what to do? Comes in game, infinity new tab extension.

It takes care of the tab background by adding something additional and flaunty to it.

 You can even customize your background with just a few buttons, also you can excess your Gmail using this extension and what you get is notifications for new mail and you get to create to do list and there is a notepad with every new tab where you get to jot down any new idea that hits your mind.


PocketPocket is what it sounds like, if you are in love with reading content online and prefer saving it to read anytime in future, this is the thing for you.

Once you create an account with pocket , you get to put anything on web in this pocket , this also gives you the option to access stuff offline and download the saved content when connected to Wi-Fi.

Pocket is available for IOS, Android and Mac users. You get to viewed saved content across several devices, all you need to do is sign in with pocket account and all this is for free. 

Floating Player

Floating Player This thing is again for people who feel Youtube is no less than a necessity . It can be used to chat, surf and use any app while watching videos on your phone. It can play not just the videos stored on your phone but you can also watch youtube videos.

 What floating player does is you get any video from Youtube play in your browser into a floating window and now you can switch tabs and continue browsing the internet using floating window of video player.

You get to vary the size of floating window and you get to play or pause the window.


GhosteryThis thing is for you if your privacy is a matter of concern and you need to know about all stuff that a website has access of about you every time you visit it .

This is what ghostery does. You get to know of trackers used by each website and you get to block them.

 Ghostery can also be used to block advertisement and it has a pre fed algorithm which automatically blocked trackers on few specific websites.

Web of Trust

web of trustWe may say automatic script using extension are important on internet when it comes to privacy , but it always leaves a room for security issues on some websites , that’s where web of trust appears different from other extension .

It is a community of internet users counting in millions, these people report on the status of a website security.

So when you use the website WOT will tell about status of website next to its URL and what is this status?

Green says secure, yellow says sketchy and Red says not the right place to be.

You Block Origin

You Block OriginYou might think that internet is your free cozy space but no you are paying for it. You are paying with your privacy.

Invisible trackers stop you get to know of your activity and blast you with targeted add.

You block origin, blocks all those persistent adds from websites it also allows you to whitelist website of your choice, so you get to access internet add free and cleans you of guilty conscious.   


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